Best Online Games to Take on Summer Hols

Best Online Games to Take on Summer Hols

It is that time of year in the northern hemisphere when people start getting in the mood for an extended break from the rat race and the daily office grind.

Many folks like to completely disconnect when they go on their summer holidays, wanting a break from the relentless nature of social media and everything else that comes hand in hand with mobile devices and computer screens. This means they turn to offline forms of entertainment such as books or board games.

However, there are other holiday makers who like to keep their eye in, whether that is keeping up to date with the news or even firing up the odd online game or two. Here we take a look at just some of the online games that holiday makers will be enjoying this summer, whether they are lying horizontal on a beach towel, a poolside lounger, or floating on the deck on their very own private yacht.

Even pristine white sandy beaches can get boring after a while and so it is always good to have some additional entertainment to hand in the form of classic online games

Classic Games to Stave Off Brain Rot

There comes a point in every lazy summer holiday where a person feels like their batteries are recharged, and that if they do any more sun lounging or floating in the pool then they are likely to begin shedding brain cells at a rapid rate of knots.

The question then becomes whether to allow this to take its natural course or whether to leap into action and make the most of your newfound energy and verve for life. For the people who wish to do the latter, there are plenty of online games that can be perfect for such moments of unease. Some of the best, which are more than capable of whiling away some hours, are those classic games such as chess, casino games, and online board games. All of these genres of online game have the power to stave off dreaded brain rot, with chess requiring high levels of tactical thinking, online casino games requiring people to improve their understanding of probabilities and odds, and board games such as online Monopoly allowing you to challenge players from all four corners of the globe.

Just make sure your holiday hotel or villa has a good Wi-Fi connection, lest you be disappointed that such games are unavailable.

The digital nomad lifestyle is one that means it is completely normal to see people in exotic holiday destinations keyboard and button bashing at the beach or poolside

Design the Holiday Hotel of Your Dreams

Sometimes a holidaymaker can get a little unlucky, as the brochure they chose their hotel or apartment complex from does not in anyway relate to the unfortunate reality of broken air conditioning, dirty bathrooms, and a pool that has seen better days.

If this happens to you while you are abroad, you might want to try your hand at doing things better and there are simulation games that allow you to do just that. Hotel Magnate is one of these, putting the player in charge of their very own hotel, which they must develop and maintain in order to keep the customers flooding through the doors. Who knows, if you get really good at it you could start giving some tips and pointers to your holiday hotel manager.

Games that Only Add Further Relaxation

While some holidaymakers will embrace becoming a virtual hotel manager or testing

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