10 Amazing Christmas Gifting Apps For iOS Users | Be A Gifting Santa!!

christmas gifting apps for ios

Be the magical Santa with a red hat for your loved ones this Christmas! No more racking brains and revising budgets for buying perfect gifts for dear ones. This Christmas, take the help of these gifting apps for curating a perfect gift for your best mates. Here we have curated a list of the 10 best Christmas gifting apps for iOS users out there!

App Store is a heaven when it comes to gifting apps. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, you can find a gift app for any and all happy occasions. It’s a hub of gifting apps but isn’t it hard to choose the best amidst them all? Well, that’s why we’re here! We have a list of “The” best Christmas gifting apps which carry many impressive features and do you know what? Some of them can even deliver your chosen gift to loved ones at just the perfect time. Isn’t that cool!!!

Christmas gifting apps will start the Christmas countdown and sync your gifting lists across your iOS devices. They will aid you in curating a list of gifts while making sure you don’t repeat the same gift twice or don’t leave someone behind. 

If you can’t gift all your friends due to limited budgets, some of these Christmas gifting apps for iOS also offer the game of Secret Santa! So without any further delay, let’s jump into the snowy fields of December and choose a perfect gift for our loved ones in Christmas 2021!

10 Christmas Gifting Apps For iOS Users

There are tonnes of gifting apps available on the App Store that you’ll get confused about which one to choose and why to choose them in the first place. Thus, keeping your gifting dilemma in mind, we brought you a list of apps with their features that will help you choose the best one that suits your tastes. 

So without further ado, let’s check out all the best Christmas Gifting apps which iOS users can take help of.

1. The Christmas Gift List

The Christmas Gift List iOS app
Image Credits: App Store

Ratings: 4.7

The Christmas Gift List app is one of the best and most downloaded Christmas gifting apps among iOS users. No more spreadsheets to track your Christmas gifts! All you have to do is download this splendid app and VOILA!

From analytics to budgeting to gift tracking to adding pictures to your chosen gifts, this app provides everything. This is a wholesome app and if you download this one, I’m pretty sure you won’t need to download another, much less look for any other Christmas gifting app!


  • Analytics and budgeting feature
  • Can add multiple people from contacts
  • Track and sort gifts, people, and stores
  • Gift idea collection
  • Available in iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
  • Can store multiple photos of people and gifts
  • Pro features lets you sync Christmas lists of gifts and people across iOS devices via iCloud.
  • Christmas Countdown 

Download The Christmas Gift List

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2. Christmas Gift List Tracker

christmas gift list tracker
Image Credits: LifeWire

Ratings: 4.9

Is it boring to decide on all Christmas gifts alone?

Well! Christmas Gift List Tracker app is just the app for you then! You can collaborate with others and share gift lists via the Christmas Gift List Tracker app and even make a record of your previous gift lists to make sure you aren’t repeating the same gift twice. Awesome, isn’t it!


  • Create Christmas gift lists
  • Track gifts and purchases
  • Set budget and track spending
  • Allocate individual budgets
  • Share gift lists and collaborate with others
  • Automatic syncing across devices
  • Christmas countdown 
  • Make a record of the previous year’s gift lists to avoid repetition 

Download Christmas Gift List Tracker

3. Santa’s Bag

christmas gifting apps for iOS
Image Credits: Pay Path

Ratings: 4.9

Be the perfect Santa for your dear ones with Santa’s bag app for iOS.

If you want to make gifting lists that can be shared and printed, then Santa’s bag is a heavenly app for you as it offers these features (and so much more). From individual gift ideas to adding photos to making budgets for gifts, this app provides all the features that you’re looking for in a gifting app


  • Individual gift ideas for different recipients
  • Add photos, links, and notes of different gifts
  • Make customizable gift lists that are printable and shareable
  • Christmas Countdown
  • Budget and tracking

Download Santa’s Bag

4. GiftPlanner

giftplanner ios app
Image Credits: App Store

Ratings: 4.6

Are you a terrible gift giver? Well, No more! Get the GiftPlanner app and bid adieu to your old boring gift-giver self. Make a note of possible gift ideas for different people in your life.

From gift planning to actually give out gifts, this app will help you during your gift-giving journey. This is another wholesome gifting app designed for iOS users where they can be reminded of any upcoming event too. So, celebrate all the upcoming events and choose a gift for every different occasion accordingly.


  • Add multiple gifts, ideas, events, and people
  • Trackable wishlists and interests of contacts
  • Action extension lets you add gifts while surfing Safari
  • Sort and sync gift lists
  • Send cards via app directly
  • Shareable gift ideas
  • Track total gift expenses from the allocated budget
  • Add multiple countdowns for different events

Download GiftPlanner

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5. The Christmas List App

the christmas list app
Image Credits: christmaslistapp.com

Ratings: 4.6

Found a perfect gift idea for your friend online and now you’ve lost it? AHHH! I can understand the sheer agony and frustration in cases like these. Thus, to save yourself from such situations, keep a backup in the form of The Christmas List app. 

