How To Send Disappearing Photos And Videos In WhatsApp?

How To Send Disappearing Photos And Videos In WhatsApp

WhatsApp now offers a new feature- The ability to send photos or videos that the recipient can only view once before they self-destruct. Isn’t it fun to share disappearing photos with your loved ones and leave them craving more? Do you know how to send disappearing photos and videos in Whatsapp? If not, then by the end of this post, you’ll be well aware of the feature.

This feature was first mentioned in June when WhatsApp updated to beta. However, the quality has slowly rolled out to non-beta users for the past few weeks. It’s a great addition to the WhatsApp features, as sharing a snap seems more secure now.

So, how to send disappearing photos and videos in Whatsapp? The process is pretty simple. You just have to share snaps like you used to do on WhatsApp, but here’s a slight twist. Want to know what it is? 

Keep reading and learn everything about sharing disappearing messages and photos on WhatsApp below!

What Are Disappearing Photos On WhatsApp?

What Are Disappearing Photos On WhatsApp

For those who are new to this disappearing feature, this is just like the disappearing chat feature in Snapchat. After the recipient opens the photos or videos, all pictures and videos sent via the ‘View Once’ mode are deleted. After the photo or video is deleted from the chat, WhatsApp will show an “Opened” message. WhatsApp won’t store media content sent via the View Once feature.

The recipient can record the photos or videos that have disappeared. You can do this by either taking a screen capture of the video or a screenshot. This would require super-fast speed, but it is still possible. This new feature was available shortly after WhatsApp introduced joining missed group calls. If you have forgotten or lost WhatsApp group calls, it is easier to get them back. 

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How To Send Disappearing Photos And Videos In WhatsApp?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to send disappearing photos and videos on WhatsApp:

Step1. First Update Your WhatsApp: By visiting the Google Play Store, or Apple App Store, you can update WhatsApp and check for any updates.

Step 2. Share A Photo Or Video: To send a missing photo or video, you can either open an existing chat or start a new conversation. You can attach an image to a message by tapping the camera icon. 

Step 3. Click The View Once Icon: A new icon appears in the text box to the left and right of the Send button. It is a circle with 1 in its middle. Tap this icon. 

Step 4. Send The Message: Tap the Send button to send a message. It will display in the conversation thread with the View Once icon. This confirms that a photo/video has been sent. However, you cannot see the media.

Once the media has been viewed, the message will be changed from ‘Photo or ‘Video’ into ‘Opened.’ The icon will also disappear the 1. The same message will be displayed on the recipient’s phone. They will not be able to view it.

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How To Turn On Disappearing Messages On WhatsApp?

How To Turn On Disappearing Mess

By enabling disappearing messages, you can make WhatsApp messages disappear. You have the option to create messages that disappear after 24 hours or seven days or even 90 days.

After enabling the option, all messages in the chat will be deleted after the period you choose. New announcements will be displayed in chat according to the most recent selection. All messages sent and received before the chat is disabled will not be affected.

Here is how to turn on disappearing messages on WhatsApp:

  1. To get started, open WhatsApp.
  2. Either user in a chat can enable disappearing messages. After enabling the option, all messages in the conversation will be deleted after the period you choose.
  3. Tap on the name of the contact.
  4. Tap on Disappearing messages.
  5. If prompted, tap CONTINUE.
  6. Choose from 24 hours, 7 or 90 days.
  7. Any user can choose to disable disappearing messages. New messages in chat will not disappear once they are disabled.

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Wrapping Up:

WhatsApp is full of unique features, hiding your last seen from others or sending these disappearing messages and photos. 

Now that you have learned how to send disappearing photos and videos on WhatsApp, make the best use of it. You can have fun sharing these timely snaps with your friends and family.

Don’t forget to share the steps with others if the steps worked for you. Still, having doubts? Dropdown your queries in the comments section below!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is It Possible To Take A Screenshot Of WhatsApp Disappearing Photos?

Before the media disappears, take a screen capture or screenshot of it. If someone takes a screen capture or screenshot of the media, you won’t be notified.

Q. Is It Possible To Send Photos That Disappear On An iPhone?

Yes, WhatsApp allows both Android and iOS users to share disappearing snaps and messages on the platform.

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