Can I Delete Reaction Left On BeReal?

Can I Delete Reaction Left On BeReal

We are all trying to experience a more positive impact of social media in our life. BeReal is one of the growing social media that captivated users with simplicity and positive thoughts. On BeReal posts you can only leave positive reactions. Moreover, you can delete reaction left on BeReal posts anytime! 

Unlike other social media, on BeReal you can control reactions left on your post! Although, BeReal users can only react with positive emojis and realmojis; if you think you do not want any reaction on your post, delete reaction left on BeReal posts just in a few taps. 

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To delete reaction left on BeReal posts, open the BeReal posts that concern you. Tap the reaction under the post and hold it for a few seconds. With the long press, you will find a few options related to the reaction. Choose the Delete option from the list. 

When you use BeReal, you will understand the power of true freedom on social media, where you can not only share candid snaps with live music that you were listening to but also have full control over shared posts including the power to delete reaction left on BeReal! Let us share with you a glimpse of this amazing power in this article. 

Can I Delete Reaction Left On BeReal?

Yes, you can delete reaction left on BeReal posts. The power is all yours!

Every day BeReal is coming up with new features that are empowering social media users to have more control over their content and emotions. On BeReal you have the opportunity to share your true candid snaps without a filter! Unlike other social media platforms, BeReal has obsolete the filters on their platform, so that people can focus on their true selves. 

The opportunity to delete reaction left on BeReal posts is another simple yet great initiative taken by BeReal that you just cannot avoid but appraise. With this feature, you have the ultimate authority on your posts. 

How To Change BeReal Emojis On A Post?

As we are in love with the user interface of BeReal for its simplicity, we have to admit that changing the BeReal emojis on a post is not a big deal and certainly does not involve a long flowchart to explain! Here is how you can simply accomplish the task:

Step 1: Open any BeReal post that draws your concern. 

Step 2: Find the BeReal emojis on the post at the bottom. Long press the emoji and you will find more emoji in the options. 

Step 3: Tap on the new emoji that you want to replace with. And done! 

How To Delete Reaction Left On BeReal? 

When social media offers you the power to control reactions to posts, you should use the power positively and enjoy the peace of not being judged on social media. If you are not familiar with how to delete reaction left on BeReal posts, here is the step-by-step guide for you: 

How To Delete Reaction Left On BeReal On iPhone? 

If you are an iPhone user, here are the steps to follow to delete reaction left on BeReal posts: 

Step 1: Open the BeReal post from which you wish to delete the reaction emojis. 

Step 2: Tap on the Emoji icon that you can find at the bottom. 

Step 3: Tap on the Remove my RealMoji button [at the bottom].

Done! The Realmoji will be removed and you can choose another emoji to react with!

How To Delete Reaction Left On BeReal On Android? 

Similar to iPhone, you can also delete reaction left on BeReal posts using an Android phone. Here is the guideline for you: 

Step 1: Open the BeReal post that you are interested in. 

Step 2: Long press the emoji you have selected from the emoji icon [at the bottom]. 

Step 3: A window with options will pop up. Tap on the kebab menu and choose to delete the Realmoji. 


How To Change BeReal Emojis To A New One? 

If you are using BeReal for quite a long time, then you must have your own Realmoji. If you think you are bored with your same old Realmoji and wish to create a new one to react with, we have got your back! 

Note that, BeReal offers users to create only one Realmoji; hence if you want to create a new one, you have to delete the existing one. Here follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Open a BeReal post. After that select the emoji icon at the bottom.

Step 2: Find your old realmoji, select it, and hold it for a few seconds [long press]. 

Step 3: Tap on the ‘X’ icon next to the emoji and the emoji will be removed. 

Step 4: You will be asked to Confirm. Choose the Confirm option to delete the Realoji. 

Step 5: Again tap on a new emoji icon and take a new snap as your new Realmoji! 

How To Change Or Delete The Lightning Bolt Emojis?

The lightning bolt emoji is the instant Real emoji that BeReal lets you create and allows you to use while reacting to others’ posts. 

Now, there are five positive emojis that you can find on BeReal to react with. There is a sixth one too! The sixth emoji is the lightning bolt emoji you can use to capture your live reaction while watching the post and react to it! 

To Change the lightning bolt emoji hold and long press the icon and the front camera will open to capture the fresh reaction. Also, you can hold and long press the icon and then tap on the ‘X’ mark to delete the emoji. 


These days, sharing posts on social media is more like creating a brand and growing business opportunities. However, BeReal is immune to this fever! Here, BeReal has no room for negative reactions! Also, you have the power to delete reaction left on BeReal posts, if you wish to! It’s all about self-satisfaction and social empowerment. If you are feeling insecure on other social media where maybe you are targeted and bullied, try giving a thought to Bereal. Joining BeReal will boost your confidence and help you to embrace the real you! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: What Happens When You Delete A BeReal Reaction?

When you delete a BeReal Reaction, it is removed from the list and will never appear on the post. You can replace it with a new emoji if you like. 

Q2: How Do You Remove Someone’s Reaction?

To remove someone’s reaction just long-press the emoji that concerns you and a window will pop up with the delete option. Choose the delete option to remove the reaction. 

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