6 Best TekTek Alternatives For Realistic Avatar Creation for Free!

Best TekTek Alternatives

Creating your dream avatar is the best feeling ever. Feels like an accomplishment right? And don’t deny that we all somewhere love being appreciated for our creativity with our Bitmoji characters!! TekTek has been an amazing tool to help us with avatar creation. From creating anime avatars to photo edits TekTek seemed pretty much a functional tool. In case you are looking for tools like TekTek, this post is all filled up with Best Tektek alternatives.

And just when I say alternatives, I mean it. To give you the same feel as Tektek with some minor differences or a bit of modification, I have come up with this list of best TekTek alternatives.

TekTek is an amazing tool. Why do we have to look for substitutes for TekTek? The reason, as we all know, is the unavailability of this app on the internet. TekTek is no longer accessible online, giving us a reason to move on and find some good websites like TekTek. Without any further ado let’s get straight to the list of best TekTek alternatives that contain DoppelMe, Recolor. me, and much more.

The websites that I am sharing are trusted and widely used. You can create different avatars of your choice using sites like TekTek and make your character look the most realistic.

6 Best TekTek Alternatives

Not just one but here are 6 top TekTek alternatives to give you the best avatar-making experience. Now create your dream avatar easily for free!

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Best TekTek Alternatives; DoppelMe
Source: Angel’s Block

For all those looking for the best TekTek alternatives, DoppelMe is the first on the plate!! 

Why? What are its features? 

Wanna see carbon copies of yourselves? That’s what DoppelMe is pro at! It makes characters exactly like you. 

In the other Bitmoji apps you had to use a separate app to change your appearance, gender, etc. But DoppelMe is the solo king! No need to use any other app Or tool, just use DoppelMe and choose your desired avatar, gender, appearance, and expressions. 

The best part about this app is that your created character looks so realistic that no one can guess that it’s an avatar Or a clicked picture! And this realistic feature gives this app a must-try green light! 

Face Your Manga

Best TekTek Alternatives; Face Your Manga
Source: Pinterest

Have you tried that new cartoonish filter on Instagram reels? Yes, that one which makes you look like anime characters. 

Face Your Manga does quite the same. To try to depict your favorite manga characters, Face Your Manga is the best tool on the internet. Using this app you can create a cartoon character for your avatar. The character creation comes with high-resolution quality. 

Earlier this app was accessible only for Android users but now both Android and iPhone users can download this app and use it according to their choice. 

This app is not free and may require you to spend some bucks on it, but the Bitmoji that turns out using this app is worth paying for! 


Best TekTek Alternatives; Cartoonify
Source: www.

Another Looney toon character creator that you’ll love to use is Cartoonify! No sign-in for an account, no special formalities, just create your cartoon character and download it to use anywhere. 

Cartoonify is such an impressive tool to use. Take any photograph of yours and turn it into a cartoon. Simple, right? 

Cartoonify gives you numerous choices to modify your appearances like the eye color, face shape, skin tone, nose, hair, eyes, and even your smile. 

If you can’t figure out what changes will look best at your character, try any random creation and enjoy the funky mix! 

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Hero Machine

Best TekTek Alternatives; Hero Machine
Source: Heise

Ah!! Superhero Maker!! Hero Machine is on the list of best TekTek alternatives for a reason. Where else can you create realistic superhero character appearances for your avatar? 

The Hero Machine app is super easy to use. Create the warrior self that you have always desired using this app. 

There are two versions of this app that are available online and two versions are downloadable as you can buy these two. 

Although the free version of the Hero Machine app is enough for character build-up, the paid versions give you much more features to enjoy.  Do try this app to create the superhero avatar! 

Recolor. me

Best TekTek Alternatives; Recolor. me
Source: AppRater

If you love using TekTek, then you’ll enjoy this one too. gives you an amazing time creating avatars and participating in avatar contests! 

It’s mini gameplay where you can create your dream avatar and can submit that avatar for the online contest. And who knows your creativity might win you the exciting prizes. 

Recolor. me is a new creation by the owner of TekTek to give its users the same feel as in TekTek with advanced features and gaming mode. 

You’ll love this all, give it a try! 


Best TekTek Alternatives; Befunky
Source: Uptime. com

Like the name of this app suggests, Be funky!! Add a little bit of funk and drama to your avatar using this amazing tool named Befunky. 

Befunky avatar maker comes with really cool features like exporting media files from google drive or a computer and editing them using different tools available on the site.

Create collages, edit the appearances like face, hair clothes, skin tone, etc, apply the cartoon effects, and much more with Befunky. 

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To Sum Up:

Wrapping up the list of best TekTek alternatives. Hope you found your perfect fit for avatar maker. Try these free TekTek alternatives to create your dream avatar. Cartoon yourself, or create a superhero avatar using these creative tools.

Share this post with your friends and let them enjoy the avatar creation as well. Our team tried these sites like TekTek and the results were impressive. Don’t miss your chance to be creative with your Bitmoji characters. 

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