Top 20 Canadian YouTube Channels – Explore the Best in Canada

Do you know what’s the best way to explore the world with the ease of sitting at your home? It’s the most famous social media platform. Any guesses? It’s YouTube!! Yes, YouTube, where people from all over the world come up with the best stories to entertain the world. There are so many famous YouTubers today from different parts of the world like India, Canada, the USA, Brazil, Australia, Spain, etc.

But if I ask you who is the most famous YouTuber in Canada? You won’t be knowing the answer. Don’t worry, this article is to introduce you to the top 20 Canadian YouTube channels with the most subscribers and worldwide popularity. Justin Bieber’s YouTube channel called VEVO was the most famous channel as of October 2020.

Top 20 Candian YouTube channels according to a recent survey are Baby Big mouth, TheWeekendVEVO, Shawn Mendes VEVO, Just For Laugh Gags, DrakeVEVO, MrSuicideSheep, Unbox Therapy, AsapSCIENCE, Epic Meal Time, Monstercat: Uncaged, Matthew Santoro, ItsFunneh, Walk Off The Earth, etc. The list is not over yet.

What makes these YouTubers the best? Is it their subscribers, their popularity, the views on their channel, or the content they post? Find out everything here.

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Top 20 Canadian YouTube Channels

Top 20 Canadian YouTube Channels- Explore the best in Canada
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Here is the top 20 list of best Canadian YouTube channels for you. Watch out for their life stories, from where they belong, what kind of content they provide, and how many subscribers do they have, everything in this article.

Justin Bieber VEVO – 62.2 Million Subscribers


Here’s the heartthrob of millions of people out there. Justin Bieber is a famous personality. He is a Canadian Singer, a Multi-instrumentalist, and a songwriter too. He started this YouTube channel on 26th September 2009. You can find his live performances, live concerts, interviews, Official music videos, and albums, etc on this channel. He has gained worldwide popularity that clearly reflects on his channel’s subscribers.

Some of the top song videos on the channel are Lonely, Peaches ft. Daniel Caesar, Give on, Somebody, Anyone, Where are you now, Sorry, Holy, Despacito, Baby, etc. He is one of the top Canadian YouTubers as of now. His channel is one of the best Canadian YouTube channels. 

TheWeekndVEVO – 23.7 Million Subscribers


This channel was started on 25th February 2011 and is one of the best Canadian YouTube channels. Who doesn’t know this immensely popular personality, Abel Tesfaye? He is popularly known as The Weeknd. Born in Toronto, Canada. Abel is a popular Canadian singer known for his electrifying performances. He is a record producer, A songwriter, and a super hit singer. His performances are mostly in pop and electropop genres.

Some of his hit videos on YouTube today are The Weeknd – Try Me, The Morning, Die for You, Acquainted, Save Your Tears, In Your Eyes ft. Kenny G, Alone again, etc.

Shawn Mendes VEVO – 27.8 Million Subscribers


Shawn Mendes is a popular Canadian Singer. And while I am writing this, I am humming “Senorita”, right now. His songs are so melodious and the voice is so damn exotic. This channel was started on 19th January 2011. Born in Ontario, Canada, he is famous for his pop and rock-pop genre. He is a vocalist, a guitarist, and a pianist too. He is 22 now and at such a young age he has achieved wide popularity worldwide.

Some of my favorite videos on his channel are Senorita, Can’t imagine, Dream, Always been You, Look up at the Stars, The Christmas song, Piece of YouHigher, 24 hours, and many others.

Just For Laugh Gags – 11.3 Million Subscribers


To get you guys out of the bad moods, this channel is here to keep the giggles alive. This channel was started on 14th January 2007. What’s funny about this channel? It’s the funny videos, the untimely pranks, the costume pranks, and other fun videos. Jacques Chevalier is the creator of this channel. Howie Mandel is the owner of the channel.

This is one of the best Canadian YouTube Channels. This is a silent comedy channel that holds the power to make you laugh even without spelling a word.

DrakeVEVO – 24.3 Million Subscribers


Drake is a Canadian musician and one of the top Canadian YouTubers. He raps, writes songs, a businessman, an actor, and a popular singer. My personal favorite from his album is God’s Plan. He is from Ontario, Canada, rocking the world of music and gaining worldwide love and popularity. This channel was started on 6th June 2009.

