How To Use ChatGPT As A Prompt Generator For Midjourney?

How To Use ChatGPT As A Prompt Generator For Midjourney?

Your imagination is no longer the limit, when you create unique artwork with Generative AI.  You can now use ChatGPT as a prompt generator for Midjourney to kindle your creativity and create amazing pieces of art that are beyond human imagination. Are you excited to create some next-level AI images with Midjourney? Gear Up! Let’s get started.

Midjourney is one of the most popular and powerful tools in Generative AI. Users can create stunning visuals by just entering a prompt. Entering the right prompt, is the key to generating a breathtaking, out-of-the-word piece of artwork, none like one ever seen before. Users who lack creativity or have limited imagination can make use of an AI chatbot like ChatGPT, to generate unique prompts for Midjourney.

To use ChatGPT as a prompt generator for Midjourney you can access a ChatGPT platform to formulate your prompt. Then provide ChatGPT with a concept and feed Chat GPT with Midjourney’s prompt formatting and some sample prompts. You can then generate prompts to refine and customize them by tweaking the prompt with the right corrections.

One major roadblock to the plan is that ChatGPT can access data only until 2021 and has limited to no knowledge about later events whereas Midjourney was launched later on June 2022. Do not be surprised if your ChatGPT does not recognize Midjourney. Worry not and follow our lead if you are curious to use ChatGPT as a prompt generator for Midjourney.

How To Create A Midjourney Prompt Using ChatGPT?

You no longer need to be an amazing artist to be able to create stunning artwork. With the help of Generative AI tools like Midjourney, all you need is a unique sense of creativity to provide a detailed description of your image, that is entered as a prompt. Midjourney will then process your prompt to create an artwork that best suits your description. 

Your prompt is the significant factor that determines if you generate a good image with Midjourney or a mind-blowing one. This is where you can make use of ChatGPT as your personal assistant to help formulate unique and creative prompts. 

The only issue is that while Midjourney was launched later in 2022, ChatGPT has limited to no knowledge of the events after 2021. So, if you want to use ChatGPT as a prompt generator for Midjourney, you should first update your ChatGPT by sharing essential information about Midjourney, share a few examples of prompts, and train it with the concepts, before you can make the best out of it.

To verify this we typed in “Do you know how to generate a prompt for Midjourney?” To which ChatGPT hilariously replied with ideas for writing a story mid-journey.

How To Create A Midjourney Prompt Using ChatGPT?

Step 1 – Access A ChatGPT Platform

To access a ChatGPT platform, go to Open AI’s official website and click to login > Enter your login credentials > ChatGPT.

The best thing about ChatGPT is that you can train this magnificent AI tool to cater to your needs, to generate much more curated and accurate responses for your Midjourney prompts. Even though your ChatGPT does not recognize Midjourney at the beginning of your conversation, you can take your time to explain about Midjourney to train your ChatGPT using reference articles.

The very first step to use ChatGPT as a prompt generator for Midjourney is to access ChatGPT. You can log in to ChatGPT from Open AI’s official website

Step 1 – Go to Open AI’s web page.

Step 2 – Click on Log in.

How To Create A Midjourney Prompt Using ChatGPT?_Access A ChatGPT Platform

Step 3 – Enter your login credentials.

Step 4 – Select ChatGPT.

How To Create A Midjourney Prompt Using ChatGPT?_Access A ChatGPT Platform

You will be automatically redirected to your ChatGPT.

Step 2 – Formulate Your Prompt

ChatGPT will be your creativity booster to generate prompts for Midjourney. But, first, you should feed it the necessary information about Midjourney before you formulate your prompts. You should educate your ChatGPT about Midjourney if you want it to create amazing prompts for Midjourney. You can approach ChatGPT and converse with it to start formulating your prompts.

Prompt: I am going to use a generative AI, Midjourney to create art. Midjourney is a new AI art tool, launched in 2022, that can create stunning images based on a description.

How To Create A Midjourney Prompt Using ChatGPT?  Formulate Your Prompt

We were surprised that ChatGPT actually had information on data after 2021. However, when we confronted it and asked “How do you know about Midjourney?”, it apologized for the confusion and explained the responses generated were purely fictional.

How To Create A Midjourney Prompt Using ChatGPT?  Formulate Your Prompt

We then proceeded to educate ChatGPT about Midjourney, by accessing official and verified information that is available on our website Deasilex.  

