How To Co-Author Tweet On Twitter

How To Co-Author Tweet On Twitter

Twitter is the most popular social media platform where one can openly share one’s opinions and views. The app is used worldwide and has features that make it preferable to most people. Among the various features, Twitter has now planned to introduce a new one that will allow users to co-author tweet on Twitter. 

Being a Twitter user, you must have seen some people re-posting a tweet that has already been tweeted by another person. For instance, when actors and directors announce the release of a new movie, they have to either separately tweet about it from their respective accounts or one re-posts the other one’s tweet. 

To end this, Twitter has decided to add a new option for co-authoring tweets on Twitter. To co-author tweet on Twitter, you will need to send an invitation to the co-author and you can post the tweet together once the other person has accepted the invitation. 

Do you also want to learn in detail how to co-author Tweet on Twitter? Then you will get your answers right here. Let us find out how we can collaborate and tweet a co-authored tweet. 

What Is The Co-Authored Tweet Feature On Twitter

What Is The Co-Authored Tweet Feature On Twitter

By co-authored tweets on Twitter, we mean that there will be two users posting the same tweet together instead of tweeting it separately to their respective timelines. If you have seen the collaborated posts on Instagram then you will get a better understanding of what Twitter’s co-authored tweets are. 

If you co-author tweet on Twitter with a user, the tweet will be visible on both the authors’ Twitter timelines. On the Tweet, both the involved accounts will be mentioned and will be visible to all who view the tweet. 

What Is The Need To Co-Author Tweet On Twitter

What Is The Need To Co-Author Tweet On Twitter

If you create a co-authored tweet, it can prove to be quite beneficial. The first thing is when you post a tweet in collaboration with someone, not only yours but the other person’s followers will also be able to see it. This will help increase the reach of your tweet. 

You will get more likes on the co-authored tweet as compared to an individual tweet because the likes of the followers of both users will be collectively added up to the tweet. You may even gain more followers through a co-authored tweet. 

When two persons are linked through something and have to post the same tweet on Twitter, it is better that they post a collaborated tweet which will give a clearer idea of the people involved in it. 

Co-authored tweets are best when it comes to posting sponsored content or any kind of brand partnership. 

How To Co-Author Tweet On Twitter

If you want to co-author a tweet on Twitter, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should have a public account. And you can invite someone as a co-author to your tweet only if they also have a public account and both of you should also be following each other or else you cannot collaborate on a tweet with that user. 

If the above conditions satisfy, you are free to invite that user and post a collaborated tweet on Twitter. Then, you can follow the below-provided steps to co-author tweet on Twitter. 

  1. Launch Twitter on your device. 
  2. Log in to your Twitter account by entering your login credentials. 
  3. Tap on the compose box at the top of the Home timeline of your page, or you can also click on the Tweet button available in the navigation bar. 
  4. Type the tweet in the compose box. The tweet should not exceed 280 words. 
  5. You can also include a maximum of 4 photos, a GIF, or a video to your tweet. 
  6. Now click on the Collaborations option.
  7. A search bar will appear on the top of your screen. Search the username of the person or brand that you want to collaborate your tweet with. 
  8. A list of the users related to your search will appear. Select the required user and click on the Invite button. 
  9. An invitation will be sent to that person for collaborating with you on that tweet.
  10. Once the other person accepts your invitation, you will be able to post the co-authored tweet on your Twitter timeline. 

After posting the co-authored tweet, the tweet will be displayed on both your and the other person’s Twitter timeline. 

Wrap Up

The feature to co-author a tweet on Twitter has not yet been launched but Twitter is reportedly working on it and looks like it will soon be available to all Twitter users. 

If you think the information provided in this article is useful then share it with your friends who you believe should know about this. For more informative articles related to your favorite social media applications, you can always visit our site Deasilex. 


How To Mention Someone On Twitter?

If you want to mention someone in a tweet, just add the @ sign before the name of the user you want to add. The specified person will be mentioned in the tweet. 

How To Stop Unwanted Mentions On Twitter?

You cannot stop someone from mentioning you on Twitter. All you can do is remove your mention from that tweet by going to the “Mentions” list. If a certain user is unnecessarily disturbing you by mentioning you on Twitter repeatedly, you can simply block that user. 

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