Some hit lists from his youTube channel are What’s next (1.6Million views), Laugh now Cry Later(267 Million views), Time flies(13Million views), Desires (14Million views), When to say When(53 Million Subscribers, God’s Plan (1.2 Billion Views), etc.

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MrSuicideSheep – 12.7 Million Views


This is one of the best Canadian YouTube Channels. Josh Carr-Hilton is the creator of the channel, MrSuicide Sheep. The channel was started on 9th April 2010. This is a music channel that presents the best electronic and non-electronic music. The channel has 2884 videos till now.

Recent uploads on the channel are June-something to Lose(67K views), Sub lab-Anything for you(109K views), Avaion-I Don’t Know Why(214K views), Ponette-wtf(162K views), etc.

Unbox Therapy – 17.9 Million Subscribers


This popular Canadian YouTube channel was started by Luis Hilsenteger. He loves to showcase the variety of coolest products to the world. As the name of the channel itself throws light on the content present in the channel. This channel has uploaded 1910 videos till now. This channel was started on 21st December 2010. Here you will find the best unboxing videos about various products, gadgets, the latest launches, and technology.

Want to know which smartphone is launched in the market recently? Or how safe it is to use the apple MagSafe Wallet? This channel has all the answers to your queries with live demos. Some recent videos on the channel are, Vivo X60 Pro Plus unboxing(2.3 million views0, Realme 8 and Realme 8 Pro Unboxing (1.2 Million views), etc. 

AsapSCIENCE – 9.6 Million Subscribers


This popular science channel was created on 28th May 2012. The founder- host of this channel is Mitchell” Mitch” Moffit and Gregory Brown. This is an educational channel that aims at revealing some logical interpretations of various science topics. The facts in the channel are more than merely the bookish facts we all have read since our childhood. How much sleep does a normal human body needs for the proper functioning of the organs? 

Some other such scientific facts on the channel are who are the perfectly evolved humans, why emotional tears are different(227K views), why eyebrows are more important than eyeballs(328K views), what the covid vaccine does to the body(4.9 Million views), and so many other interesting facts.

Epic Meal Time – 6.99 Million Subscribers


The owner and creators of this channel are Harley Morenstein and Sterling Toth. Epic meal time is a food channel widely popular for its epic meals. The channel was started on 30th September 2010. Here you will find comedy, Cooking, and parody. There are many star appearances on the channel from time to time.

Some of the delicious recipes on the channel till now are Epic flaming hot chicken and Waffles(24K views), Glizzy Lasagna(77K views), Sushi tower(149K views), gamer pancakes for soft teeth(89K views), and many other amazing videos.

Monstercat: Uncaged – 7.58 Subscribers


This channel was started on 2nd July 2011. We all know that the music industry is not so stable and keeps changing. At one time where rock-pop gets popular, on the other days it might not be so popular among the people. So to empower creative people, artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, developers, young and old influencers this channel was started. In short, this is a talent hunt channel that provides budding talents the right platform to present their talent.

Popular music videos on the channel are Bossfight-Endgame(102K views),Tisoki & Grabbitz-Rolls Royce(118K views),Bad Computer-Destroy Me(134K views)Koven-Numb(125K views),etc. This is one of the best Canadian YouTube channels. 

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Matthew Santoro – 6.28 Million Subscribers


This channel is one of the best Canadian YouTube channels. Matthew is here to keep your lazy weekends entertained through his channel. He is a Canadian YouTuber. He is a YouTuber, an educator, motivational speaker, and a comedian too. The channel was started on 13th February 2010.

To give you a hint of what will you find in the channel, some of the recently uploaded videos are 5 Strange addictions people actually have(104K views), 5 crazy living creatures created by science (145K views), 5 Scariest lets not meet stories(140K views) and many other unexplored facts are present on the channel.

ItsFunneh – 7.38 Subscribers


ItsFunneh is a multi-genre channel, that posts content on gaming, live streams, daily fun videos, and many other things. This is one of the best Canadian YouTube channels that was started on 2nd September 2011. The channel owners are Kat La and her sibling Krew. They both are popular Canadian gaming YouTubers who are winning hearts with their mind-blowing Minecraft and Roblox gaming skills.

Recent uploads on the channel are Roblox Hole in the Wall(624K views), Roblox High Hells(1.1 Million views), The secret tower in Minecraft(1.3 Million views), Roblox Baby City(1.4 Million views), etc.

