5 Best Free Beat-Making Software for iOS

Free Beat-Making Software for iOS

Gone are the days when music production required big studios and equipment. Now it’s much easier to create your own music just by using your mobile phone. Sounds interesting? Thanks to the digital era for such wonderful conventions like free beat-making software for iOS and Android users. Music creation is now easier than ever by using these apps and tools, check out how!

Investing in expensive equipment, music courses and your precious time sounds off the beat. Bring your creation back on track by paying less and even nothing and learn all the basic skills needed for music creation using free beat-making software for iOS and Android. Whatever ideas you have in your mind, whatever beats you wish to add to your composition, now, it’s just a click trick!!

From old-school Hip-Hop to Jazz and Blues, try your hands on every creation of trending songs with these amazing and free beat-making software for iOS. Bring the studio to live at your home and enjoy the music production, with your rules and your style.  Want to know which are these free apps? Some of the beat-making software you’ll find in the list ahead are Garageband, Groovepad, etc.

Curious to know these free music production tools? Let me assure you, your wait is worth it all. Make badass beats and remixes and share them with your friends. Let them get groovy and shaky on those beats. Let’s jump to the list right away!

5 Best Free Beat-Making Software for iOS

Not just one, here are the 5 most adorable and compatible free beat-making software for iOS for you. Music production is much easier with these apps and tools.

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Free Beat-Making Software for iOS; Garageband
Source: Apple Support

No more settlement with bad music choices!! Garageband offers you various options like sound library, instruments, drummers, percussionists, and presets for guitar and voice.

You can create your music and podcast with multiple tracks and multiple loops. If you wish to add realistic amps and effects then you can plug in your mic and guitar.

Once you are done recording your music, you can edit it, adjust your sound, fix rhythms from plug-ins with just a click. It offers piano and guitar lessons. The best part is that you instantly get feedback for your recording or playing from the software to improve your skills.

Platform: Mac, iPad, iOS

Groovepad – Music & Beat Maker

Free Beat-Making Software for iOS; Groovepad - Music & Beat Maker
Source: YouTube

Get groovy with Groovepad!! Groovepad is one of the best beat-making software for iOS, Android, and iPad users. This app provides you wide options to make and edit your music pieces. Produce your song with impressive features like FX effects, filters, etc.

You get a huge library of soundtracks to start with. Some of the popular genres you can try in this software are a trap, electronics, hip-hop, EDM, house, etc. Choose your favorite genre and create your own beats by tapping on the pads.

It’s available for free and with a premium subscription too. With the premium feature, you get to unlock so many soundtracks without any ads.

Platform: iPadOS, iOS, Android

Drum Pad Machine – Beat Maker

Free Beat-Making Software for iOS; Drum Pad Machine - Beat Maker
Source: Sensor Tower

Make your own melodies using Drum Pad Machine. You get different colored buttons for different sounds. If you are a beginner, don’t worry. This software makes it easy for every fresher to make beats and soundtracks with the help of in-built samples developed by professional musicians.

Use any soundtrack amongst the available ones. Create, record, and share your creativity with your friends. Although it’s free, to get ad-free access to this software including other sound packs, you need to get a premium subscription.

Platform: iOS, iPad, Android

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Free Beat-Making Software for iOS; MuseScore
Source: MuseScore

MuseScore is a beat-making software that is available for every user from iOS, to Mac operating system. Whichever instrument you wish to add music with like piano, guitar, violin, orchestra, flute, or more, you can easily create music using this software.

You can use different input methods and file formats for saving the beats. Get a score for the music you create and find out where you need to improve.

You get 99% accessibility to all the features being a free user. What else could you wish for? Apart from that MuseScore contains one of the biggest catalogs of polished GUI, and sheet music.

Platform: macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, iPad

BandLab – Music Making Studio

Free Beat-Making Software for iOS; BandLab - Music Making Studio
Source: Tools and Toys

Sharing is caring!! How about sharing your talent and creativity with musicians and the public? BandLab allows you to share videos of your music creations. Record, edit, remix with the help of a multi-track editor. 

BandLab allows you to create your own music with perfection for those who are very much into perfection. Use creative effects, vocals, loops, beats, and much more from the vast library. 

You get to compose music for over 200 virtual MIDI instruments such as guitars, drums., pianos, etc. With just a single application. Isn’t it great? Enjoy the best beat-making with automatic pitch correction. 

Platform: iPad, iOS, Android, Browser-based

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Music on and the world off!! Wuhu! Once you try out this software yourself, you’re gonna love them like many others. And the best part, it requires no investment. Free learning with the best outcomes!! Know any of your friends who were searching for free beatmakers for a long time? Aha! Don’t forget to share this post with them and bring that wide smile to their faces. Enjoy!!

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