Which CMS Is Good For Making Coupon Site? Top 5 Sites In The Market 2023

Which CMS Is Good For Making Coupon Site

If you are planning to build an eCommerce site in 2023 but are stumbling in selecting the best CMS stage then find out which CMS is good for making a coupon site with us!

An ideal CMS platform allows you to create a website with ease like WooCommerce. If you want to explore more and don’t know which CMS is good for making coupon site and don’t have much time to do a detailed research on the entire market then stay and learn about the top 5 platforms at one place and let us do the dirty work for you!

Which CMS is good for making coupon site: WooCommerce, WordPress.org, Shopify, Wix, HubSpot CMS Hub and many more like Drupal, Joomla, BigCommerce! Refer to the below sections for details of these CMS platforms. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of them as you will be losing a gem!

If you are eager to know which CMS is good for making coupon site to make your dream ecommerce site then stay tuned till the end as we will be discussing a few of the best CMS platforms for making coupon sites.  

Which CMS Is Good For Making Coupon Site?

Researching which CMS is good for making coupon site then stop right here, you have reached your destination! Because we will be preventing you from struggling and finding the best CMS platform for making coupon sites. However, there are hundreds of platforms for making ecommerce websites but there are only a few platforms that can help you design and create that one website about which you were dreaming. One such platform is WooCommerce. To know which are the rest, go through the sections given below!

Platform 01. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the most popular CMS platforms all over the world. It’s known because of its pliability and the ease that it provides the users to operate the stage. However, WooCommerce is not entirely a CMS platform, instead it works as an extension on WordPress so one might need WordPress as well on their site in order to work with WooCommerce. 

Exclusively, WooCommerce is also providing their regular users and newbies amazing WooCommerce Coupon codes to try out and access the premiums! There are more than 21K users making use of these coupons on a daily basis and rating them number one! If you also want to know what’s so exciting about WooCommerce coupons then why not try yourself and find out?

In addition, WooCommerce is also supported by LastPass that makes sure of the safety and security of the web content on WooCommerce by locking all the sensitive details with its Password Management Tool. It is also offering LastPass Coupons as an add-on to its security and privacy feature. Go and grab yours!

Strengths Of WooCommerce

  1. Multiple WooCommerce themes available to make the designing of the website as you desire.
  2. WooCommerce can be accessed free of cost but might need WooCommerce hosting and Domain to begin with.
  3. A number of WooCommerce extensions/plugins available to add more components to your site and enhance the performance.
  4. WooCommerce allows you to sell digital and physical products and can also join forces with products via associating links.
  5. One can entirely be in charge of their inventory via WooCommerce helping the users to keep an eye on products that are in stock and those which ran out of stock.
  6. WooCommerce also brings Stripe and PayPal as a default mode of payment. Users can also add more payment modes if they want through the add-ons and extensions.

Weaknesses Of WooCommerce

  1. There are a number of different features in WooCommerce which can sometimes be intimidating a bit for the newbies to set up a website.
  2. WooCommerce functions with any WordPress theme but users may need to use the themes that are particularly made for WooCommerce for more support.

Cost For Running WooCommerce

As already told that WooCommerce is entirely free to access for everyone but if one craves for more extensions and plugins for their online ecommerce site then they may need to pay an amount. One may also need to pay for a web hosting account and domain name. 

Platform 02: WordPress.org

WordPress.org is the best choice as a CMS platform for more than half of the users who wish to create an ecommerce site. It’s one of the world’s most famed CMS apps and it supports more than 42% of all the websites all over cyberspace. WordPress.org is a free to use open source CMS software meant for blogging but at present it’s being used for every purpose like online stores and websites. Make sure you are getting confused between WordPress.org and WordPress.com! You already know what WordPress.org is for and WordPress.com is one popular blog hosting softwares. If you wish to host your WOrdPress site all by yourself then you need to find a compatible WordPress hosting provider.

