Best MOBA Games For Android – Watch The GamePlay Videos Here

MOBA Games For Android

Online Multiplayer games have become the fashion in the gaming industry nowadays. Ask gamers their favorite genre, the response would be online multiplayer. If we are talking about online multiplayer then we cannot skip the MOBA games. Here is an article that will tell you about the best MOBA games for Android.

MOBAs are the recently launched genre in the mobile gaming industry. For those who are unaware of it let me tell you. MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battleground Arena, it is the game in which you team up with your friends and fight against other teams online. Sounds Interesting!! Well, here is the list of the best MOBA games for Android that you can download free of cost from the Google Play Store.

The Best MOBA Games For Android are

  1. Heroes Arena
  2. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
  3. Arena Of Valor
  4. Marvel: Super War
  5. Vainglory
  6. Heroes Evolved

The list above provides you with the names of the Top MOBA games for android but the names aren’t enough to describe the game. Read below to get the detailed information of the game with the gameplay.

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MOBA Games For Android

Let’s start with the list of descriptions of the best MOBA games for Android. In addition to the written gameplay of the games, we have also embedded the gameplay videos.

Heroes Arena

Let’s start with one of the most underrated Moba Games For Android, Hero’s Arena. The game is perfectly made for the MOBA genre beginners as the gameplay is simple and you can directly focus on the battle arena. The game provides the option to choose the length of the match and in addition, you can choose the mode of fight depending on the number of teammates i.e 1v/s1, 3v/s3, and 5v/s 5.

If we talk about the nature of the game, it is fast but easy. One of the features that remind me of the ease of the game is the ability to buy the equipment in mid-battle. You don’t necessarily have to return to the base. Maybe this is the reason that Heroes Arena is recommended for MOBA beginners.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

We talked about the best game for the MOBA beginners above now, let us shift to one of the oldest MOBA games for Android, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Well, being one of the oldest MOBA games for Android it has got the most number of downloads and is still one of the best games when it comes to multiplayer online battle Arena, thanks to the timely update by the developers.

Well, talking about the Gameplay of the Bang Bang, players join the 5v/s5 mode in the game and battle in the arena chosen. The best thing about the game is that if the person is disconnected from the match time, he can join back anytime. The length of the match is ten minutes and the description says it takes 10 sec matchmaking wait time on your one plus device which we would say totally depends on your ping rate.

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Arena Of Valor

Above talked about the oldest MOBA Game for Android, now let us shift to one of the recently launched MOBA games for Android, Arena of Valor. The Game is recently launched for Android and has established its name in the Top Android MOBA Games to play in Samsung Devices. Let us start with the gameplay first, the game offers three modes 1v/s, 3v/s3, and 5v/s5 to choose from. You can choose any of the modes depending on the number of friends you find online. The match length is ten minutes.

The best part of Arena Of Valor is the choice it offers in choosing the heroes for the game. You have to choose from over three dozen heroes. Not all of them are unlocked, few can be unlocked by playing and accomplishing targets and the rest can be bought from the in-app purchases.

MARVEL Super War

How many Marvel Fans here? One is me and I am personally excited for the game. Well, the game isn’t launched in many parts of the world and still under testing. But, the reviews that the game has got from the users are mostly positive. 

Well, talking about the game as the name says MARVEL Super War. The game stars the marvel characters and you can select from the 50 marvel characters and use them in the online battle arena. The gameplay has been provided in the video above and the graphics quality makes it one of the best MOBA games for Android. The game is expected to be the best game that is made in the MARVEL series.

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Vainglory has been ruling the MOBAs for the last six years. The game Vainglory was launched for Android devices back in 2015 and is still one of the most popular MOBA Games For Android. Talking about the gameplay, the gamer can join the quick matches of seven minutes and the long matches that end up to twenty-five minutes. The game provides the user to choose from the 25 heroes, well that’s a huge choice to make from.

If we talk about the technical aspects the games come with 60fps gameplay with the control response of 30 ms. The numbers are enough to attract any gamer towards the game. In addition to these, the match-making time of the game is also less.

Heroes Evolved

Heroes Evolved is like the other MOBA games yet different. Gameplay is similar but different. Confused? Let’s understand this with the gameplay, the game offers 40 heroes to choose from. It features the Clan System and short match options as well. The mode that makes Heroes Evolved different is the new Chaotic Strike mode. The graphic quality and match-making time of the game makes it the best MOBA game to play on the One Plus device.

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That was the list of the Best MOBA Games For Android. All the games mentioned above can be downloaded free of cost from the Google play store and might contain the in-app Purchases. We have also mentioned the gameplay with the videos in the article to make it easier for you to choose the best MOBA games.

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