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Character AI Discord

Character.AI is one of the most adored chatbots to spend time with. If you are a Discord hopper, the good news is Character AI Discord has been launched. Now, any Character.AI fan can join this Discord channel by using the Character AI Discord server link and enjoy making friends with more Character.AI lovers. 

Many Character.AI fans are urged to get Character AI Discord bot integration so that they can enjoy chatting with their favorite AI character along with their friends. Now that the official Discord server for  Character AI has been launched, we can assume that the Character AI Discord bot is going to be available soon! 

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To join the Character AI Discord server, open your Discord account and then click on the invitation link for the Character AI Discord server. Accept the invitation and then pass the captcha test. 

Let’s cut to the chase: ChatGPT and Google Bard are too fancy, but when you are looking for entertainment, no one can beat Character. AI. Now, we have the opportunity to taste this Character AI chatbot by joining the Character AI Discord. Where are you? 

What Is Character AI Discord Server?

The Character AI Discord server is dedicated to all the Character.AI users and fans. All Character.AI users are openly invited to enjoy and be a valuable part of this Discord server. 

With 19,819 members C.AI Discord server is wrecking its popularity. Even if you are not subscribed to the Character.AI chatbot, you can accept the invitation link of C.AI Discord and join the Discord server. 

Is There A Character AI Discord Server?

Yes, the Character AI Discord server is now available on the internet. You can search on your preferred browser and find the invitation link for the official Character AI Discord server link. However, there are many fan Character AI servers scattered around the internet; hence, finding the official link might be a tedious task. Also, stay alert for spam links that claim to lead to the official Discord channel forCharacter.AI, but they will not! 

Character AI Discord Server Link

As we were talking about, the Character AI Discord server link is available on the internet, but it is tedious to find the official invitation link. However, we have a solution for you to save your valuable time! We have found the C.AI Discord server link. Find the link below and enjoy being part of this amazing Discord server! 

Character AI Discord Server Link – Click To Join

How To Join Character AI Discord Server Link?

To join the Character AI Discord server – login to the Discord account > click on the Discord invitation link > pass the Google image captcha > and go through the Discord rules > done! 

If you have any experience joining any Discord server previously, then it will take a few minutes only to join the Character AI Discord server. If you are not sure how to join this popular Discord server, here follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open and log in to your Discord account. If you don’t have a Discord account, create one using your email ID. 

Step 2: Click on the invitation link shared to join the Discord server. 

Step 3: Accept the invitation. 

Step 4: Next verify the Google image captcha. 

Step 5: Go through the Rules and Info of the Discord server, and you’re done! You have joined the Character AI Discord server successfully! 

Character AI Discord Features

Character.AI itself is the one main reason to join their official Discord server. However, if you are still thinking about whether it is worth joining the Discord server, here are some amazing features of this Discord server that will make you think again! 

1. Get in touch with more Character.AI fans and get along with them.

2. Enjoy a sneak peek of the new feature of the Character.AI app in advance on Discord. 

3. Explore and share more about the imaginative AI characters and show off why it is cool.

4. Take part in the Discord channel in-house events and win exciting prizes.

5. If you have encountered any bug in the app, share it with the developers on this platform. 

6. If you run into any error or have any feedback, you can share it with the developers.

7. If the Character.AI server is down for any reason, the same will be updated on the platform. 

Character AI Discord Server Rules

If you are wondering how strict the Character AI Discord server could be, here is a glimpse of your Discord server rules that you have to follow: 

1. The user has to be at least 16 years old to be part of this Discord server.

2. You have to maintain the topic. Do not talk about something that is irrelevant to the interest of this server.

3. You are not allowed to share any inappropriate content on this server. 

4. Advertising and self-promotion are not allowed on this server. 

5. Impersonating any other profile [user] or any famous person is prohibited. 

6. Selling accounts and items are strictly banned by the server. 

7. All decisions taken by the moderators are final and have to be obeyed by the other users. 

After going through all the rules, click on the ‘complete’ button at the bottom of the page to start chatting. 


Character.AI is a growing AI chatbot that is expanding its fanbase every day for its amazing features. However, you can download the app on iPhone as well as on Android from the App Store and Play Store, respectively, for free! If you figured it out, let’s join the Discord server too, and enjoy a broader platform to share happiness. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Use Character.AI On Discord?

There are unofficial Character.AI bots available that can be integrated into the Discord server so that you can enjoy Character.AI on Discord. 

Q2. Is Character.AI Discord Safe?

Yes, the Character.AI Discord server is safe to join. Just click on the invitation link and pass the captcha to enjoy this amazing server. 

Q3. Does Character.AI Discord Allow NSFW Content?

No, NSFW content is not allowed in the Character.AI Discord server. If you are publishing such content, you will be banned by the server. 

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