5 Best Free Visio Alternatives For Windows & Mac!!

Best Free Visio Alternatives

What’s your take on Microsoft Visio? One of the most popular Flowchart Maker and Diagramming Software, “Visio” was released alongside Microsoft Office 2016. With multiple impressive features Visio always stood in the top spots for any business purposes. However, its high-cost availability shifted many users from using this tool in the longer run. Why pay at all when you are getting free Visio Alternatives as reliable as Visio? 

It’s a fact that an average home user would never be willing to spend so much for an app when he’s provided with similar options and that too for free or at a much cheaper cost. Where the standard version for Visio costs you $280, the Pro version requires a good budget of $530. Not just this, the online version for Visio starts from $5 per month. If you are cutting your project costs and want to switch to some free Visio Alternatives, then this post is purely for you.

Who likes heavy expenses (unless the product is worth the spending) when technology floods you with endless free versions? Don’t think much, here’s what you’re looking for. The best Free Visio Alternatives are:

# 1 LucidChart
# 2 Graphviz
# 3 Google Drawings
# 4 ASCIIFlow
# 5 Pencil Project

Not just one, here are the five best free versions. Great!! Don’t you wish to know in detail about these graphic tools? Without any further ado, let’s jump into the features and functioning of these apps.

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5 Best Free Visio Alternatives

Microsoft Visio is by far one of the powerful tools for diagramming and Vector graphic applications. No doubt it gained popularity for its multiple features. The 5 free Visio alternatives mentioned here are carefully picked keeping all these factors in mind to provide you the best quality.

# 1 LucidChart

Free Visio Alternatives; LucidChart
Source: Mind Mapping Software Blog

You loved using Visio but you are in search of a web-based alternative lately. LucidChart is the best choice for you. You can draw any kind of diagram using the drag-and-drop web interface. Form your diagrams using different tools in collaboration with your teammates. The best part about this app is that multiple people can work on a single project and add their ideas and variants to the diagram.

If you have a group of 3-5 members, this app is going to be perfect for you. Another feature of LucidChart is that you can easily import or export Microsoft Visio VDX files. Get started with the free version of this app today and make your business plans stand out. If you want to buy the premium plan, the starting amount will be around $7.90 that will give you access to additional templates and features.

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac

# 2 Graphviz

Free Visio Alternatives; Graphviz
Source: Dlsfreemixer

Want to save money and time as well? Try this 30-year-old tool, “Graphviz” that helps you with every modern solution till now. For creating graphs, layouts, hierarchies, etc. this app is a great alternative to Visio. All this can be done by using the robust DOT language and command-line utility. 

You may take time to get used to this app as it may look a little tricky and puzzling at first. But with regular use, you’ll soon be at a good pace using this app. Trust me this app will save you lots and lots of time in the long run.

If you are more concerned about organizing huge amounts of data within no time then give this app a try for sure. You may not be very satisfied with the color option, but who cares if your data is getting generated instantly.

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac

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# 3 Google Drawings

Free Visio Alternatives; Google Drawings
Source: Google Sites

Okay, this one is my favorite!! We all have been using Google Docs and Google Sheets since 9th grade (or maybe earlier!). But do you know about Google drawings? Let me tell you it’s a hidden treasure. 

Google Drawings is similar to Docs and serves as an alternative to Microsoft Word. Whatever the work is, ranging from creating shapes, diagrams, lines, mind maps, or flowcharts, this app is the best free alternative to Visio.

The part I like about this app the most is that it’s so neat and clean. After you are done creating your projects, you can easily save them to Google Drive. You can even choose the format in which you wish to save your file like PNG, PDF, SVG, JPG, etc. 

Platforms: Browser

# 4 ASCIIFlow

Free Visio Alternatives; ASCIIFlow
Source: itechsoul

Want something simple and sober? Give ASCIIFlow a try!! This app is so easy to navigate. No complicated setups, no login issues, no puzzling menu options to remember. It’s a basic yet effective tool.

Not for the complex engineering projects with a wide variety of shapes or maps but for instant and effective diagrams, this tool is the best one. Simply use this shortcut, (Ctrl + C, Ctrl + Z) to chop and crop your diagrams. Aren’t these Windows shortcuts familiar? Easy, right!!

Copy and paste your drawings easily to your clipboard. You can later paste it to any text editor if you wish to make changes like Notepad, etc.

Platforms: Browser

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# 5 Pencil Project

Free Visio Alternatives; Pencil Project
Source: WebAppers

Are you a newbie learning to make projects and presentations? Pencil Project got your back!! It’s an open-source alternative to Visio. Pencil Projects is designed to make diagramming the easiest work of all so that everyone can use this app with ease from an expert to a newbie.

Regular updates to the features like templates and stencils make this tool even more amazing. You can export your projects to various formats like PNG, JPG, etc. Pencil Project is integrated with, which means you can easily search for an image from the web to add to your projects. 

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac

Whether you are a student or a business person, these free Visio alternatives for Windows and Mac will be of great help to you. The bonus point is all these apps/tools are available for free. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and office team. Let them enjoy the best graphic creativity for free!! Not all good things cost you plenty, some are available for free!!

Featured Image Credits: Techworm

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