Benefits of Moving to a Hosted QuickBooks Desktop Environment

Benefits of Moving to a Hosted QuickBooks Desktop Environment

If your company is working with QuickBooks Desktop, the main QuickBooks file is saved either on your computer or a server in your workplace. But what if the computer malfunctions? or What if you are not present at the workplace and have to access it? Have you ever considered the effects on your company if you lose access to your QuickBooks?

Most businesses who run QuickBooks Desktop have their QuickBooks file saved on a local PC someplace in their workplace or they might have it saved on a server for getting access on multiple PCs. As this might have been easy to install, it also has multiple business risks. Hence if you are working on QuickBooks Desktop on a local PC or Server, you need to consider moving to Hosted QuickBooks Cloud as soon as possible.

Here are some benefits of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting:

Accessible everywhere

You can have virtual access to your QuickBooks Desktop in the cloud from anyplace, anytime, and on any device (PC, Mac, iPad, Android, etc.) So, you can be away from the office or work from home when required. All you want is your device and a stable internet connection. Throughout the latest work-from-home structure, this is now more prominent and convenient. You can also host QuickBooks on Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop to enhance productivity.

Fewer hardware failures. More data backups

If you are working on QuickBooks Desktop on a local computer or Server, you also run the risk of hardware malfunctions and failures. It is a basic fact for a hard drive, motherboard, network card, etc. When you incorporate a hosting provider, you can avoid such devastating failures or loss of data. Additionally, hosting providers offer regular backups assuring you the revival of data whenever required. These backups are saved off-site which benefits the protection of your data in the event of a natural disaster or fire.

Always available

Many hosting providers give an SLA-backed guarantee that their service will always be available and running continuously. Hosting providers also have a 99.999% uptime that implies that your business can rely on QuickBooks being available the entire time. In the case of local QuickBooks Desktop software, this is almost impossible.

24/7 assistance by professionals

You have a company to operate and do not need to be concerned about managing hardware and software for your business. When you work with a hosting provider, they are completely accountable for managing both the software as well as the hardware. They keep the Windows always updated, the newest QuickBooks Desktop updates are set up, and your server is secured from malicious threats or viruses. Plenty of hosting providers offer 24/7 assistance and can conduct maintenance operations over the weekend or at night to avoid unnecessary downtimes.

Apps4Rent is the provider for QuickBooks Hosting with reliable support and maintenance. Additionally, they offer services related to Tenant to Tenant Migration Office 365 and much more.

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