Best Parenting Apps In 2021

Best parenting apps in 2021

Are you looking for the parenting apps in 2021? If yes then you are at the right place for that as we are here with the best parenting apps in 2021 that you can use.

As there are many parenting apps available in the play store and app store and choosing the best one is difficult for everyone but we read each and every review on the app and found these to be the best parenting apps.

Some of the best parenting apps in 2021 are

  1. Baby Connect
  2. Baby Nursing
  3. Cozi
  4. Winnie
  5. Find my Kids
  6. Photomath
  7. mSpy
  8. Applock
  9. Baby monitor
  10. Norton family
  11. Net Nanny
  12. BabyGogo

All these are the best parenting apps that you can use. You can know more about these best parenting apps by reading the full article.

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Best Parenting Apps in 2021

This article will provide you with basic information about some best parenting apps and also will help you with a basic understanding of the concept and usage of parenting apps. Go through the article to the end. 

Baby Connect

Best Parenting Apps in 2021:
Baby Connect

Parenting jobs are made much easier and effective with this best parenting app, Baby Connect. If you have nannied for your children, then you can use this app to track the activities of your baby by exchanging photos and conversations using this app. 

Key features of Baby Connect

  • Helps in getting feeding information. 
  • Helps in monitoring mood. 
  • Helps in monitoring sleep. 
  • Helps in keeping a check on other activities too like medicines eating, etc.

Baby Nursing

Best Parenting Apps in 2021:
Baby Nursing
source-Scary Mommy

The baby nursing app comes in the list of best parenting apps that come for free. This is a good app to monitor the basic activities of your newborn and keep a record of daily activities like breastfeeding, diapers change, growth, etc. 

Key Features of Baby Nursing

  • Easy to use. 
  • Available for free use. 
  • Tracks your nursing times like at what time you fed last time. 
  • The latest version of this app is even better. 
  • The latest version helps you track the feeding type as well like you fed breast milk or juice or some other syrup. 
  • Keeps a note of the sleeping/nap time of your baby. 
  • Mark your daily appointments with your doctor and keep a record of various vaccination programs for your baby. 
  • The modified version even helps you find that your baby is wearing a dry or wet diaper. 


Best Parenting Apps for iOS:

When it comes to child care, most of the time and energy gets exhausted in this process that being a parent sometimes it gets tough to keep a check on other household things like groceries, important dates, important tasks, household shopping, etc. But with the help of this one of the best parenting apps life seems much easier. 

Key features of Cozi

  • This app is for free. 
  • This app adds productivity to your life by managing different tasks at once. 
  • Helps in managing calendars to remind you of important dates. 
  • Organizes shopping lists for grocery shopping and more.
  • Can manage the different needs of different family members just with a single account. 
  • It comes with a premium membership too. 


Best Parenting Apps;
source-The Courier

This is a daycare app that can be a great help to parents. Providing your child with the best of all is what all parents want. And this app stands out in this list of best parenting apps as it helps you to find the right kid-friendly places for your child and provides all the necessary information about the facilities that place provides. 

Key features of Winnie

•Provides kids friendly information. 

•Discovers places for your kids to have fun and play. 

• Includes suggestions option. 

• Takes check on parent-child needs. 

• User friendly. 

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Find my kids

Best Parenting Apps:
Find My Kids
source-The Fashionable Housewife

As a GPS tracker, this app helps as a tracker for your children. It becomes easy to track your child using this app. Ensuring the safety of our children always remains on the top list for every parent. Why worry all the time and not let your child go anywhere when you have an amazing option to monitor the location easily from the phone or smartwatch. Find my kid’s app is among the best parenting apps to carry your parenting duty safely and securely. 

Key features of Find My Kids

•Free to use. 

•Provides location, surrounding areas and works as a movement tracker too. 

•Provides basic features of a place like washroom facilities, menu, etc. 


Best Parenting Apps:

This app is easy to use and the best math problem-solving app for parents that’s why it falls in this list of best parenting apps. One of the daily faced challenges is helping your child with homework. As the present age is way different from the earlier times hence, it becomes difficult for parents to match pace with their children.

