How To Enable Tips On Twitter? Pay Using Modern Payment Methods!

How To Enable Tips On Twitter

Do you know Twitter has finally released its Tips feature on Twitter for android users also? This feature was at first made available only to iOS users. But now the Twitter Tips feature is also available to android users. Are you excited? Do you know how to enable Tips on Twitter?

If you are new to Twitter and you don’t know what is all this fuss going on about the latest feature of Twitter. then let me tell you this fuss is about Tips. Then you need not worry, all you have to do is read this article thoroughly and then you will know everything.

Twitter Tips is now available to all users both android as well as iOS users. With Twitter Tips you can accept the payments even if it’s in the form of cryptocurrency. You can find the Tips icon just adjacent to the follow button on your Twitter profile image. