8+ Best And Most Essential Gadgets For Apartments That You Must Have In Your House

Best Gadgets For Apartments

Moving in with your lover, shifting to a new place, or getting your own apartment after you completed college. The moment is always special !!! No, matter how prepared you are, there is always something that is missed out. Don’t worry, here is a proper guide that will help you in figuring out the best Gadgets for Apartments.

What makes an apartment different from the house is its smaller size. Don’t worry we are up with gadgets that are compact in nature, easier to fit in, and will serve the perfect functions. Not having perfect equipment in your apartment can make life annoying. So go through our checklist once before you enter your apartment or if you are already living in one then cross-check our list of “Best Gadgets For Apartments” with the equipment that you have at your flats.

The list of must-have and important gadgets for apartments include

  • An instant pot
  • A digital Alarm Clock
  • Rechargeable Lighter
  • A charging Station
  • Egg Cooker
  • Air Purifier
  • Waterproof speakers

This is the list of the most important gadgets for apartments but this is not all. You can’t totally rely on these gadgets or can you?? Well, the list is quite big and we have mentioned the full list below with the usage of these gadgets.

Best Gadgets For Apartments

Let’s begin with the list of the most important gadgets for apartments that will make your life simpler and easier.

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An Instant Pot

Best Gadgets For Apartments - An Instant Pot
Source: Good House Keeping

If you are working and living in the apartment on your own or you have just moved in with no gas connection. An instant pot would definitely serve your purpose.

It is a combination of rice cooker, slow cooker, pressure cooker, steamer, warmer and yogurt maker, all in one. The plus point of the pot is the compact size that makes it perfect for a small apartment.

What can we make in Instant Pot?

Well, you can cook rice, chicken, bake a cake, cook maggie, or think of a thing, the pot would serve the purpose.

A Digital Alarm Clock

Best Gadgets For Apartments - A Digital alarm Clock
Source: Shutter Stock

Now, if you are living in an apartment you are not a kid anymore. Your mother won’t come in and ask you to get up. You need to do it yourself and what would you require for it?

Definitely, an Alarm Clock.

None of us want to get late for the office especially when you are a fresher. You better have a digital alarm clock at your place.

But why specifically the digital clock?

Yeah, I know you can set up an alarm in your smartphone but a digital clock comes with features such as they display the temperature and humidity in the room. You can’t always check it into your phone.

Rechargeable Lighter

Best Gadgets For Apartments - Rechageable Lighter
Source: YouTube

Imagine a situation, you have just shifted to your new apartment with no inverter connection yet. And Boom!! There is a power cut. What is the first thing you will be searching for??

A matchbox
What if you couldn’t find the one on time? This is the time where a rechargeable lighter is used for. 

No more smoke, no more tension to buy the matchboxes. Get a rechargeable lighter and light the candle on your candlelight dining table.

A Charging Station

Best Gadgets For Apartments - Charging Station

We all agree that we have no life without our phones, tablets, and laptops today. All required to get charged. Charging them all at the same time could create a mess around the room.

Wires! Wires and Wires! all around.

This is the time the charging station will come to play. It provides an extension wire, with small charging points and a place to keep your phones, tablets, and even your gaming laptops. This feature of the charging station makes it one of the best gadgets for apartments.

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Egg Cooker

Best Gadgets For Apartments - Egg Cooker
Source: Simple Green Moms

Getting late for the office and haven’t got any time to cook breakfast. It’s simple with the egg cooker, just put some water and eggs in the machine.


Here you are ready with the boiled eggs, the perfect breakfast to start your day.

Air Purifier

Best Gadgets For Apartments - Air purifier
Source: Modern Alchemy Air

Air Purifier will prove to be one of the best gadgets for apartments. There are chances of you getting an apartment with low ventilation. An air purifier would serve a perfect purpose there. Moreover, it looks great sitting at a corner or hanging on a wall.

Waterproof Speakers

Best Gadgets For Apartments - waterproof speakers
Source: Times of India

Well, we talked about a lot of gadgets for apartments but we didn’t talk about the gadgets to entertain ourselves.

Movies and web series can be seen online for free on mobile phones but music is something that you can listen to, anytime.

I said waterproof speakers and specified the waterproof that is for listening to the songs and singing along in the bathroom.

Small Vacuum Cleaner

Best Gadgets For Apartments - small vaccum cleaner
Source: Xiaomi

Talking about the important gadgets for apartments, we can not forget about the most important device.

The Vacuum Cleaner

It is a must and most important gadget that you should have at your place. Keep your apartment clean with the vacuum cleaner and if you don’t have much space then you can also order a smaller version of it.

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That was the list of the best gadgets for apartments. We feel that you must have these pieces of equipment ready with you before you move into a new apartment. If some of your friends have recently shifted to a new place don’t forget to share this article.

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