How To Use ChatGPT As A Prompt Generator For Midjourney? Formulate your prompt

Step 3 – Provide ChatGPT With A Concept

Now that you have successfully educated ChatGPT, to understand Midjourney and how to create prompts, it is now time for you to select a concept for your art. To use ChatGPT as a prompt generator for Midjourney it is essential that you choose the concept of your art.

Midjourney is an AI art generator that makes use of cutting-edge technology to generate images of unique artistic style. From 2D illustration and diagrammatic portrait to isometric anime and abstract art forms, Midjourney can do it all. Ponder on the type of artwork that you want to create and instruct ChatGPT accordingly. You can also ask ChatGPT to suggest popular concepts for AI artwork.

Prompt: Can you suggest a popular concept for AI art?

How To Use ChatGPT As A Prompt Generator For Midjourney? - Provide ChatGPT with a concept

Step 4 – Feed ChatGPT Midjourney’s Prompt Formatting

Every AI art-generating tool has its own format, that has to be followed by all users. A prompt can consist of a few words or multiple sentences. The maximum limit for a Midjourney prompt has been set as 6000 characters, which is a lot more when compared to other AI art tools like Dall-E, which has a limit of 400 characters. You can now enter Midjourney’s prompt formatting details to ChatGPT, before creating prompts.

Prompt: Midjourney prompts should be within 6000 characters. Add specific details and be brief. Make use of descriptive language including an artist’s style. Refer to a particular movie and be creative.

How To Use ChatGPT As A Prompt Generator For Midjourney? Feed ChatGPT Midjourney's prompt formatting

Midjourney immediately generated a prompt for Midjourney. However, it was nowhere close to what we had in mind. So we decided to feed it with some sample prompts for Midjourney.

Step 5 – Feed ChatGPT Some Sample Midjourney Prompts

You will not be able to successfully use ChatGPT as a prompt generator for Midjourney unless you feed ChatGPT some sample Midjourney prompts. Now that you have educated ChatGPT about the format for creating a Midjourney prompt, keeping that in mind you should give some sample Midjourney prompts, centered around the concept that you have previously decided.

Prompt: Let me give you a few examples of the type of prompts I would like you to generate for Midjourney.

  1. What the world looks like in 50 years, intricate, very detailed – ar 9:16 – chaos 25 – s 5000 – q2.
  2. A large cloud with airplanes flying, in detailed fantasy art, night core, radiant clusters – Fiji 5. 
  3. A knight sitting on a dragon riding on water, with intricate details of the dragon’s eyes and scales. The knight is well built in armor with a bow in his hand – digitally enhanced graphics, cinematic, 18k sharp focus – straight view shot – ar 16:9 – v5.
  4. Double exposures on a Fujifilm X-T4, with both the carousel in a portrait, with a 35mm lens. Create a surreal composition of -q1-s750-v5.
  5. A contemporary cafe with a giant zen wind view of the space, candlelight, 8k, arch viz, space opera, ray-traced, octane render, medium format.
How To Use ChatGPT As A Prompt Generator For Midjourney? - sample prompts

Step 6 – Generate Prompts

Finally, it is time for you to use ChatGPT as a prompt generator for Midjourney. When you enter your sample prompts, you will notice that ChatGPT generates prompts that are based on your samples. You can now ask ChatGPT to be more creative to create a wider range of more detailed and surreal prompts, that best suits your requirements.

The more detailed and precise your prompt is, the better will be your Midjourney image. You should keep the following parameters in mind when you use ChatGPT as a prompt generator for Midjourney.

1. Refine And Customize

Read through the prompts generated by ChatGPT for Midjourney. It is highly unlikely that you would like one of the prompts, as it is. You can ask ChatGPT to generate more prompts until you find one that you can use for Midjourney. You can select any prompt you like, refine it to your preference, and further customize it to add your personal touch.

2. Incorporate And Expand

Single-line prompts never succeed in generating desired results. If you have a specific image in mind that you would like to recreate, you will have to personally incorporate it with ChatGPT and expand the prompt by adding intricate details to it. It is recommended that you mention the style, resolution, aspect ratio, and details of the image in your prompt.

3. Explaining The Suffixes

You should add a suffix to your prompts that allow you to set different parameters like quality, stylistic range, seeds, versions, and more. Make sure that you explain the benefits of using suffixes for your Midjourney artwork to ChatGPT. If you want to use ChatGPT as a prompt generator for Midjourney it is essential to educate it on the different suffixes to be used for creating Midjourney prompts.

