Bing AI Vs Google Bard | Know Complete Details!!

Bing AI Vs Google Bard

The world has been set ablaze with the launch of the much-awaited AI chatbot, Google Bard. AI enthusiasts who were excited about testing the capabilities are now divided in one of the most heated debates among the AI circle to determine the better AI tech, ChatGPT4-based Bing AI vs Google Bard. Are you curious to find out the better AI? We present to you a detailed comparison of the two most popular AI chatbots.

The era of entering a query into a search engine to generate a list of websites to find the answer you are looking for is finally over. With the advent of AI chatbots, all you have to do is enter your query and wait for the AI bot to generate a response for you based on infinite data. The main concern for all users is with various options like ChatGPT, Microsoft’s Bing, and Google Bard, which is the better choice.

AI enthusiasts are excited to compare Bing AI vs Google Bard and find the better AI chatbot. You can now determine the best AI chatbot for you based on ease of use, best user experience, accuracy, or response. AI hallucinations, basic mathematics, creativity, safety, and best use cases.

Educators, students, researchers, authors, and business organizations, predominantly make use of the data generated by AI chatbots. You no longer have to depend on the responses generated by one single AI chatbot. Now that major players like Microsoft and Google have launched their own versions of AI chatbots, you can compare Bing AI vs Google Bard and determine the best and most reliable chatbot that best suits your needs for your projects.

Bing AI Vs Google Bard: Who Is Better? 

Bing AI, aka Bing Chat, is an AI chatbot developed by Microsoft and launched in 2023. It has been built based on OpenAI’s GPT – 4, a foundational Large Language Model (LLM). Bing can be used as a chatting tool that can generate factual or creative responses based on your query. It is a state-of-the-art next-generation natural language AI model, that has been trained for browsing with Bing.

Google Bard is an LLM developed by Google AI, based on LaMDA with PaLM LLM model updates. Released in March 2023, it is currently available in 180 countries all over the world and is available in 3 different languages. While Bard is still in the beta testing phase, it can be used for answering questions, creative writing, and even for translation works. Google requests all users to give in their valuable feedback on their experience while using Bard.

While both Bing and Bard are new AI chatbots launched in 2023, most users are curious to know the answer to Bing AI vs Google Bard, who is the better AI? Keep reading to find the answer to this burning question. We have categorized and done a detailed comparative analysis of the two most popular AI chatbots.

Bing AI Vs Google Bard: Ease Of Use

If simplicity was the concept of Google Bard, then Google has nailed it. When you open the Google Bard webpage, you will see some examples of the types of questions you can ask Google Bard. Then all you can do is enter the query and wait for Google Bard to generate the relevant response for you.

Bing AI Vs Google Bard: Ease Of Use - Bard

On the other hand, Bing AI shows a much more refined and detailed intro page. You can choose to ask complex questions, get better answers, or get creative inspiration from Bing. Furthermore, you can choose a conversation style, depending on the nature of your query – more creative, more balanced, or more precise. You can enter your query as a chat and ask follow-up questions on related topics. If you want to start a new conversation on a different topic, you can tap on the New Topic icon to start a different conversation.

Bing AI Vs Google Bard: Ease Of Use - Bing

Bing AI Vs Google Bard: User Experience

Google Bard has a straightforward approach while answering user prompts. It usually gives a detailed response to the query rather than giving short, precise answers.  We asked Google Bard an ambiguous question to see its response. We entered the prompt as “How is the weather today?”  Instead of asking follow-up questions on our location, Google Bard just displayed the weather in Portland, Oregon, which is continents away from us.

Bing AI Vs Google Bard: User Experience - Bard

Bing AI, on the other hand, follows a chat-type conversational response for all user queries. The response time is much longer when compared to Google Bard, as it types out the responses instead of generating them to be displayed as a whole. However, when we asked the same rhetorical question, Bing AI asked us for our location. It further offered us various ways of checking weather updates.

Bing AI Vs Google Bard: User Experience - Bing

Bing AI Vs Google Bard: Accuracy Of Response

Google advertises that Google Bard is still in the experimental phase, despite all the developments made to it. However, just right under the Prompt bar, Google has displayed a text message “Bard may display inaccurate or offensive information that doesn’t represent Google’s views”. This makes us question the authenticity and reliability of the responses generated by Google Bard.

Bing AI Vs Google Bard: Accuracy Of Response - Bard

On the other hand, Microsoft has officially claimed that the accuracy of Bing’s responses depends on the information available on the internet. Like most AI chatbots, Bing AI makes use of infinite data, which mostly consists of reports and articles that are available on the internet. You should fact-check the reliability of the responses that are generated and not completely rely on the genuienity of the information. However, users will have easy access to the source of the information by simply hovering over the text area. You will be able to see the link to the reference article.

Bing AI Vs Google Bard: Accuracy Of Response - Bing

While Google Bard gave us the exact date of launch and some explanation on the developments that have been made since Bing AI just gave us a one-line answer without information on the specific date of launch. 

