Bitcoin Mining Machines & ASICs (Hardware)

Bitcoin Mining Machines & ASICs

The world is changing, technology is replacing complex processes, and the demand for cryptocurrency is only growing. Many predict a decline in the popularity of digital money, but as practice shows, interest only grows, which means that investment in cryptocurrency also keeps increasing.

Mining is now more associated with the concept of crypto, and simply investing money is not as great as mining coins. The essence of mining is – to find a solution to a mathematical task and get the right to write a block into the network for a certain reward. To make this process faster and more profitable you definitely need to find the best equipment and visit mining hardware shops.

Now it is easier to get a quality bitcoin mining machine. We offer you to look at the top bitcoin miner and get the perfect equipment to start mining now.

What Is An ASIC Bitcoin Miner?

Finding the perfect bitcoin mining hardware is easier than it seems. The only difficulty is that there are many great products on the market. But the main thing is to know what you are looking for and then the process really becomes simpler. To begin with, there are different ways to mine cryptocurrency and the speed of mining depends on it. That is why ASIC bitcoin miner is the highest popular device because it provides speed and quality of cryptocurrency production. ASIC is a chip-based device that is used for producing bitcoins. It seems pretty simple, but why is this bitcoin miner in demand? Because ASIC is much more powerful than a computer. They are developed for cryptocurrency mining and due to their lack of versatility they are the best choice for crypto production, including bitcoin (though it is much harder to mine it due to high demand). Despite the high cost of bitcoin mining hardware ASICs provides the main volume of extraction. They have a high hash rate, long service time, and relatively small payback period. Due to this fact, they are used by pools for assembling mining farms and even companies, which create ASICs themselves, and mine digital money.

How To Find The Best Bitcoin Miner?

The market for mining equipment is huge, so it’s easy to get confused. To choose the best ASIC for bitcoin production, focus on the following features:

  • Price. The cost of modern ASIC miners depends on many factors: the manufacturer, hash rate, payback period, power and other parameters. The average price range is between $1,500 and $10,000.
  • Power consumption. Consider the electrical consumption of the equipment. It determines the amount of payment for the consumed kWh in your region.
  • Processor frequency. The efficiency of the ASIC directly depends on this parameter. The higher the frequency, the better the device will cope with its task.
  • Performance. The most significant parameter, which miners focus on in the first place. The bigger it is, the faster the ASIC solves problems and helps to mine blocks.
  • Company reputation. The manufacturer and its reputation are also essential. When evaluating this feature, a number of factors should be considered: the range of goods, the period of activity on the market, miners’ opinions, cost, warranty period, and the quality of service.

Top 3 Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware 

Antminer S9 Review 

This bitcoin miner combines compactness, performance, energy efficiency, and autonomy. The equipment working with the SHA-256 algorithm allows to significant increase in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies mining. Antminer S9 is characterized by these advantages:

  • Algorithm – SHA-256
  • Hashrate – 13,5 TH/s
  • Wattage – 1450 Watt
  • Cooling – 2 fans
  • Operating temperature – 0…40 °C
  • Weight — 5 kg

Antminer S19 95T Review

The simplicity of use and ease of operation makes it easy to learn the work as a beginner and an experienced miner. Antminer S19 is characterized by such advantages:

  • Algorithm – SHA-256
  • Hashrate – 95 TH/s
  • Wattage – 3250 Watt
  • Cooling – 4 fans
  • Operating temperature – 0-40 °C
  • Weight — 16.5 kg

Whatsminer M31S 80T Review 

This is one of the latest models of ASICs for cryptocurrency extraction. In terms of power consumption, it is quite an economical device. It is worth considering that the ASICs of this production uses more power during the work and create a higher level of noise. This bitcoin miner is characterized by such advantages:

  • Algorithm – SHA-256
  • Hashrate – 80TH/s
  • Wattage – 3400 Watt
  • Cooling – 2 fans
  • Operating temperature – 0-40 °C
  • Weight – 12.5 kg

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to start mining bitcoin and other digital money nowadays. A huge number of companies offer their services for the sale and placement of equipment. The key is to find reliable services to get the desired result. At the same time, you need to choose devices that will work effectively and give quality results. Follow our recommendations in search of the perfect ASIC and mine cryptocurrency now.

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