12 Best Telegram Bots To Save Your Time And Manage Your Account

Best Telegram Bots

Telegram is not just a messaging app anymore. With the increase in competition between social media applications, Telegram has evolved itself. No matter you want to watch movies or listen to a song, Telegram has become a one-stop destination. It has introduced the Telegram bots feature on its platform. These bots are the sets of instructions that help the user in maintaining and running their accounts smoothly.

Telegram users can interact with the bots, send them messages, and request their services. There are various bots on the Telegram platform, some are introduced by the private owners while some are released officially by Telegram for example @gif and @GDPRbot. A user can introduce any number of bots to his Telegram channels to run his channel or group smoothly.

Although the Telegram bots mentioned in the article below are safe. But, various people create bots just to introduce malware to the devices. So, you have to be careful while selecting the bot for your Telegram account. 

You can trust the Telegram Bots given below…….

Useful Telegram Bots

Before moving to the list of the must-have Telegram bots. Let us have a look at what Telegram bots are?
Telegram bots are the AI (Artificial Intelligence) software that runs on a specific algorithm. It is a misconception that Bots are handled by humans. The Bot makers only improve and manipulate the algorithm. The actual task is done by the bot software.

1. @TeleFeed Bot

Click Here For Bot

Have you noticed these pesky Telegram channels restricting content and not allowing you to copy or forward their messages?

TeleFeed solves this for you by automatically forwarding messages from chats you set up as sources to your destination. It has features such as transformation for changing the message content, filters to decide which content to forward, and message translation so you can set up bilingual destinations.


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This bot serves the best purpose for blind people or for the people who receive text messages on Telegram while driving. The bots help in converting the text message received to the voice message. Not only the voice conversion, but it also helps in the encryption and the decryption of the messages hence providing more security to the user.


Click Here For The Bot

Is any photo editor reading this article? If yes, then the next bot in the list of the Best Telegram Bots is something that will be of your use. The name of the bot is “Free Canva Pro”.

You must have got an idea of what this bot is used for? Yes, this bot will provide you free access to the pro version of the Canva application with all the pro features unlocked.

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Click Here For The Bot

Are you preparing for any type of exam? If yes, then this Telegram Bot will prove to be your best friend. How?? This bot will provide you with different courses. Not only the study courses but also the free tutorials for various other activities. 

The course tutorials are updated every Monday by the free course bot.

YouTube Video To Create Your Own Bot


One of the major reasons to download the Telegram application is to download the latest movies and Webseries from Telegram. Well, if you are among those users who have installed the Telegram application for this purpose, then this Telegram bot will serve the best purpose for you. 

No, it will not give you the direct movies on its platform, instead, it will search for the latest movies and web series on the Telegram application and notify you about it.


What do you like about Social Media? Let me say first, I like sleuthing and if you agree with me then this Telegram bot will help you in stalking. Yeah, it’s right you will get your stalking buddy.

The name of the bot is TG Scan Bot and it is used to retrieve the information of the users that share the common Telegram group with you by just using its user name. So, guys, what are you waiting for? Christmas?

Disclaimer: We don’t Promote Stalking.


Any Computer Geeks here? Well, if yes then we have got you a bot that will provide you with everything that you expect from your best friends. It will get you the ebooks, regular classes, and every update about Cyber Security and programming. If you support the mentality of “Geeks For Geeks”, then you must download and install this bot. 


It is a must-have bot for Music lovers. The name of the bot itself suggests its function. The bot is used to download Spotify songs for free without any redirection and advertisements. Yeah, that’s right, you heard it correct NO Advertisements!!!

The bot has proved to be the best buddy for Spotify lovers.

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Well, if we have the bot to download the songs from Spotify. Then you must try LY BOT. This bot helps the users to download the songs and videos from the YouTube Music and YouTube application. This Telegram bot helps the user to download the music directly into the internal storage of the device without any redirection.

Creating Your Own Bot Using Python Language


Click Here For The Bot

Do you think that you forget things while spending time on Social Media? If yes then here is the bot that will help you in setting the alarm by just sending the text to the bot. 

Send the time, text to the bot, and the robot will alert you on time.


Click Here For The Bot

This Bot is as the name describes it. It is the father of all the Bots. I might be sounding Crazy. Let me explain to you. The Bot father is the Telegram bot that helps you to create and manage all the other bots installed in your account. 

There is no doubt that the existence of bots makes Telegram usage easier. But, sometimes it becomes difficult for the user to manage all the bots at once. So, Bot Father will help the user to manage all the existing bots.


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Remember the movie in which DeLorean took Marty McFly to the future. In the same way, this Telegram Bot “DeLorean” will help you to send messages to the future. You may call me mad but it is the truth.

Okay, let us break the suspense, you can send the messages to this Telegram bot in the present with the time and this bot will deliver the message at the time you mentioned in the chat.

12. @Dr.Web

Click Here For The Bot

We know Telegram is a huge app with n number of users. But, this application is also an open invitation to hackers. For example, you are downloading a file from the Telegram channel, are you sure that it is hundred percent safe? It might be a virus encrypted into the file.

Well, this is the place where Dr. Web will help you out. The creators of this bot call it the first anti-virus bot and claim to help the user against the files that might corrupt them. You can also use the bot in the Telegram group to find which files are safe and which are not.

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Wrapping Up:

Well, the fact that the Telegram bots make the Telegram application fun cannot be denied. Especially when you are running any Telegram channel, these bots will help you easily manage all the tasks on the application. 

If you need a helping hand in running your Telegram account smoothly. You can always look upto these bots. They will never disappoint you.

If you found this article informative then do share it with your friends and if you think that we have missed out on any important bot then do tell us in the comments section. We will be happy to hear from you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are bots safe in Telegram?

Various people create bots just to introduce malware to the devices. So, you have to be careful while selecting the bit for your Telegram account. 

Q. Are Telegram bots useful?

If you need a helping hand in running your Telegram account smoothly. You can always look upto these bots. They will never disappoint you.

Q. What are the best bots in Telegram?

Some of the best bots in Telegram are 

  1. @FunctionRobot 
  2. @FreeCanvaPro 
  3. @TheFreeCources_Bot       
  5. @TgScanBot  
  7. @SpotifyBot
  8. @LYBOT       
  9. @AlertBot 

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