Create shareable, manageable, and customizable Christmas gifts with the aid of The Christmas List App! This app will help you in creating multiple gifts online while allowing you to add gifts from online stores to your gifting lists too.


  • Create multiple gift lists
  • Add items from online stores
  • Add photos in gift lists
  • Shareable gift lists
  • Manage gifts and track spending budgets of gifts
  • App offers gift suggestions and ideas

Download The Christmas List App

6. Santa’s Secret Keeper

santa's secret keeper
Image Credits: Apps Advice

Ratings: 4.9 

Low on your Christmas budget? Then why not go for a gift exchange with Santa’s Secret Keeper app! If your friends and family have decided on gift exchange by the game of “Secret Santa”, then take the help of Santa’s secret keeper app!

This app will automatically allot the Secret Santas and will deliver the mail to people with the name of the person to who they’re going to give the Christmas gift. The moment of surprise and mystery adds up to the magical Christmas vibes via Santa’s Secret Keeper app. So, without any second thought, download this iOS app and add smiles to the faces of your loved ones.


  • Play Secret Santa game with this app
  • Automatic secret Santa matcher 
  • Sends email to participants with details and of the person they’ll be getting the gift.

Download Santa’s Secret Keeper

7. Giftster

christmas gifting apps for iOS
Image Credits: Giftster

Ratings: 3.8

Giftster is the PERFECT Christmas gifting app for iOS users!! The features of this app are absolutely wholesome with everything available in a single place.

You can create a private group with your family and make a Christmas wishlist together with Giftster. And you know the fun part? You can add your gift choice to others’ gifting lists too and they wouldn’t be able to know who added the same. People get ideas and you get to help without anyone knowing. It’s a win-win for all, right? 


  • Create a private group for sharing gift ideas between friends and family.
  • Invite anyone into the group
  • Secret Santa draw
  • Syncs across devices
  • Rank gift ideas
  • Add gift ideas to lists of other members  without them knowing
  • Mark gift ideas so that people don’t buy duplicate items

Download Giftster

8. Elfster: The Secret Santa App

Image Credits: APKMonk

Ratings: 4.8

Now Now! Who hasn’t heard of Elfster! Elfster app is the magical Elf for gifting for all iOS users and I’m not even exaggerating! From Christmas to Birthdays to other important occasions, create a Gifting wishlist for every event.

Moreover, if you feel stuck, this app also offers the trending section where you can look at what all gifts are trending at the moment. You can even play the Secret Santa gift exchange game via Elfster. Perfect isn’t it? So without any doubt, trust this app when it comes to gifting!


  • Create shareable wish lists
  • Secret Santa gift exchange
  • Create gift lists for all occasions
  • Look at trending gift ideas
  • Get gift suggestions

Download Elfster

9. Giftagram

Image Credits: Campaign USA

Ratings: 4.5

Bad at choosing gifts? Don’t worry! Giftagram will give you the helping hand that you need!

Giftagram is one the best gifting app when it comes to Christmas gifts as it lets us choose from gifting lists that are curated by experts themselves. All you have to do is choose the gift and the same will be delivered to your chosen location. You’ll find all your answers here!! How cool is that!


  • Shop gifts according to the occasion
  • Gifts handpicked by experts
  • Gift delivery options are available

Download Giftagram

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10. Givingli

best christmas gifting ap-
Image Credits: Bustle

Ratings: 4.8

Give Christmas gifts happily with Givingli!! Give out heartfelt self-designed cards this Christmas and put on genuine smiles on the faces of your loved ones.

Create your own digital gifting cards and attach a beautiful gift with them- the same will be delivered to your chosen location. This is a very convenient and simple app where you can create your own gifts and send them later. So don’t doubt and simply click on this app to install. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed in the slightest.


  • Choose a gift for any occasion
  • Design gift cards yourself for gifting
  • Gift wallet
  • Digital gift cards 
  • Various gift options are available

Download Givingli

Wrapping Up

Create and send beautiful Christmas gifts this time around. If you’re the worst gift-giver of the century, then bid-adieu to your old lousy self and create a perfect plan for gifting with these best Christmas gifting app for iOS.

You can download Christmas Gift List Tracker, Elfster, Givingli, etc to give out the best gifts to your loved ones this Christmas. These apps will aid you in choosing and even delivering your chosen gifts to your chosen location! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is The Best App For Giving Christmas Gifts?

The best app to create and deliver your Christmas gifts for iOS users is definitely Givingli! With Givingli, you can create your own digital gifting cards and attach a beautiful gift with them and the same will be delivered to your chosen location. This is a very convenient and simple app where you can create your own gifts and send them later.

Q. What Are The Best Christmas Gifting Apps For Android?

Some of the best Christmas gifting apps for Android are listed below.

1. GiftList
2. Christmas List App
3. Christmas Gifts And Budget
4. Xmas Gifts List
5. Giftster

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