Your Guide to the Best Valorant Maps

Best Valorant Maps

Valorant is known for having a small variety of battle scene maps and making the most out of them. The maps are all unique and feature unique elements which help to give them their own characteristics.

The developer shave done really well in creating an individual feel to each map, whilst still managing to make sure that they carry the Valorant concepts and ideas throughout.

The diversified working nature of Valorant map systems always makes sure to offer the variety of maps to players and to diminish the probability of repeated map.

With 7 options of maps for each battle, you might wonder which one you should play, luckily, we’ve picked our top three.


Some would say that there’s nostalgia in calling Ascent one of the best maps in Valorant. It was the first map any of us would have experienced and therefor seems to hold a fond part in all of our hearts. With only two zones and a bunch of small, intense battle-ready rooms, the map keeps fighters together and ensures that there’s little chance for anyone to go off and hide for the whole game. 

The ant’s nest like structure connects the rooms with the shortest distance between them, which means that when you’re walking about, you are never going to be more than one room away from the enemy.

Ascent is a popular choice with the pro-gamers, which is always a great indication that it’s a balanced map with a lot of opportunities for good kills.


When Bind was introduced into Valorant in the early days, it was a little different to what all players had come to expect. Removing a central area for players to constantly transfer through, it instead forced players to one of two battle zones on the extremities. 

To counter the lack of central hall, the developers created the teleporters to allow players to quickly jump around the map and surprise the defenders. It’s worth checking out the Tenz crosshair guide for any tips on using this map to its maximum and seeing when the pros are next going to be playing the Bind map.


We’ve often walked into a map and hoped that we were playing as the defence, not because we liked the defence, but because we know that on this map, the defence has a huge advantage. It skews the game when you know that there’s a most likely outcome, it almost becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

That’s one of the reasons why we really like Haven. It’s the most equal of the seven maps available in Valorant. With a 51% attack win percentage and 49% defence, it’s almost perfectly equal. It removed that major advantage one of the sides would get, just by waking up on the right side of the bed. 

Choosing the right map for any battle is pretty essential to making sure you have a good time. There’s a lot of options in terms of the map’s characteristics and unique elements, but then there’s the one-sidedness of some of the maps. If you stick to one of our three maps, we’re sure you’ll have a great battle.


Major factors that sometimes may influence the manner in which maps are shuffled out of the pool include sentiments of player, release time, upcoming updates, and the planned variance of running and recently-released maps.

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