Walk Off the Earth – 4.02 Million Subscribers


The channel has a total of 265 video uploads right now. The channel was started on 31st July 2008. Walk of the Earth is an active Canadian-Indie Pop band since 2006. The members of the band are Gianni Nicassio, Joel Cassady, Sarah Blackwood, David Speirs, and Adam Michael. This five-member band opened their youTube channel in 2008 with the aim to showcase their musical perfection to the world.

Some of the popular most liked videos on their channel are, What’s love got to do with it (2.4 views), Toxic-Walk Off the Earth Ft. Harm & Ease(1 Million views), Thunderstruck-Walk Off the Earth(1Million views), etc.

Cutepolish – 3.34 Million Subscribers


Ladies!! A perfect nail art channel for you all. Cutepolish is such an amazing and impressive YouTube channel. It showcases many cute and trendy nail art designs that you can try for various parties or functions. If you want to learn stylish nail care routines, giving your nails a healthier and showstopper look, then this channel is a perfect choice for you.

Some uploaded videos on the channel are Easter Nail art Beginners suing a toothpick(21K views), minimalistic nail art 2021(33K views), Cute nail art 2021(35K views), luxury Chanel nail art designs ( 14K views), Disney nail art 2020 (34K views), and many others.

RCSparks Studio – 3.36 Million Subscribers


This channel was created on 21st January 2008. If you love to build racing cars, Rc Fire Trucks, Giant wheel trucks, and other such things then this channel is purely for you. The owner of this channel is Aaron Bidochka who turned his love for toy remote-controlled cars into reality and a full-time job.

His YouTube channel has got so much popularity as he makes some of the rocking vehicles that we never thought would be seen in such a giant look. In short, the toy cars and trucks you have played with are molded into a real moving vehicle in the channel by Bidochka.

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House Gamers Airsoft – 1.19 Million Subscribers


This channel was started on 13th February 2012. This channel tells you about different airsoft guns. This is a Canadian Airsoft Channel. Here you will find which is the best gun, and a proper description of that gun. Know about snipper guns, LMG, SMG, AR, Shotgun, etc. Also, know about different scopes that fit your guns.

This channel creates the vibes of gameplay like PubG battlefield, free fire, etc. Get to experience the best battlefield experience through this channel.

JusReign – 973K Subscribers


This channel has about 160 videos till now. The channel was started on 15th July 2009. This is a fun channel created by a brown guy from Canada who with his awesome comedy skills entertains masses. This channel was started by Jasmeet Singh Raina who is a Canadian Comedian.

Some of his recently uploaded videos are Valentines as a brown boy(525K views), the Punjabi wedding breakdown(1.1 Million views), The Don Pardaan (735K Views), etc. He created this channel to bring up the issue of racism faced by him at his early age being a Brown Guy living in Canada.

ConvosWith2YrOld – 663 K Subscribers


The channel was started on 19th May 2013. This is a Canadian Comedy and music channel. The channel owners are David and Ken. The recent uploads on the channel are Davis and Ken’s Comedy Hour with music(1.1 K views), and many parts and versions of this show.

Also in this show, we can see David in conversation with his 2-year-old kid. Watch this father-son duo winning hearts on YouTube.

Shaneice Crystal – 596K Subscribers


This is one of the best Canadian YouTube Channels. This channel was started on 24th January 2011. In this channel you will come across various life hacks, Fashion tips, Beauty tips, lifestyle content, etc.

Recent lifehacks on the channel are Bodycare, Hygiene & Outfits(53K views), Whitefox Boutique Try on Haul (19K subscribers), What’s dry routine for your hair (88K views), and many other lifestyle videos.

Glass Reflection – 581 K subscribers


This channel was started on 27th November 2010. This channel was started by a Canadian YouTuber Tristan Gallant. This channel mainly focuses on reviewing animated series. Like which anime series are the best, Which anime series performed best in the market, and which are the upcoming series in the coming time.

The channel has more than 500 videos until now and a total of 581K subscribers.

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Hope you loved exploring these 20 best Canadian YouTube Channels and their content. All these channels and their creators are popular in Canada and in other countries too. Do tell us how you liked the article in the comments section below. We would love to hear back from you. Till then keep smiling.

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