Through these, users can also list coupons, coupon codes and other saving offers and boost your eCommerce site. By doing so, you will be attracting a huge number of customers on your site by just offering financial discounts and rebate buying a product.

Strengths Of WordPress

  1. WordPress provides you the limberness and liberty to create any type of website, auction site, online store, membership site etc.
  2. WordPress doesn’t need any technical expertise in coding etc. for creating a website. The WordPress Block Editor eases the process to build trendy and catchy pages on your site.
  3. One has the entire liberty to earn through your website on WordPress through any way you want.
  4. There are hundreds and thousands of WordPress themes and extensions that can be used including both paid and free themes. This helps the users to add extra features to their sites like photo galleries, contact forms and many more.
  5. WordPress also favors SEO and helps in creating SEO-friendly tags, categories and links for your content. One also has the choice to select from a number of SEO plugins to help you more!
  6. WordPress provides a huge extensibility which is something that an ideal CMS platform does for both beginners and developers.
  7. WordPress also allows its users to download all their posts and content in XML format allowing them to move that content to another system later if you wish to do so!

Weaknesses Of WordPress

  1. A user has to set up their own domain and hosting name and also has to manage backups and security themselves.
  2. The huge number of facilities and features on WordPress sometimes make it unnerving for the beginners which makes them drag & Drop page builder extensions for WordPress.

Costs For Running WordPress

However, WordPress is a free service and hence doesn’t charge users for anything but one has to pay $9-$15 a year for the Domain name and $7.99 every month for the hosting account including a web host to operate WordPress.

Platform 03: Shopify

Shopify is another platform in our list of “which CMS is good for making coupon site”. Here one does not need to purchase any hosting account or install any app or do management work for backups and updates. Shopify has a simple and easy to use drag and drop interface. It also favors in-store sales which can be great if one has a physical store and an online store.

Strengths Of Shopify

  1. One can accept both debit and credit cards in Shopify’s in-built payment mode. However, PayPal is also one of Shopify’s standard payment methods.
  2. There are a number of themes and extensions available for Shopify. But you need to buy third-party Shopify apps to add all those features to your digital store.
  3. A user doesn’t need to update if they make more than a certain amount (in dollars).
  4. Shopify has 24/7 support service available as live chat, email, calling and even on Twitter. Shopify has also provided multiple how-to guides for the ease of beginners. 

Weaknesses Of Shopify

  1. Shopify charges can reach sky a few times,especially if you are looking forward to adding third party apps in your store.
  2. You have to find what you want to add functionality which isn’t available that easily. 
  3. Shopify has limited apps.

Cost For Running Shopify

Shopify charges are somewhat similar to that of BigCommerce. IN order to use Shopify for one month you have to pay $29 per month and $299 for advanced packages for one month. There is one more big difference that Shopify does not help you reach the next level depending on a fixed amount in dollars in terms of sales.

Platform 04. Wix

Wix is another popular CMS platform for making coupon sites. However there are a few of its limitations that we want you to consider before selecting this for creating your ecommerce site. Despite its limitations, Wix is the best platform for beginners as it offers a free plan to use too!

Strengths Of Wix

  1. Wix’s has a drag and drop interface which makes the process easy for users to design pages the way they wish.
  2. On Wix you can select any portion of the page that you are creating and start editing it in the middle.
  3. There are a number of ready-made templates that can be used to create pages and sites in Wix. These templates respond completely and hence look attractive on both smartphones and PCs.
  4. One can also add a number of apps to their site from the Wix app market. This is similar to WordPress extensions.

Weaknesses Of Wix

  1. After selecting a template on Wix, you won’t be able to alter it or switch to a different one ending up being stuck on one layout being unsatisfied with it.
  2. You cannot use an eCommerce store on WIx until you buy a subscription with which you will only get either PayPal or Authorize.net.
  3. Wix does not support downloading and exporting data from it. You can easily download blog posts but have to copy and paste pages left on your site all by yourself.
  4. Wix-branded domain names and ads appear on sites of those users who are using the free plan!