Bing AI Vs Google Bard: AI Hallucination

AI chatbots that give a logically incorrect answer to a query that is miles apart from the correct answer are said to be AI hallucinations. It is a confident response that is generated by an AI chatbot that is not justified by the terms of reality. CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, has himself confirmed that elements of how AI technologies learn and behave still remain a surprise even to all experts.

Developments in AI technology have resulted in deep fakes and fake news that results in AI hallucinations. When asked Google’s CEO if Google Bard is susceptible to a lot of hallucinations, he accepted the claims and further explained that all chatbots in the field of AI technology are yet to solve hallucination problems. 

Similarly, users of Bing AI have also accounted for the AI chatbot making things up and hallucinating. Users face a risk of using fake information that is generated due to AI hallucinations, especially if the AI bot is integrated directly into the users’ browsers, just like Bing AI. Concerned users have been sharing screenshots of their conversations with Bing AI, which they have found to be creepy and offensive. 

Bing AI Vs Google Bard: Basic Mathematics

Google Bard functions on PaLM’s math-solving abilities, which helps it to handle complex mathematical equations and arithmetic operations. Bard’s math-solving capabilities are highly enhanced with PaLM’s capabilities. 

Similarly, Microsoft has made an improvement on Bing AI that focuses on math capabilities. Mikhail Parakhin, CEO of Advertising and Web services at Microsoft, has officially announced that Bing AI is now working on better math formatting capabilities that can deliver formulas and equations.

Bing AI Vs Google Bard: Creativity

Google Bard was initially conceived as a tool for creative writing. It offers various drafts of the generated content for users to choose from. Recent updates made to Google Bard have introduced a new feature that allows users to see a wider range of even more distinct drafts. The creative skills of Bard can be put to use for your official use, from writing emails to generating new ideas for your brainstorming sessions.

To test Google Bard’s creative skills, we entered a query “Explain the solar system in the voice of Spongebob to a 4 year old”. Bard took up the query and formulated a response by addressing Spongebob’s best friend to explain the solar system. It gave a detailed description of the solar system and the different planets in it. 

Bing AI Vs Google Bard: Creativity - Bard

On the other hand, Bing AI allows you to choose a “More Creative” option to generate creative responses. While experimenting with the AI chatbots, we entered the same query “Explain the solar system in the voice of Spongebob to a 4-year-old” on Bing AI More balanced and More creative mode. 

Bing AI Vs Google Bard: Creativity - Bing

Bing generated a simple paragraph on the solar system, with an image and reference link in the More balanced mode. But it sounded nothing like Spongebob or how it could help a 4-year-old understand the solar system.

When we changed it to a More creative mode, we found a massive change in Bing AI’s stance. It generated a detailed essay on how you can easily explain the solar system to a toddler, in the voice of Spongebob, with precise information. Just don’t forget to choose the “More Creative” option when you want to generate creative responses.

Bing AI Vs Google Bard: Creativity - Bing Creative mode

Bing AI Vs Google Bard: Safety 

Safety is the main concern when it comes to AI technology. Is Google Bard safe? is a lingering question in the minds of all Bard users. In a shocking revelation, 18 of Google LLC’s employees who were working on Bard, have reported to Bloomberg that the launch of the AI chatbot was rushed. They have stated that Google made a strategic decision of overruling the risk evaluation to launch Bard on the decided time.

The integrity of all AI chatbots has to be questioned. Microsoft’s Bing AI is no stranger to controversies. The internet has been buzzing with users’ recollections of horrible experiences while using the AI chatbot. Senior researchers at Oxford University have shared screenshots of Bing AI threatening users of exposing personal information. 

Bing AI Vs Google Bard: Safety 

Bing AI Vs Google Bard: Best Use Cases

Use Cases Of Google Bard

  • Generating text – write in different styles for your posts, poems, scripts, codes, emails, letters, musicals, etc.
  • Answer questions – generate responses for all comprehensive and informative questions.
  • Creative writing – generate creative content for scripts, story writing, essays, poems, musicals, etc.
  • Translate – Google Bard can translate text into more than 100 different languages.

Use Cases Of Bing AI

  • You can make use of Bing AI to chat and compose comparison tables, multi-step web searches, etc.
  • Create written summaries of the search results.
  • Chat with users to clarify additional information.
  • Creative writing – write poems, essays, recipes, songs, stories, etc.
  • Provide information and insights into the website. 
  • Use image creator to create a design for a logo or other forms of artwork.


The world of AI technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Google and Microsoft have both initially limited the access of their AI chatbots to specific users on a waitlist basis. They have now officially launched the AI chatbots due to the heavy demand of all AI enthusiasts from all over the world. The tech giants, however, keep reminding the users that the AI chatbots are currently available on a demo or experimental basis and to provide valuable feedback for future updates.

As users, it is our responsibility to understand the capabilities of AI chatbots and be cautious while using them. We hope that you weigh your options on Bing AI vs Google Bard to choose the better AI that best suits your requirements and make the best use of it without compromising your personal information or relying a percent on the AI-generated content.

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