7 Best Sports Games For Android in 2021 that You Can Play for Free

5 Best Sports Games For Android and iOS to Play in 2021

Nowadays, we can easily see that craze for sports is increasing rapidly in youth. Whether you are a professional sports player or a normal guy who loves to play games on mobile, you will definitely play the sports game. It has a different fan base and stands out from other normal games.

In this article, we have collected a list of the 7 best sports games for Android in 2021 that you will love to play in 2021. All these sports games are highly rated and each game has 10M+ downloads on the Google play store.

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List of 7 Best Sports Games for Android in 2021

1. Score! Hero

7 Best Sports Games For Android to Play in 2021
Source: Play Store

About the Game

This is a soccer game where you have to control only your player rather than controlling the entire team. There are more than 800 levels that you have to clear. After unlocking each mission by playing the game, you can win rewards, trophies and can represent your country.

Also, you can participate in regular events to get rewards and medals. This game features a scoring engine that allows you to play with more freedom than ever before. It has realistic 3D graphics, some cut scenes and interesting animations.

You can customise your player to get a great look. To see the rankings, you can connect your game with Google Play. This will also show a leaderboard where you can see your achievements.

Score! The hero is so popular that it has 100 million-plus downloads on the Google play store and it comes in the list of 5 best sports games for Android.

2. Head Ball 2

7 Best Sports Games For Android to Play in 2021
Source: Play Store

Head Ball 2 is a 1vs1 football game where you can become a football legend by striking and scoring points.

You can challenge your opposition team in this game as it is a multiplayer football game and has millions of football players from all across the world.

Show off your skills to your opponent by scoring more points. You can do progress in the career mode and can unlock special characters, bonuses and accessories. Also, it has 125 unique characters and 5 unique competitive football leagues. In addition, there are hundreds of accessories available to improve your player.

This game features some thrilling moments with a real-time sound effect where the commentary will be done by the legend, John Motson!

You can also connect your game with Facebook if you want to play the game with your friends.

Head Ball 2 has 50 million-plus downloads on the Google play store with 1 million reviews and a 4.0-star rating.

3. Real Cricket 20

7 Best Sports Games For Android to Play in 2021
Source: Play Store

Real Cricket 20 is one of the best sports games for Android that you can play in 2021. It comes with various modes such as challenge mode, the road to the road world cup, real-time multiplayer, etc which will give you a rich and realistic gaming experience.

As we know that whenever we see a match, there’s a person who does commentary. Similarly, in this game, the voice of commentary has been given by one of the best cricket commentators in the world, Sanjay Manjrekar. You can listen to commentary in both English and Hindi language.

You also have the option to share your thrilling match highlights with your friends. Save the match if you want.

This game allows you to choose the timing of the match. You can play the match in the Morning, Afternoon, and Evening.

Real Cricket features authentic stadiums, tournaments, test matches, all-new pro camera systems to show the highlights of your match and much more.

This game has 10 million-plus downloads on the Google play store with an overall rating of 4.2 stars.

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4. Tennis Clash: 1v1 Free Online Sports Game

Play Tennis Clash online with your friends and showcase your tennis playing skills to them. It is a real-time sports game but to play this game, you need an internet connection.

You can play quick multiplayer 1v1 in an online tennis game and compete in championship sports tours all around the world.

Tennis Clash features app optimized sports gameplay that is fun to master.

  • It’s an online game with real-time tennis matches.
  • You can unlock amateur, semi-pro and pro Tennis players in the game for free.
  • Assemble the strongest team and choose the best coach and fitness trainer for your squad.

Tennis Clash comes with amazing sound effects and stunning 3D graphics. In addition, you can unlock various sports arenas such as Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro.

This game has been downloaded 10M+ times on Google play store with an overall rating of 4.2 stars.

5. Archery Battle 3D

7 Best Sports Games For Android to Play in 2021
Source: Play Store

With over 5 million downloads and a 4.5-star rating out of 5, Archery Battle 3D is one of the best sports games for Android to play in 2021.

You can play quick-fire archery duels in the #1 3D and the most exciting multiplayer archery game.

Also, challenge your friends and play in beautiful locations against players from all around the world in real-time when you compete in 1v1 tournaments.

Archery Battle 3D features

simple control systems where you just hold and release to shoot the target.
Quick-fire 1-on-1 real-time gameplay.
Compete against players from all around the world to get their coins and rewards.
Unlock the chests to discover more powerful bows and arrows.

Apart from all these, you can compete against your friends by connecting the game to your Facebook account and show them some skills. The game comes with amazing 3D graphics so that you won’t get easily bored.

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6. Golf Battle: Multiplayer Mini Golf Game

It is the ultimate free golf game where you can connect with your friends and can beat them in multiplayer mini golf battles. It allows you to challenge real players from across the world and put your way to the top.

Either you can beat your friends in 1v1 or play with 6 Facebook friends at the same time.

The game is really fun and it has an easy control setup system. You can play on more than 120 mini golf courses in this exciting golf game.

Golf battle offers some interesting features such as

  • Playing golf on the same course with your friends and can watch them in real-time.
  • You can customize the ball according to your own choice.
  • Visit amazing golf courses around the world.
  • Play against golfers in real-time online multiplayer matches.

This game has 50M+ downloads on the Google play store and can be played on both Mobiles and Tablets.

7. eFootball PES 2021

If you’re a football fan, then this game is for you. You can sign Messi and nine other football superstars for free in the latest update of this game “Festive Season Campaign”.

eFootball features new Iconic Moment Series payers that allow you to relive more magical moments from the careers of current as well as former football superstars.

You can play real-time online matches and compete against friends near and far with both local and online multiplayer functionality. After sharpening your skills, you can play various other competitive esports events.

The game size is almost 1.9GB so you may require a speedy internet connection to download the game. The game is really free of cost to download and offers stunning graphics quality with great sound effects.

eFootball PES 2021 has more than 50 million downloads on the Google play store with an overall rating of 4.3 stars.

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Conclusion on 7 Best Sports Games for Android in 2021

From Score! Hero to eFootball PES 2021, we have listed the 7 best games that have millions of downloads on the Google play store. These games got so many positive reviews and have a 4.0+ star rating out of 5. In addition, each of the game can be downloaded for free of

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