6 Best Gadgets for PC Gamers That You Must Have

Best Gadgets for PC Gamers

Hello, Gamers!!!! How You Doin?? Yeah, I know this quarantine must have helped you ace your pro gaming skills but what about pro gadgets? Are you still using those old ones that keep lagging all the time? In case you aren’t sure which ones to buy, I got you covered with the best gadgets for PC Gamers right here, in this post.

PC Gaming is so much fun and a perfect de-stress therapy. Connecting with your friends online and having chit-chat while playing is “The Best” feeling. Especially now when we are locked up at home and miss that crazy time we had with our chums. Since you are spending most of your time on PC, get yourself a little comfort by shifting to the best gadgets for PC gamers.

Gaming accessories add a whole new ambiance and fun to your daily streaming. Plus, the added customization features of these accessories are like cherry on the cake. Some of the best gadgets for PC gamers are a gaming headset, A full-sized, backlit keyboard, An Ergonomic, RGB gaming mouse, A Bluetooth gaming controller, and much more.

All the gadgets that I have mentioned in this post are the basic ones that you must have as a gamer. To get the best gaming experience, I have mentioned few product labels too, from where you can buy your accessories for a smoother gaming experience.

6 Best Gadgets for PC Gamers

Here is the list of best gadgets for PC gamers that every beginner can start streaming with. Even if you’re a pro in gaming, these gadgets are a good choice to invest in.

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A Gaming Headset

Best Gadgets for PC Gamers; A Gaming Headset
Source: GameRevolution

The first and the most essential gadget you should be having as a PC gamer is a gaming headset. You can choose a headset comparing the earcup sizes. The best that I recommend using is from HyperX. The price they make you pay is worth it. 

HyperX’s Cloud Revolver comes with ultra plus earcups that are super comfortable along with a steel band for extra durability. Also, it’s a wired headset, which means it needs to be connected to your computer via cable. It supports 7.1 surround sound and true stereo sound which means your enemies are in danger as you can hear them coming from all directions.

This may sound a little off but when it comes to performance, the quality is unmatched. It ensures to provide zero lagging while talking to allies. Plus the headset can be plugged with Playstation 4, Xbox Series S/X, mobile devices, Xbox One, and a VR headset. You can buy Cloud Revolver at just $149.99 from Amazon.

A Full-Sized, Backlit Keyboard

Best Gadgets for PC Gamers ; Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard
Source: Kaira Global Technologies

To make the gaming experience more fun and comfortable use a full-sized, backlit keyboard. The keyboard from Razer Ornata is a good option. The Ornata keyboard comes with large cushioned wrist rest and super soft mid-height keys. This makes it a lot easier on your hands.

If you don’t want to use wrist rest as it might interfere with your performance sometimes, no worries, you can easily remove it. Also, the lighting of the keyboard can be programmed from one basic color to a rainbow coloring using Razer’s PC app. It supports 16.5 million colors. Isn’t it amazing!!! Buy Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard at $69.00.

An Ergonomic, RGB Gaming Mouse

Best Gadgets for PC Gamers ; An Ergonomic, RGB Gaming Mouse
Source: Technographx

Along with a high-performing keyboard you need a high-performance gaming mouse too. In case you already have one, you gotta try this one from Logitech once. Logitech’s G502 gaming mouse is a high-performance mouse that perfectly suits your RBG keyboard.

Yes, I know you must be thinking why have a wired mouse when you can go for a non-wired set? The answer is simple, its performance is unmatched. This mouse uses a 25,600 DPI(dots per inch) optical sensor that tracks your precision for instant quick reaction. 

The G502 comes with 11 programmable buttons that allow you to program five different button configurations so that you can easily switch between these different setups.

It’s easy on the hands. Your fast-paced gaming requires quick and precise mouse movements, that’s why Logitech allows you to add five 3.6 gram weights from the slot at the bottom of G502. It has top and side LEDs. The rubber grip is super handy. You can buy this Logitech G502 Hero High Performance for $46.99.

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A Bluetooth Gaming Controller

Best Gadgets for PC Gamers ; A Bluetooth Gaming Controller
Source: IGN

I know the keyboard-mouse combination is unbeatable for streaming any game but if you want your desks a bit cleaner then Bluetooth accessories are a good investment. For those who prefer playing with a controller, here is one from Microsoft.

Microsoft’s Xbox Core Controller comes with a cool design. It has two analog sticks, four triggers and face buttons, and a standard layout with a directional pad. Since it’s a Bluetooth controller, you don’t have to worry about using a USB dongle every time you play. The battery performance is long-lasting that lasts for over 30 hours for every full charge. Plus a pair of rechargeable batteries is always there to save you.

Overall, a nice gadget to pair up with your computer. There are so many options to choose from available in the market but Xbox’s Core controller gives you the best comfort and performance. You can buy this one for $54.98.

Blue Light Reduction Glasses

Best Gadgets for PC Gamers ; Blue Light Reduction Glasses
Source: SavorySights

You definitely don’t wanna affect your eyesight playing for the whole day. I know you have no track of time when you play. But the amount of overexposing to the blue light you have each day can be dangerous. Don’t affect your retina and get yourself blue light reduction glasses.

Paring these specially designed glasses is the best way to protect your eyes from blue light exposure. I recently came across these unisex pair from Aomaste and it works wonders. It protects your eyes from UV rays, filters out 90% of blue light. The nose pads are comfortable and it has strong hinges.

For those spending hours in front of the screen, these glasses are highly recommended. The material is non-toxic, so relax about the quality. You can buy these Aomaste Blue Light Blocking Glasses at $15.97.

Microphone For Streamers

Best Gadgets for PC Gamers ; Microphone For Streamers
Source: Cool Things

Whether it’s chatting with friends on discord or streaming on Twitch, a good microphone for your gaming setup is always a good addition. There are so many labels to choose from. My brother used microphones from Elgato Wave 1 and it was amazing. 

The price was so affordable and the sound quality was brilliant. The built-in software made audio management so easy that being a PC gamer you’ll definitely love using this microphone.

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Comfort comes first. All these best gadgets for PC gamers mentioned above provide you full comfort. We’re not dragging you to spend tons on useless gadgets. These were the basic necessities for every gamer. And they are worth their cost. So what’s holding you back now, you know the products, you know the features, just have to buy and get the best gaming experience!!

Featured Image Credits: Wired

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