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Best YouTube Channels to Learn Bollywood Dance

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Bollywood dance is all about storytelling with emotions. The movements in this dance style are graceful but energetic. Learning this type of dance style is hard, but it isn’t when you learn from the top-class masters. Here, we have disclosed the best YouTube channels to learn Bollywood Dance. By following these channels, you’ll learn new dance steps from the comfort of your home.

During this coronavirus pandemic, it is not safe to get out of your home and go to an institute to learn dance. Although you can hire a dance teacher, it will cost you money. So, why to spend money when you can learn for free by watching dance tutorials on YouTube. Just watch the best dancers around the world and follow their dance steps.

The top 3 YouTube channels to learn Bollywood dance are Team Naach(with 4.39 Million Subscribers), G M Dance Centre(with 3.72 Million Subscribers), and Deepak Tulsyan(with 2.31 Million Subscribers).

These dance channels have been run by the most popular dancers. To know more about them, you should read the full article.

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Best YouTube Channels To Learn Bollywood Dance 

All these below-listed YouTube channels have thousands of subscribers. If you are a beginner at dance, then watch dance tutorials on these channels to improve your skills.

Team Naach – 4.39 Million Subscribers

Nicole & Sonal are the owners of this YouTube channel. They take dance classes in Mumbai but created the “Team Naach” YouTube channel in 2014 in order to teach people various dance moves including Bollywood, Belly Dance, Hip Hop, etc. As of now, there are over 80 million views on this channel whereas uploaded videos are just 182.

G M Dance Centre – 3.72 Million Subscribers

This is the official YouTube channel of G M Dance Centre. It was started in 2015 and here, you’ll find all kinds of dance tutorial videos of different dance styles(including Bollywood). Talking about the stats, there are a total of 149 uploaded videos but views on them are in billions.

Deepak Tulsyan – 2.31 Million Subscribers

Deepak Tulsyan is the owner of this YouTube channel. He is the most popular dancer and a choreographer. Apart from it, Deepak is a traveler and loves to create dance tutorial videos on his YouTube channel which he created in 2011. As of now, there are 370 million views on Deepak Tulsyan YouTube channel whereas uploaded dance videos are 207.

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The Dance Mafia – 1.34 Million Subscribers

The Dance Mafia is a dance and fitness studio situated in Mohali. This dance institute has created a YouTube channel of the same name where the creators upload dance videos and teach how to learn dance. The created playlists include Bollywood dance, bhangra, couple dance, and wedding dance lessons. Talking about the channel stats, it has over 130 million views but videos are just 336.

FITNESS DANCE With RAHUL – 499K Subscribers

This channel was started in 2015 by Rahul Kumar (previously named Fitness Fusion). Here, the main goal of the creator is to make you familiar with Bollywood dance and teach various dance styles. The total number of dance videos on this channel is 185 and views are in millions.

Dance With Deepti – 200K Subscribers

Dance With Deepti channel was started two years ago and gained much popularity because of the dance and workout videos uploaded on this channel. This channel was founded by Deepti who is a personal ISSA certified trainer. The total views on this channel are over 10 million while uploaded videos are just 82.

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Akshay Bhosale – 192K Subscribers

This YouTube channel was created by Akshay Bhosale in September 2013. On this channel, you’ll find a variety of Bollywood dance videos for both beginners as well as advanced dancers. The total number of uploaded videos on this channel is 275 and views are 37 million.

dancewithSL – 138K Subscribers

dancewithSL is run by Shereen Ladha. She created this YouTube channel back in 2014 with a view to making dance tutorial videos so that others can also learn new dance moves from the comfort of their home. This channel has over 27 million views and the videos are just 73. 

RSUDance Company – 91.6K Subscribers

The full name of this channel is Ram’s Step Up Dance Company and it was established on YouTube in 2012. It is a Hyderabad-based premier dance company but also teaches Bollywood dance to others by making tutorial videos on YouTube. The total views on this channel are over 10 million and videos are just 103.

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Tanvi Karekar – 75.4K Subscribers

Tanvi Karekar is the owner of this YouTube channel. She created it in 2012. As of now, she has uploaded 139 dance videos with 11 million-plus views. Her created playlists include 14 videos of dance tutorials and 3 videos of freestyle dance.

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All these are the best YouTube channels to learn Bollywood dance. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an expert. Whenever you watch dance videos, you’ll learn new skills every time.

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Which YouTube channel is best for learning dance?

The top 3 YouTube channels to learn Bollywood dance are Team Naach(with 4.39 Million Subscribers), G M Dance Centre(with 3.72 Million Subscribers), and Deepak Tulsyan(with 2.31 Million Subscribers).

How can I learn to dance for free?

You can download some free dance apps on your smartphone, watch the popular dancers, and try to follow their dance steps.

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