Cost For Running Wix

Wix is available for free to use if you can accept Wix-branded domain names and ads on your site. The paid subscriptions come for $13 per month which provides premium Wix features. ANd users who want to accept online payments have to pay $23 extra every month.

Platform 05. HubSpot CMS Hub

HubSpot CMS Hub is an integrated CMS tool that is primarily developed for business holders and marketers. HubSpot CMS Hub includes every type of marketing features and operation tools, sales service available. HubSpot CMS Hub is another ideal CMS platform for creating your dream website and also for boosting your businesses. In short, it’s an all-in-one tool to manage an eCommerce website.

To avoid any leakage of personal data we would recommend you to make use of LastPass coupons and prevent your web data from being chopped! LasPass also offers multiple free trials for different devices so if you are concerned about any leakage of personal and premium data then go and try your hands on LastPass before they run out!

Strengths Of HubSpot CMS Hub

  1. HubSpot CMS Hub is easy to operate even for those who have little or negligible technical knowledge. HubSpot CMS Hub has a drag and drop interface, in-built SEO tools that makes it easy to create and manage web content.
  2. HubSpot CMS Hub has a smart content management system to customize your website pages.
  3. For developers, there are functions without any server and seamless theme options including command line tools in order to help users make alterations and personalize assets faster.
  4. HubSpot CMS Hub brings in-built security features like a global CDN and Web Application Firewall with their specific security team. 
  5. HubSpot CMS Hub smoothly works with their email marketing softwares and sales CRM to modernize your operational workflow.

Weakness Of HubSpot CMS Hub

  1. HubSpot CMS Hub doesn’t provide any free packs instead they do offer one time free-trial.
  2. HubSpot CMS Hub is not the ideal solution for e-commerce websites. But the relief is that it fuses with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Charges For Running HubSpot CMS Hub

HubSpot CMS Hub offers three levels of its services, Starter, Professional and Enterprise. Starters can be brought in $25 per month which has every feature that you need to create an attractive and entirely responsive website. The Professional and enterprise are best suited for creating complex apps with internal processes and dynamic customization.

How To Make Your eCommerce Site More Secure?

When talking of safety and security, the only thing that pops up in our brain first is our login credentials, content and loss! You can prevent all of these from losing just by accepting LastPass. It’s one of the best Content Management Systems and Password managers. Not only protecting your content is its job but it also looks out for the safety and security of your passwords to make it hack-proof!

If you are working hard to make your eCommerce site strong then try Last Pass coupon first and see its magic! You can also go for their free trails and then switch to the paid plans if you like them! 

Wrapping Up

According to the performance and the research report that we have done, we found out that WooCommerce and WordPress.org is the best CMS platform for making coupon sites. These two offer the most impressive features and come with less drawbacks and limitations as compared to others in the race of which CMS is good for making coupon site! Also WooCommerce coupons will help you unlock more features with the help of which you can create a more dynamic and impressive website all by yourself.

We would suggest you try these CMS platforms yourself and find out which CMS is good for making coupon site, then tell us which one you liked the most in the comment section below! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Create A Coupon Site In WordPress?

Head to your WordPress Admin Panel > Marketing > Coupons > Add Coupons > General > Enter Amount And Name > Allow Free Shipping > Add Expiry Date > Done.

Q. How Do I Create A Coupon In WooCommerce?

Hit the Marketing tab and head to Coupons. Now, click on Add Coupon and create a coupon name and set the discount type and amount that you want to give off under the General tab. After this click on the Publish button.

Q. How To Create A Coupon Site?

How to start a coupon: Decide product on which you want to give discount > Select a niche > Plan your website > Buy your domain and web hosting > Create a website > Sign up for coupon and daily deal programs > Negotiate deals.

Q. What Are Coupons In WooCommerce?

Coupons are the discount codes that can be applied on each product or the items that are added into one’s cart. For example, a $50 coupon applied on a $40 product will get a $10 Flat Rate. However, these discount codes or coupons cannot be applied on Shipping Rates as these are not cart items.

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