8 Amazing Christmas Gifting Apps For Android!! Be The Secret Santa!!

Amazing Christmas Gifting Apps For Android!! Be The Secret Santa!!

Friends, neighbors, teachers, colleagues, and the list goes on and on for the people you have to send the Christmas gifts to!! How will I remember this long list? I’ll surely miss out on someone from the list!! If that’s what you are scared of then here’s the best solution for you!! Use these amazing Christmas Gifting Apps for Android and keep your shopping and gifting list organized!!

Huh!! So, your gifting list is pretty messed up!! Either you have mentioned some things twice or not mentioned some important ones at all!! Before this thing spoils your festive celebration, get yourself an organizer!! Or wait!! Why don’t you try some of the amazing Christmas gifting apps we got you covered with?

The top picks for the Christmas gifting apps for Android consist of gift listing apps, some super fun Christmas games, and much more!! Also, if you are feeling confused about what to gift your loved ones then get suggestions from these apps!! Ah!! And don’t forget to use these popular Christmas hashtags while posting your Merry-Christmas snaps!!

Feeling excited to know more about these apps? Who’s stopping you then? Go ahead and read more about these amazing apps to gift your buddies!!

Best Christmas Gifting Apps For Android

So, here comes the most-awaited list of the best Christmas gifting apps for Android!! These are the top 8 picks of Android gifting apps based on user interest!!

1. GiftList

GiftList: best Christmas gifting apps for Android
Image Credits: trendhunter.com

Here’s an amazing free Christmas gifting app that lets you be the secret Santa for your loved ones!! You just have to make sure that your family or friends are using this GiftList app!!

You’ll be able to see their wish list and give them exactly what they want as their Christmas presents!! 

Also, you can track your purchases like what all from the list have already bought and what is still pending!!

And the best part is this app works for both Android and iOS users!! So, secret Santa gets to work!!!

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2. Christmas List App

Christmas List App: best Christmas gifting apps for Android
Image Credits: digitaltrends.com

Ahh!! What an interesting app this is!!! Christmas List App is an amazing app for all those who wish to cut down their gifting budget!! How?

Well, this app allows you to make lists and share them with your loved ones so that they can know exactly what you are expecting as your Christmas presents. 

Also, they can share their lists with you too. In this way, you are spending money only on useful things and not unnecessary buying!! So indirectly you are saving money!!

3. The Christmas List

The Christmas List: best Christmas gifting apps for Android
Image Credits: codecanyon.com

Another wonderful Christmas list app that makes it easy to understand what all your loved ones are expecting this Christmas.

The best part is that you can drop the gift lists or even email the lists as soon as you sync the app with your phone!

The gift list helps you know your spending budget, you can keep a track of how much spending you have been doing per head, as well as you can cut the unnecessary spending cost!!

It’s one of the most popular Christmas gifting apps for Android and iOS users!!!

4. Christmas Gifts And Budget

Christmas Gifts And Budget: best Christmas gifting apps for Android
Image Credits: lifewire.com

Can’t figure out what to give your loved ones this Christmas eve as a gift? Well, here is the best app to rescue you from this puzzling situation.

You can get amazing Christmas gift ideas from this app. Also, the ideas that are shared on the app are generated fresh every year, so don’t worry about repeating your gifts!!

Take gift inspiration from the app and make a list of items you wish to give to your friends and family members!!

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5. Christmas Gift List Tracker

Christmas Gift List Tracker: best Christmas gifting apps for Android
Image Credits: thesun.com

Keep a track of everything you do on Christmas!! Be it gift lists, spending budget, vacation plans, comparing the costs of products, and much more using this amazing Christmas Gift List Tracker app!!

You can even share and collaborate your gift list with others on the app itself. Oh!!! Not to forget this app gives you a special password protection feature!! You can keep your lists protected only with the inbuilt password protection by setting a strong password!!

6. Xmas Gifts List

Xmas Gifts List: best Christmas gifting apps for Android
Image Credits: Google Play

Create gift lists and buy the items from the app itself!!! This is one of the best Christmas gifting apps for Android users!!! 

Make a list of people you wish to send a Christmas present to. You can even add people from the contact directly. Mention gifting items in front of names of people and then calculate your expenses directly from the app!!

You can enjoy the in-app purchases of the app, which lets you buy gifts from the app itself!!

7. Christmas Sweeper 3 

Christmas Sweeper 3: best Christmas gifting apps for Android
Image Credits: browsercam.com

Since everything is turning online, why not turn your Christmas gifting ways virtual?? Christmas Sweeper 3 is a gaming application that lets you enjoy some cool Christmas games and win exciting Christmas gifts!!!

Pay with your friends and win super cool goodies like cookies and soda for Christmas!! You just have to swap similar things together and win!!!

8. Amazon

Amazon: best Christmas gifting apps for Android
Image Credits: dailyexpress.com

Last but not the least, Amazon is one of the best Christmas gifting apps for Android users as it has all that you wish for!! From taking care of the best gifting items to delivering them to the doorsteps of the receiver, it’s pretty impressive!!

Amazon offers the best possible deals on different products. You can check the website for fun Christmas gifts!!

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Wrapping Up:

So, here ends the list for the best Christmas gifting apps!!! Now you can pre-decide your Christmas presents for your loved ones and organize them in the apps!!

If you loved these apps, don’t forget to suggest these to your friends!! Also, stay tuned for more such amazing apps!!

Merry Christmas in advance!! Happy Gifting!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Where Can You Make Shareable Christmas Lists?

You can use these five best sites to create shareable Christmas lists:
1. Giftster. 
2. DreamList. 
3. WantsThis. 
4. Wishlistr. 
5. MrLista. 

Q. How Do I Share My Family Christmas List?

Create your list, add gift items along with the budget and then create a share link to share it with others!! When the receiver will click the link, she/he will be able to view the whole list that you have created!!

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