List of 8+ Best Cleaning Tools For Home That Makes Cleaning Process Easier

Best Cleaning Tools For Home

If you are not living with your mom or do not have a roommate like Monica who is a “Germaphobe”, then this article is very important for you. You need to keep your house and surroundings clean and especially in times like these. So, here we are with the best cleaning tools for home that would make the cleaning process easier and simpler.

As they say, “Cleanliness is the emblem of purity of Mind”, keeping your surroundings, especially the apartment you live in, clean and tidy is a must. I would be a bit biased here and give girls a score as they worry more about cleanliness. But, it’s time for boys to wake up and read the list of the best cleaning tools for home and start the cleanliness drive.

The list of the best cleaning tools for cleaning at home includes

  • A Sponge
  • Fibre Cloth
  • A Squeegee
  • A Bottle Spray
  • Scrub Brush
  • Broom
  • Vacuum Cleaner

This was just the list of the top 7 cleaning tools for the home. We have more than these listed below in the article with the right usage and reasons for you to buy them.

Best Cleaning Tools For Home

We agree that cleaning is a difficult task and the most annoying part of the daily routine. So, worry not the tools that we have got for you today are the best in use and will make your work a lot more easier and fun.

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A Sponge

Best Cleaning Tools For Home - A Sponge
Source: iStock

You should always have a piece of sponge ever-ready with you on the dining table or near the kitchen sink. Wherever you feel are the chances of water spilling.

A sponge has got the special powers to absorb all the water you put it in. Oh No! We aren’t going to study the science of capillary actions behind it. The main purpose is to tell you the importance of keeping it.

S-P-L-A-S-H, you accidentally threw the glass on the floor. Don’t worry, use the mighty sponge for the purpose.

Fiber Cloth

Best Cleaning Tools For Home - A Fiber Cloth
Source: Good Housekeeping

Does anyone here remember the traditional way of mopping the floor? Yeah, the one in which we sat down on the ground and wipe away the dust with the wet fiber cloth, waving our hands. Thank God things are different now.

But, The cloth serves the same purpose today as well. Not exactly mopping the floor but cleaning the glass tables and the TV screen. You cannot clean them by washing them. 

Spray and Wipe.

A Squeegee

Best Cleaning Tools For Home - Squeegee
Source: Glue Sticks and Gumdrops

Hate the soapy water and the food particles leftover in the sink after the dishes are over? I hate them too. What do you do with them? I have a solution for these.
A Squeegee or what I call a “Hand Held Wiper” serves as the perfect cleaning tool for home at the Kitchen sink.

Use it to wipe away the soapy water and the leftover food into the sinkhole.

Note: Do not let the leftover food get down your sink pipe. It will choke it. Instead, collect it and throw it in the dustbin.

A Bottle Spray

Best Cleaning Tools For Home - Bottle Spray
Source: Penn Medicine

I might seem foolish here asking you to keep a bottle spray. You all are aware that it is necessary. After all, you aren’t going to spray water from a pipe on your TV sets. 

A Spray bottle is necessary when it comes to cleaning the glass and electronic devices. I will repeat the phrase here, Spray and Wipe.

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Scrub Brush

Best Cleaning Tools For Home - Scrub Brush
Source: Walmart

Any type of cleaning and washing requires a scrub brush. Be it the dishes or the clothes. You need the scrub brush but, beware of the types. The brushes for the dishes are different from the brushes for the clothes.

Not only dishes and clothes, but you also necessitate the scrub brush if you want to clean the bathroom tiles. The ones on the floor and the ones on the wall, you would require a scrub brush for both of them.

Hand Vacuum Cleaner

Best Cleaning Tools For Home - Hand Vaccuum Cleaner
Source: Kent

You must be aware of the vacuum cleaner. Yeah, the one that sucks all the dust from the floor. This is the advanced version of it. A smaller one and handheld.

No, it isn’t going to clean the floor for you but will clean away the dust from the tables and the sofa seats. The powerful duct of the device is capable of sucking the dust from the curtains, sofa sets, and table cloth.


Best Cleaning Tools For Home - Broom
Source: The Kitchn

Does anyone remember The Broom?? Yeah!! Our Nimbus 2000 that we used to fly on in our childhood. Ohh God those were the days.

When the only thing we used the broom for was playing, we are here, listing it in the list of the best cleaning tools for home.

Although you can use a vacuum cleaner for the purpose. Can you rely on a machine? The answer is no. So, it is better to keep a broom as well. 

Vacuum Cleaner

Best Cleaning Tools For Home - Vacuum Cleaner
Source: Reader’s Digest

The vacuum cleaner was one of the greatest creations of mankind when it comes to the creation of the best cleaning tools for homes. 
I don’t think the device needs any introduction or the reason for buying when you are shopping for a cleaning gadget for your home.

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Cleaning is the basic necessity of life, not a gender role and with these cleaning tools for home, it has become easier and simpler. So, the next time you wish to go out shopping or try to buy any product online make sure you get these first. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends, who don’t like to clean.

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    I will definitely use the fiber cloth you recommended because it serves the job so effectively. Cleaning the glass tables and the TV screen is much smoother now, and I won’t have to worry about leaving scratches whenever I wipe them. Thanks!

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