When it comes to child help, helping your child with homework and especially with maths, plays a major role. Don’t worry, we take care of all your needs. This app helps you find step by step problem solving that makes it easier for you to catch up with your sums. It is also one of the best educational apps in 2021.

Key features of Photomath

  • Available for free. 
  • No need for wifi or the internet. 
  • Problem-solving. 
  • Suitable For all age groups. 
  • Updated sum solving techniques. 


Best Parenting Apps:

As the name sounds, this app will work as a spy to keep a check on your child’s activities. This app monitors all the search activity from your phone and you can easily find out what your child does on the internet when you are not around. 

Key features of mSpy

  • Tracking location becomes easy.
  • Tracks phone calls and SMS.
  • Helps in monitoring social media activities
  • Updates are available every five to ten minutes.
  • Restricts unwanted apps and sites.
  • Can even help in viewing deleted messages.


Best Parenting Apps for Android:

You all must be familiar with the app lock as it is a must for teenagers if they are using an Android phone. How can app lock help you with parenting? The main fear every parent face is that whether their child is on the right track and they often tend to do certain things to keep their child away from what they feel will have adverse effects on their children. For this purpose, they often try to lock their phones so that their child is under their control. Applock is the best available option for phone locks that can be used in a number or password form. 

Key features of Applock

  • Provides a safe and secure password setting.
  • Provides advanced security features.
  • Has a fingerprint option available.
  • Can protect important information.

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Baby monitor

Best Parenting Apps for Android:
Baby Monitor
source-Mom Loves Best

A baby monitor is like a baby alarm. Now you don’t have to worry about being around your baby all the time as this app can give you a unique parenting experience. It keeps you around your child even when you are not around. The beauty of this app is that it can be installed anywhere without the knowledge of any person and you can check whether your child’s nanny is taking good care of your child or not. You can hear your child’s voice through the radio system installed in this app. 

Key features of Baby monitor

  • Contains lullabies for babies.
  • In-built audio transmitter.
  • Provides multiple camera options.

Norton Family

Best Parenting Apps for Android:
Norton Family

This app is a perfect choice for parents to keep an eye on their children working online. Don’t lay restrictions on your children that make them think their parents don’t understand them, instead be friends with them. And the best way to do this is to let them do what they want but secretly keep an eye on all their online activities. Norton family apps is one of the best parenting apps that you can use in 2021.

Key features of Norton Family

  • Gives you all the information about the online activities of your child.
  • Keeps a healthy check on the time spent online by your kids.
  • Can be used in android as well as iOS.
  • Shares updates via emails from time to time.

Net Nanny

Best Parenting Apps
source-The New York Times

Growing age requires growing needs like learning online as infinite options are available for online learning today. It is one of the best parenting apps. Net Nanny is an app that allows you to restrict unwanted and harmful stuff from your child’s daily activities online like adult websites, unwanted apps, etc. Now you have full control over your child’s online activities with just one click.

Key features of Net Nanny

  • This app comes up with the choice to restrict and allow different sites.
  • Ensures safe search on various online platforms like google, youtube, Facebook, mailing, etc.
  • Parents can keep this app in their dashboard.
  • Blocks and restricts unwanted apps and sites.


Best Parenting Apps in 2021: BabyGogo
source-Women Love Tech

Parenthood opens new doors of happiness in every parent’s life. This feels like a blessing and as a parent, you wish to take the best possible care of your child. This BabyGogo parenting apps is one of the best parenting apps for new parents or parents to be.

Key Features of BabyGogo

  • Gives you information about the necessary vaccination programs.
  • Helps you with childcare.
  • Keeps a check on babies growth, sleeping time, nutrition and growth.
  • Takes care of mothers health as well.
  • Provides information regarding pregnancy.

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All these were the best parenting apps that you can use in 2021. If you know any other parenting apps that are best according to you then you can mention those apps here.

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