Best Zoom Earth Alternatives 2022 | Check Out The 6 Alternatives!

Best Zoom Earth Alternatives 2022

Well, if you want to get a view of our planet, then the satellite images are actually a great way by which you can get a view of our planet Earth. However, there are many ways by which you can get access to satellite images. Zoom Earth is one such popular option. But besides Zoom Earth there are other Best Zoom Earth Alternatives 2022 that you can try out.

For those who don’t know what Zoom Earth is, then let me clear the air for you. Zoom Earth is a website that allows you to explore the world using satellite images. This comes with many features and also has the ability to zoom in and out. You can even move around and get to explore different areas.

Though Zoom Earth offers many benefits and some really cool features it also has a few drawbacks. For instance, it will not provide you with the full topographic data that is helpful for you, if you want to plan on going for hikes and other outdoor activities. So, here are a few Best Zoom Earth Alternatives 2022 to check out.

Here we have listed for you These Zoom Earth alternatives that are absolutely great and offer the really cool feature. Let’s get started.

Best Zoom Earth Alternatives 2022

Well, the imagery that you see on Zoom Earth is not always up to date, so, you may not be able to see the most recent view of the area. Moreover, you will not be able to download data from the site. But don’t worry there are a few best Zoom Earth alternatives 2022, that will provide you with different features and benefits. Let’s check ‘em out.

1.    Google Earth

Best Zoom Earth Alternatives 2022

Well, Google Earth is one of the Best Zoom Earth Alternatives 2022. It provides you with high-resolution aerial and satellite images of most parts of the world. You can even see the 3D buildings, other landmarks, and terrains.

The best part is that you can even download the images from Google Earth to use them offline or use them as your wallpaper. And you will not find this option on Zoom Earth sadly.

On Google Earth, you can even find the historical images which are add-on benefits of Google Earth. It allows you to view how an area has changed over time which is actually really cool.

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2.    Sentinel Hub

Best Zoom Earth Alternatives 2022

Sentinel Hub is one of the great Zoom Earth alternatives that give you access to satellite images. It comes with a great feature that you will not find on Zoom Earth. It allows you to view images from different satellites. You can even make custom maps and measure the distance and area. The solution gives you access to NOAA data, Landsat, and Copernicus.

The Hub provides you with a 10-meter resolution that is in blue, red, green, and near-infrared wavelengths.

With Sentinel Hub, you even get access to Sentinel 1 which is the radar satellite. This means that you get the option to view the images of the Earth even if there is a cloud cover.

3.    USGS Satellite Images

USGS Satellite Images

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) offers you the best and most detailed satellite images of the Earth. The USGS Earth Explorer tool allows you to see and also download the satellite images, topographic maps, and aerial photos, along with other geospatial data.

Moreover, this platform also gives you the access to use Landsat. Do you what Landsat is? Well, Landsat is the joint NASA/USGS mission that offers us images of the Earth since 1972. The Landsat data archive is the largest and most complete in the world and gives you 700 terabytes of data.

4.    NOAA

Best Zoom Earth Alternatives 2022

NOAA is yet another great alternative to Zoom Earth as it offers many interesting features which are quite similar to Zoom Earth. This includes high-resolution pictures, a view of past and present images, and global coverage.

Apart from these NOAA has some unique features that you will not find in Zoom Earth. Well, NOAA allows us to view the weather data and forecast information. NOAA is actually a great option for you if you want to explore the world and also want to keep a track of the weather patterns.

From the web portal of this platform, you get free access to high-quality satellite images from NASA and the National Weather Service. You even get an option to view the interactive map that you can zoom in and out to get a close look at any location on Earth.

5.    Copernicus Open Access Hub

Copernicus Open Access Hub

Copernicus Open Access Hub is also a great Zoom Earth alternative, since here in this hub you get the global coverage of the Sentinel satellite data. The images get updated regularly, so you will get to see the up-to-date pictures and be updated with the happenings around the world.

Moreover, Copernicus Open Access Hub offers you many features and tools which you can use to analyze the data like the ability to make time-lapses and compare the side of the image by side.

This is best for the developers, students, and researchers who are looking forward to using the Sentinel data for their project work and want a low resolution.

6.    Earth On AWS

Earth On AWS

Earth on AWS is actually a website that allows you to view the planet Earth through the web browser instead of any app. You get interesting features and even you can see the Earth in real-time and also get to see the historical data from 1984. Cool, no?

This site also provides you with many tools with which you can explore the planet Earth. This includes the ability to measure the distances between the two points and to make custom maps.

You must be wondering if Earth on AWS is chargeable. The answer to this question is no. This web portal is absolutely free of cost. You don’t have to pay any subscription fees or paywalls which is a great option indeed. Moreover, this site is also easy to use as it has easy to use interface which anyone can understand.

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Wrapping Up:

So, these were some of the best Zoom Earth alternatives 2022. You can surely try out these alternatives and check for yourself which one you liked the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Don’t Google Earth Update Continuously?

Google Earth doesn’t update continuously because Google Earth uses a combination of satellite images and aerial photos. And both these do take some time, also the aerial photos are expensive to get.

Q. How Often Does Google Earth Update?

Well, Google Earth updates around once a month. The average map data is between one and three years old.

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