9 Most Popular Free PrimeWire Alternatives For HD Streaming

Free PrimeWire Alternatives

Online streaming is so much fun and such a savior for our weekend afternoons. But streaming sites come and go like the popular PrimeWire. How to find a reliable source to binge-watch all our favorite movies and shows then? Relax!! We got you covered with the best Free PrimeWire alternatives in this post.

Talking about PrimeWire, this site saved a lot of money that we could have spent on subscriptions. But after a hostile takeover by malicious ads, PrimeWire closed its gates for the viewers. To get you the same streaming experience back, we gathered the top alternatives to Primewire.

Free PrimeWire Alternatives for PC, Firestick, Google TV, and other media streamers are:

  1. Vudu
  2. SolarMovie
  3. YouTube
  4. Tubi TV
  5. YesMovies
  6. IMDb TV
  7. Peacock TV
  8. GoStream
  9. Crackle

These sites are the top alternatives to PrimeWire. You can have an overloaded dose of entertainment using these sites. Watch free HD movies and the best cartoon shows online on these sites. 

9 Most Popular Free Primewire Alternatives For HD Streaming

Here are the sites you were looking for. Search for endless online movies and spend a marvelous weekend with your friends and families.

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Free PrimeWire Alternatives: Vudu
Source: Variety

Vudu is another site similar to Primewire that gives the best streaming experience to the users and that too for free. You can watch thousands of TV shows and movies on the site. 

Search by category like language, genre, etc. The site is highly famous for its smooth navigation, user interface, and quality content. 

Monthly Visitors: 300,000

Ad Annoyance: 4-5

Supports VPN: No


Free PrimeWire Alternatives: SolarMovie

Recently SolarMovie has become one of the most popular Primewire alternative sites.

Whether you need the latest updates on shows, looking for the best content online, high-quality links, or category-wise search options, SolarMovie provides all the solutions. 

Monthly Visitors: 460,000

Ad Annoyance: 5-6

Supports VPN: Yes


Free PrimeWire Alternatives; YouTube
Source: Business – Insider

Unlike many other streaming sites that require prior sign-in using our google account, YouTube offers the streaming service without signing up. You can watch unlimited movies, dramas, shows, series or stream music videos. 

YouTube provides content for every age group. No bar for entertainment!! The best part is you can even install the YouTube app on Fire TV/ Firestick for the best streaming experience. 

Monthly Visitors: 175,000

Ad Annoyance: 4-5

Supports VPN: Yes

Tubi TV

Free PrimeWire Alternatives; Tubi TV
Source: Rokuki

“Thousands of TV Shows and Movies. Available anywhere. Always free”. This is what the tagline for TubiTv says. If you were searching for sites like Primewire, TubiTv is the best alternative. You need to have an account on the Tubi site for an uninterrupted free streaming experience. This site runs on all devices and offers unlimited movies, and TV shows to watch. 

Monthly Visitors: 885,000

Ad Annoyance: 3-4

Supports VPN: No


Free PrimeWire Alternatives; YesMovies
Source: Answersafrica

YesMovies is one of the most admired sites to stream our favorite shows, movies, and series online. What makes it the best prime alternative is the playback, updates, content selection, and millions of visitors on a monthly basis. YesMovies or are the same. Stream any of these free sites and enjoy the endless dose of entertainment!! 

Monthly Visitors: 180,000

Ad Annoyance: 5-6

Supports VPN: Yes

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Free PrimeWire Alternatives; IMDb TV
Source: IMDb

Accept it or not, we all check the IMDb ratings of a movie or show before watching it. What can be better than watching our favorite movies and shows on IMDb TV itself? You just have to follow a small registration process to have an account on IMDb TV and you are good to watch any movies after that without interruption. Plus, it’s for free!! TV shows, series, documentaries, anything you crave for, this is the ultimate solution.

Monthly visitors: 30,000

Ad Annoyance: 4-5

Supports VPN: No

Peacock TV

Free PrimeWire Alternatives; Peacock TV
Source: Binge Gauge

Okay, newbies in the house!! Peacock TV is the newest entry to the free online movie sites list. This platform was launched recently on July 15, 2020. The smooth working, impressive content and free streaming service Peacock TV has already gained popularity and millions of active users. You can easily install peacock TV on the Firestick, Apple TV, iOS, or more.

Monthly visitors: 3000,000

Ad Annoyance: 4-5

Supports VPN: No


Free PrimeWire Alternatives; GoStream
Source: News| FreshersLive

As compelling as the name of this website looks, the features are even more impressive. According to recent data, GoStream is the most visited Prime alternative site. Think of any genre and it’s there on the site. Isn’t it great? Watch different cartoon shows, TV shows, series, and movies for free at this amazing streaming site. 

Monthly Visitors: 82,000

Ad Annoyance: 4-5

Supports VPN: Yes. 


Free PrimeWire Alternatives; Crackle
Source: Softonic

Owned and operated by Sony Entertainment, Crackle is a new and growing streaming site. You will find a lot of in-demand content on this site. With no prior sign-in requirements, Crackle becomes an on-the-go streaming site for the viewers. The site has its original programming, so it’s absolutely safe and secure. 

Monthly Visitors: 320,000

Ad Annoyance: 5-6

Supports VPN: No

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding PrimeWire:

What can I use instead of PrimeWire?

The best PrimeWire alternatives are Tubi TV, Peacock TV, IMDb TV, SolarMovie, Crackle, GoStream, YesMovies, Vudu, YouTube.

What Happened to PrimeWire?

PrimeWire is no longer accessible with its real domain name. The site which used to offer free streaming services got replaced by malicious ads after which the site got shut.

Is PrimeWire legal?

No, PrimeWire is not legal. Most of the free streaming sites provide the downloading and streaming services illegally without any copyright. It’s harmful to use these illegal sites. 

So, these were the popular free PrimeWire Alternatives to try for streaming movies and TV shows online. But do keep the safety terms in mind before relying on any of these sites. 

Featured Image Credits: Live Planet News

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