BMW’s AI Concept Vehicle | Introducing BMW i Vision Dee!

BMW's AI Concept Vehicle

BMW has sponsored the culture and arts for 50 years through a variety of projects as a way to connect and engage customers globally. Merging AI with BMW is the next big step taken by the company for its consumer benefits globally. AI is changing the world in every way including the transport system. BMW’s AI Concept Vehicle is just what we are all looking forward to experiencing in the upcoming days. 

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 in Las Vegas, the BMW Group showcased its vision of the digital experience of the “tomorrow”, both inside and outside the vehicle. The cutting-edge mid-size car with a new, simplified design language is the BMW I Vision Dee, BMW’s AI Concept Vehicle.

BMW’s AI Concept Vehicle – BMW i Vision Dee has been introduced at CES 2023. “Dee” stands for Digital Emotional Experience, and that is exactly what it aims to do moving forward: forge an even closer link between individuals and their cars.

Let’s go through the article and explore the amazing features of this BMW’s AI Concept Vehicle. 

What Is BMW i Vision Dee?

The cutting-edge mid-size car with a new, simplified design language is the BMW I Vision Dee – BMW’s AI Concept Vehicle. Dee stands for Digital Emotional Experience, and that is exactly what it aims to do moving forward: forge an even closer link between individuals and their cars. Future digital features will be significantly more advanced than the voice control and driver assistance technologies we are accustomed to today. The entire width of the windscreen is covered by the BMW Head-Up Display, which gives a peek at the coming car generation. This innovation will be offered in NEUE KLASSE models starting in 2025. Additionally, the BMW Group has improved how it employs color-change technology. The BMW iX Flow Featuring E Ink, which could switch from black to white, was introduced at the last CES. Now, the BMW I Vision Dee can choose from up to 32 colors for the outside.

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BMW’s AI Concept Vehicle – Features

BMW I Vision Dee helps drivers navigate both their digital environment and real-world driving conditions with its intelligent, almost human-like skills. Here are the finest features of BMW’s AI Concept Vehicle – BMW i Vision Dee:

BMW Mixed Reality Slider

The digital centerpiece and primary point of operation of the BMW I Vision Dee are the BMW Mixed Reality Slider in conjunction with the cutting-edge Head-Up Display. Drivers can choose how much digital content they want to view on the sophisticated Head-Up Display using low-tech sensors on the instrument panel. The five options are analog, driving-related data, communications network content, virtual or augmented projection, and finally, admission into virtual worlds. Dimmable windows can likewise be used to gradually mute reality in parallel. In BMW’s AI Concept Vehicle – Dee, mixed reality may be enjoyed in an immersive manner that stimulates many senses without the need for additional tools, adding a new level of driving enjoyment for the user.

Advanced BMW Head-Up-Display

The BMW Group has steadily improved this technology over the past 20 years and is recognized in the automobile industry as a pioneer of the Head-Up Display. BMW I Vision Dee uses projection across the width of the windscreen to display information on the greatest area possible, which is only discernible as a display once it is turned on. In this way, the BMW Group shows off the enormous potential of the projector, and BMW’s AI Concept Vehicle – Dee imagines how an improved Head-Up Screen could also be used in the future for the notion of display and operation. From 2025 on, models of the NEUE KLASSE will employ the edition of the BMW Head-up Display that spans the entire width of the windshield.

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Voice And Phygital Icons

Outside the vehicle, a customized welcome scene combining visual components, lighting, and sound effects kicks off the digital experience. Natural language enables complete comprehension between people and their automobiles since it is the simplest, most intuitive type of communication. The lights and enclosed BMW kidney grille also combine to create a shared phygital emblem on a uniform surface, which enables the car to make many facial emotions. This means that BMW’s AI Concept Vehicle – Dee may converse with people while also visually expressing emotions like joy, amazement, or approval. To further customize the welcome scene, BMW I Vision Dee can also display a picture of the driver’s avatar on the side window.

World Premiere – E Ink Technology

The BMW Group is currently introducing a full-color version of the E Ink technology in the BMW I Vision Dee, which will be utilized as the outside skin of the vehicle for the first time ever in the world, following the dramatic presentation of the BMW iX Flow Featuring E Ink at CES 2022.

Instead of merely switching between black and white, the outside of the BMW’s AI Concept Vehicle – Dee is now multicolored, fully flexible, and individually configurable. The body of the vehicle is covered with an ePaper coating from the BMW Group’s collaborative partner, E Ink. Displays of up to 32 colors are possible. 240 E Ink segments that can be individually controlled make up the body panel of the BMW I Vision Dee. This enables the creation and variation of an almost unlimited number of designs in a matter of seconds. Together with E Ink, we created the electronic control system as well as the laser cutting technique used to clip the films. The BMW Group’s internal engineers created the technology’s adaption for curvatures and the animation program, providing a type of customization that is unmatched in the global car industry.

Reductive Design

In order to draw attention to the online transformation and the core elements of the BMW brand, the design of BMW’s AI Concept Vehicle – Dee has been purposefully simplified. The iconic three-box sedan design that serves as the foundation of the BMW brand defines the appearance. Phygital icons are used in place of analog components in classic design aspects including the BMW kidney grille, dual circular headlights, and the Hofmeister kink. As a result, BMW I Vision Dee has a distinctively digital yet human personality. To guarantee that nothing interferes with the digital transformation and the new sense of heightened driving satisfaction, digitalization inside goes hand in hand with a minimalist use of materials, a system allowing, and displays.

Wrapping Up

Hope, this article enlightened you with the knowledge of the newly launched BMW’s AI Concept Vehicle – BMW I Vision Dee, and its amazing features. We are all looking forward to enjoying this AI drive car on road as soon as possible. Let us know your thoughts on BMW I Vision Dee. Follow Deasilex for more updates on AI. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does BMW Have AI?

The BMW Group’s digital transformation includes the application of AI in its entirety. The business is already utilizing AI throughout the full value chain to produce benefits for consumers, workers, products, and procedures.

Q2. What Are AI Vehicles?

A vehicle that employs a mixture of sensors, cameras, radar, and artificial intelligence (AI) to move between locations without a human driver is referred to as a self-driving car (also known as an autonomous car or driverless car).

Q3. Is There A Self-Driving BMW?

In 2025, BMW will introduce Level 3 autonomous driving technology. The automaker is working with Qualcomm and Arriver, two tech firms. The objective is to extend the iX and future 7-series’ Level 3 self-driving capabilities to more models in the BMW portfolio.

Q4. Is The BMW i7 Self-Driving?

Every 2023 BMW 7 Series vehicle, including the i7, is constructed with the technology and software required for Level 3 semi-autonomous driving.

Q5. Does BMW X7 Have an Autopilot?

The X7’s semi-autonomous driver assistance has been upgraded as part of the LCI makeover. Highway Assistant, which the X7 and the new 7 Series also share, has been added, enabling entirely hands-free driving at 40 mph.

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