  • Aspect ration (-ar)
  • Quality (-q < .25, .5, 1, or 2>)
  • Version (-v < 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5>)
  • Stylize (-s <number>)
  • Seed (-seed)

4. Additional Suffixes To Make ChatGPT Better

Once you have explained the suffixes to ChatGPT, it will generate its own list of suggested prompts. You can then personalize the prompt, by adding desired suffixes to improve ChatGPT. Play with adjectives and use suffixes like beautiful, graceful, delicious, filthy, etc.

5. Additional Lighting Effects

Lighting plays a major role in creating the perfect image, of your imagination. Ensure that you add the details of the lighting effects to generate desired results. Mention if you want frontal or backlighting, bright ::1, or dim ::-0.5 lighting effects.

6. Focusing On The Type Of Image You Need

The main focus should be on the artistic style of the type of image that you wish to create. When you use ChatGPT as a prompt generator for Midjourney, you should be precise while mentioning the genre or the design of your artwork. For example, it could be standard, anime, Pixar movies, cyberpunk, surreal, etc.

7. Additional Image Types To Focus On

The more specific you are with your prompt, the more realistic and defined your artwork will be. You can give additional details of your image types for ChatGPT to focus on. Mentioning the name of an artist will help in image generation, to get desired results. Specify any name of an artist like Picasso, Salvador Dali, Da Vinci, etc. to generate artwork based on the art styles created by the artist.

8. Tweaking The Prompts With The Right Corrections

Finally, wait for ChatGPT to generate prompts based on all your set parameters. You can then tweak the prompt making the necessary corrections to it, to bring the artwork of your imagination to life. Specify the lighting and rendering properties to create colorful works of art. Mention if you would like to have long exposure to light or volumetric or cinematic effects to the image. Highlight the picture resolution as 4k, 8k, or ultra-detailed, etc. You can also upload an image as a prompt to recreate phenomenal alterations to the image.

Use ChatGPT Prompt On Midjourney

To use ChatGPT prompt on Midjourney open Discord > Login > Open Midjourney webpage > Join Beta > Accept Invite > Continue > Midjourney icon > Enter a room > Type your prompt > Select an image > Upscale it > Envelope icon to DM the image.

Finally, it is time for you to use ChatGPT as a prompt generator for Midjourney. You can either go to the official Midjourney website and redirect to Discord, or log in to your Discord account to join the Midjourney server. So, ensure that you have a verified Discord account so that you can use ChatGPT as a prompt generator for Midjourney to create your artwork.

Step 1 – Open Discord and log in to your account.

Step 2 – Go to the Midjourney website and tap Join Beta.

Use ChatGPT Prompt On Midjourney - join beta

Step 3 – Click to Accept Invite to the Midjourney server.

Use ChatGPT Prompt On Midjourney - Accept invite

Step 4 – Click on Continue to access the Midjourney Discord bot.

Step 5 – Now Click the Midjourney icon on the left panel, it is shaped like a boat.

Use ChatGPT Prompt On Midjourney - Midjourney icon

Step 6 – Choose to enter a newbie room on the left side. (You can choose any room that you may prefer if you are an expert and know how to handle Midjourney)

Step 7 – Type in “/imagine” in the prompt box before you enter your prompt.

Use ChatGPT Prompt On Midjourney - enter the prompt

Step 8 – Now, enter the prompt that you have created with ChatGPT.

Step 9 – Midjourney will automatically create the images for you within a minute’s time.

Step 10 – Choose any one of the four images generated by Midjourney.

Use ChatGPT Prompt On Midjourney - Choose an image

Step 11 – Upscale the image or make any changes to it if required.

Step 12 – Click the Envelope icon to DM the image to yourself.

You can thus successfully use ChatGPT as a prompt generator for Midjourney and create mind-blowing works of art.

Wrap Up 

AI technology has been created to assist us in our everyday work. While you are immersed in the wonders of AI technology and use the combined forces of AI chatbot and Generative AI to create phenomenal artwork, you remember not to let these AI tools limit your imagination and drive for creativity. You can use ChatGPT as a prompt generator for Midjourney, however, you should remember that you have full authority over your art and try not to limit your artistry to that of an AI chatbot.

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