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best mp3 player for kids

Kids are all into technology these days and keep on asking- “can I borrow your phone?” (if they have none). But you know what? We don’t like giving them our personal smartphones right? Who knows what they’ll do and whose number are they going to “accidentally” dial? So why not look for alternatives? If your kid’s only borrowing for listening to his favorite tunes and songs, why not get him an mp3 player! He can hum his favorite music while you’re not worried about your phone getting chipped. If you don’t have any in mind, then here’s a list of the best mp3 player for kids.

Gift your little Mozart his favorite music by getting him an mp3 player. There are wide varieties of them available in the market with wide-ranging features.

There’s no greater therapy than music! It keeps us grooving and acts as an energy booster for our daily hectic routines. But you know what, that’s not all! It can also keep your naughty kids at bay! You can just plug in their favorite humming tunes to keep them outside of devil’s business.

Electronic gadgets keep the kids occupied and they learn so much from them in return, for example, gadgets like mp3 players. They do wonders for our young kids! So why wait!


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Music is divine! And good music at that is a blessing! It’s enjoyed by everyone starting from kids to our elders. Who doesn’t like humming to their favorite song while bored? Thus if your kid is too much into music planning to be the next Chopin, then get him an mp3 player! 

Some mp3 players are specifically designed while keeping young kids in mind, providing the features they’ll only require. But, before jumping on what type of mp3 player is best for your kid and how, let’s first look for reasons why you should get them one!

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Reasons Why Your Kid Needs An Mp3 Player 

It has been observed that kids who are exposed to music from a younger age have greater brain activity. Researchers have found that people who are associated with music or play musical instruments are good at maths, reasoning, and other analytical subjects.

Source: Peterson Family Foundation

As we all know, kids starting from a younger age respond to voice. They don’t pay attention to words and it’s a slow process. Thus music not only helps your kid in the future where he can enhance his/her social skills with music but also helps him from an infant stage. So, now you know why your doctor recommended listening to music while you were in your pregnancy! It not only helps the mother but also the fetus to stay calm. He responds to music even when in your belly!

Benefits Of Music:

Music helps different age groups of people in different ways. While your infant might only listen and laugh at the tunes, your toddler will surely try to repeat the words and dance to them! Even your grown-up high-school kids are helped by musical therapy when the pressure of studies takes up too much space in their heads. Let’s look at some more benefits of music! Keep reading.

best mp3 player for kids
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  1. Brain Development: As mentioned earlier, music helps in the brain development of your kids. Kids associated with music tend to have good analytical skills and are prone to perform well in their studies.
  1. Relaxing And Enjoying: It’s a relaxing activity that not only helps your small ones but also the bigger ones, including yourself. We all know how relaxing music can be. And thus, if you plug in your kid’s favorite tune, he’ll surely stop crying!
  1. Confidence Building: At the starting stage of life, kids tend to be pretty awkward in public and don’t know how to act or react at the moment. Music at times helps kids to relax their nerves in public and communicate as well as carry themselves with confidence.
  1. Enhanced Speaking And Listening Skills: Now this is a major benefit of music! It helps to get words in our mouths and lets us speak fluently. Just take yourself for an example here, don’t you ever wonder why you were able to recall that whole song in the exam and not your maths equation? It is an undeniable fact that music is well processed by our brains. Thus, music not only helps us enhance our spoken language but also our listening capabilities.
  1. Socializing: So? Have you never just clicked off with someone with music? Many people hit off differently with the person with the same taste in music as them. The same goes for your kids, music will help them to socialize in a better manner and make good friends!

Now you know why you should get an mp3 player for your kid! Let’s jump onto the best mp3 player for kids in the market now!

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Best Mp3 Player For Kids:

kids mp3
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  1. Wiwoo Mp3 Player: This is a cute mp3 player for your toddlers with cute paw-like buttons installed on it. It is designed in a creative manner to keep the kids engaged and interested and has multiple functions. Kids can play music, watch movies, listen to the radio, read e-books and even play games (puzzle games) in it. Not only that, it is designed in a manner that your kid’s eyes and ears stay protected! The LCD screen has a dark background and a colorful menu to protect your kid’s eyes. And you can also regulate the radio frequency from 87.5 to 108MHZ.
best mp3 player for kids
Source: Mom Junction
  1. KLANGTOP Digital Clip Music Player: This is a perfect music player for school kids who are out camping or busy with school activities and don’t get to charge their players. It has a battery life that can last up to 32 hours once fully charged. It offers functions like music playing, e-book reading, radio, and can also act as a voice recorder.
best mp3 player
Source: Mom Junction
  1. Agptek K1 Mp3 player: This is an mp3 player with a cartoon case, a suitable option for your younger kids. It has USB connectivity and can store up to 2000 songs with its 8GB memory. Just plug in the earphones and you’re good to go! But you can also leave it on a loudspeaker as why not when it has all the features! 
best mp3 player for kids
  1. Ruizu X52: This is a high-tech mp3 player designed by RUIZU after its most simple one. It provides 27hrs playback with an 8GB memory and has an additional SD card slot. It also comes with a color LCD screen which is a plus for your younger ones! Moreover, your kids can listen to their favorite songs on repeat as it has an “on repeat” option too coupled with the shuffle one. It has many additional features like e-book reading, video playing, photo browsing, FM radio, and is super lightweight. This is a good mp3 player for your sporty kids!
best mp3 player
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  1. Sony Walkman Mp3 Player: This is a digital music and photo player with a drag and drop feature. It has playtime up to 35 hours once fully charged with alarm and timer function. It’s a more simple mp3 player than your previously mentioned ones but it’s one of the best-sellers among parents.
mp3 player
Source: The Walkman Blog
  1. Sandisk Jam: This mp3 player comes with a 2-year life warranty and comes with a built-in micro SD card expansion slot. It is super lightweight with playtime up to 18 hrs. This is your simple mp3 player with large buttons which makes navigation easy for kids.
best mp3 player
Source: Western Digital Store
  1. Mighty Vibe Spotify and Amazon Music Player: It’s a cute and small easy to carry mp3 player for your kids. It has wireless syncing and your kids can access the Spotify song lists that you set for them for up to 5+ hrs completely offline! And you know its most amazing feature? It is water-resistant and as it does not have a glass screen, you can leave it carelessly in your toddler’s care!
best mp3 player for kids
Source: Scary Mommy

Mp3 players are a good way to groove for your young kids. They’re super multifunctional offering different features at some really affordable prices. Additionally, they also help improve your child’s brain activity! Thus it is important you do a detailed market search before buying suitable mp3 players for your kids depending on their age and the features that you want.

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