Best Sidequest Games | Choose the Game With Perfect Gameplay

Best Sidequest Games | Choose the Perfect

Are you looking for some virtual reality games with all the features enabled? This will even increase the interest to play any game the VR. So, what is that, a lot number of sideloaded games on the Oculus Quest? Need the list of best games of that type? Not an issue. This is the correct place you are at. You will get to know about the best Sidequest games.

It is always better to have more features and more items in your directory. While playing games in Oculus quest you have felt that a lot of times, right? And from that, you have found the solution. And that is so obviously the Sidequest. You have got to know that it will provide you with the best outcome of the virtual reality games in the quest.

After founding out the solution the most important issue you are facing is How to access the Sidequest and which games to play? That is of course a vital concern. You need to know about the Sidequest games to play. Also, before playing you need to know the details and features of those games. Or else it will not be that easy for you to choose the game to play in Sidequest games

For this reason, the game list has been created with the best of those. You will be able to find the details of those games. Also, you will get the features of those games, and the storylines. This will help you to choose the game you want to play. And you need to know about the Sidequest games as well before you go ahead and start playing those games.

Best Sidequest Games

Best Sidequest Games | Choose the Perfect

Sidequest is nothing but a tool. It will help you to add more functions to the oculus quest. This tool helps you to enable or perform some additional functions on the virtual reality platform of Oculus Quest. These functions are not possible or accessible directly on the headset of the Oculus Quest

Sidequest can help you to install new methods and content on the quest. Also, it can make some alterations to the headset. These features are not available on the headset from the beginning. So, it is a better way to use Sidequest for getting access to a lot of features and access which are not there from the beginning.

With the help of this, you will be able to play a lot more games. These games are Sidequest games with a lot of functionalities than the normal Quest virtual reality. So, before going ahead and playing you need to know the best games on this platform. And the other important factor about Sidequest is, that it is completely safe to use. Along with that, it is an open-source website, so, you can access this website without any harm. 

Best Sidequest Games | Choose the Perfect

Best Games

As Sidequest is a different app on the virtual reality platform of the quest, they have some of their games too. These games are very obvious to be in the virtual reality itself. So, you need to go ahead and play and experience those games in virtual reality. And again, this is an extension of the quest, so, you have to play these games on the quest platform itself. While playing these games, the most interesting thing you will be able to experience is the extra features and functions of those games, which are not there in the Oculus quest headset previously.

Here are some of the best games of Sidequest, based on different aspects. 

Best Sidequest Games | Choose the Perfect

1. Gorilla Tag

This is one of the most loveable games on this platform. In this game, you have to be safe from the “it”. Once you got caught you lose. Also, there is an infection mode for 4 or more players. It helps to chase the last player easily.

2. Return to Castle Wolfenstein

A virtual reality game with motion control, dynamic aiming, and all other features with a full-fazed resolution for VR. This game is based on Zombies and Nazis shooters. Also, have a lot of features in multiplayer mode, but you will not be able to have those all.

3. Descent Alps

This is a paid game, where you have to perform skiing on the ice of the Alps. While the other skiing games are facing a lot of issues, this game has solved various issues of this type of game. In this game, you have to perform skiing downhill. With the features of keeping the center of gravity low and helping you to learn turns, this game will help you to give a feel like real skiing.

4. Seeker VR

This is the perfect game for a Potterhead. Being a Potterhead, you have a fantasy to play quidditch for a lot of time. But you couldn’t. That is why this unofficial Harry Potter game is here. You can enjoy this game with Hogwarts behind the Quidditch pitch.

5. Half-Life 1 VR

This is a sensational first-person shooting game for Virtual reality. In the black world of Mesa, you need to go ahead with different types of equipment to have survival gameplay ahead.

6. Pavlov: Shack

This is a virtual reality game version for games based on a terrorist and counter-terrorism. In this game, you have to choose a side to fight. Once you choose the squad, you will be put into the team, and then, you have to go ahead along with the team to fight.

Wrapping Up

Sidequest games are also the games in virtual reality. While in Oculus Quest, you will not be able to access all the features and play all the games, Sidequest helps. By installing Sidequest, you will be able to enable many features and functions of that quest. Also, as they develop these side features, they develop different games as well. Here was some of those games, which are some of the bests in different aspects. Based on the storylines and the features, you will be able to choose the most suitable game for you to play.

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