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OneWeb Satellite Constellation

Space is the future, and to live up to this saying, OneWeb, a communications company headquartered in London, has come up with a project named OneWeb Satellite Constellation, that aims to provide low-latency high-speed broadband satellite Internet Services orbiting 1200kms. The Project is backed by the Virgin Group, Bharti Enterprises, Hughes Network Systems, Intelsat, Qualcomm, and Airbus Group. 

Technology is outdoing itself with each day and today we are advocating the world’s fastest ever Broadband Satellite Internet Service Provider. If we travel back in time it all started with the first-ever satellite launched by the USSR, Sputnik 1 Spacecraft an artificial satellite sent into space, which was later to be known as a successful experiment. Recently, OneWeb is putting across and introducing the world to the project, OneWeb Satellite Constellation which will not only provide low-latency internet services but with a much higher speed limit. 

Michele Franci, OneWeb chief of delivery and operations, said in a statement. “More connectivity options benefit everyone and our approach to establish strategic partnerships with experienced providers like Telstra is core to how we deliver the OneWeb mission

In this article, we have got OneWeb Satellite Constellation, what it is about, how much it cost, and the difference between OneWeb and Starlink thoroughly covered for you. 

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What is OneWeb Satellite Constellation?

The OneWeb Satellite Constellation is a planned initial 648 Satellite Constellation that is said to be completed in 2022, with an aim to provide global Satellite Internet Broadband Services to people everywhere. It is true after the collaboration of Airbus and OneWeb, the two firms in unison came up with the idea to launch a Satellite that provides High-speed Internet Services. The smaller satellites in the OneWeb Satellite Constellation project were built by OneWeb Satellites, a joint venture between the Airbus and OneWeb.

From anticipating weather forecasts or a potential disaster incoming to catering to the need for low-latent internet services across the world, satellites have come a long way ahead. It is to be noted that, OneWeb’s First six Satellites were launched in February 2019 and the first large pack of 34 satellites was launched in early 2020 and the next 34 satellites were further out into orbit in March 2020. There were some launches in 2021 as well. However, the entire project is said to be completed by the end of 2022. 

The satellites in OneWeb Constellation are approximately 150g (300Ib) in mass, which is comparatively a bit smaller than the design that was floated in the orbit back in 2015. Also, the 648 Operational satellites are to operate in 12 near polar-orbit planes at 1200km (750 mil) altitude, at 86.4° orbit inclination. The OneWeb Satellite Constellation comprises 3600 communication antenna subsystems to provide end-users with 3G, LTE, 5G, and Wi-Fi services. The Network will also provide unprecedented speeds and low latency access to ships, planes, trains, and oil platforms while providing seamless interoperability. 

So far, OneWeb has 394 Satellites in orbit and about two-thirds of its constellation. For now, OneWeb is providing coverage above the 50th parallel North, reaching areas in Alaska, Canada, and the Arctic that quite often lacks broadband. However, Low Earth Orbit satellite technology is transforming the global connectivity landscape, not only by creating new business opportunities, but also by offering businesses, communities, and governments the internet access they need for progress and development.

How Many Satellites OneWeb Have? 

OneWeb Satellite Constellation

OneWeb has a total of 648 Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellites. OneWeb enables high-speed, low latency connectivity for governments, businesses, and communities everywhere around the world. 

A recent launch recorded a successful launch of the next 36 Low Earth Orbit Satellites, bringing the total in-orbit constellation to 394 satellites functioning effectively in the spacecraft. OneWeb in collaboration with Airbus has launched some satellites following the progress in the year 2021 and it has been formulated that the project OneWeb Satellite Constellation will be concluded by 2022. 

How Much Does OneWeb Satellite Constellation Cost? 

In July 2020, both Bharti Enterprises and the United Kingdom Government announced to plan to invest US$500 million into OneWeb for a combined investment of US$ 1 billion. 

In January 2021, OneWeb announced it had secured additional funding from SoftBank Group Corp. and Hughes Netork Systems LLC, bringing OneWebs’s total funding to US$ 1.4 billion for the first generation satellite fleet, comprising 648 satellites. Eutelsat, a French Global Satellite operator further invested US$550m on 27th April 2021, which led to the hike and increased total fresh equity up to US$ 1.9 billion without any debt. This also brought the company to 80% of its previously announced US$ 2.2 billion funding goal and fundraising is actively continuing. 

Quoting factually, If Russia does cancel the launch, the estimated cost of OneWeb will be between $80 and $100 million, with a cost of $1.2 million per satellite.

OneWeb Satellite Constellation Alternative – Amazon Kuiper

News floated in the market in 2019 and has been long sustained ever since that Amazon announced a large broadband internet satellite constellation in April 2019. The project amazon is coming up with is named Project Kuiper a satellite constellation, that will work in concert. It is therefore planning to launch up to 3236 satellites in the upcoming decade. 

Difference Between Starlink and OneWeb Satellite Constellation

OneWeb’s biggest competitor of all time is Starlink and thus, here is a comparison chart between Starlink and OneWeb Satellite Constellation right below. 

With OneWeb satellites having higher orbits than the competing Starlink, mega constellation satellites(which will deorbit in another 5 years without action due to atmospheric drag). Meanwhile, OneWeb Satellites will not passively deorbit in a reasonable timeframe.

OneWeb is a SoftBank Group-backed global communications company founded by Greg Wyler in 2012Starlink is a fleet of smaller mass-produced satellites built by Elon Musk-led American aerospace giant SpaceX
OneWeb plans to operate a fleet of 648 satellites to blanket the EarthSpaceX plans to build a constellation of as many as 30,000 low-earth-orbit satellites
OneWeb is focused on servicing the IoT at lower frequencies while providing global connectivity with satellites internet.The mission is to build a low-cost, satellites based broadband network capable of delivering high-speed internet access to anywhere on earth
As of March 2020, 74 broadband satellites of OneWeb are in low-earth orbit As of March 2020, 358 satellites of the Starlink constellation are in orbit

Thus, both OneWeb and Starlink seek to deliver global connectivity through a global satellite constellation by connecting everyone, everywhere. This will bring the total number of projected new broadband satellites to around 20,000, or the number could go as high as 50,000 with the additional SpaceX satellites using the same phased array technology.

Wrapping Up

Thus, OneWeb Satellite Constellation is an altogether Internet Service Provider Satellite that will cater to the need for high-speed internet for businesses, government, maritime, and aviation. OneWeb Satellite Constellation simply connectivity and proffers hassle-free utility of internet, flexible access technology for network expansion, where alternative options are less viable, locations are off-grid, or access does not currently exist. 

Hence, we hope we filled you in thoroughly about the OneWeb Satellite Constellation and its further launch. If you have any queries or doubts about this article feel free to drop your queries in the comment section below. 

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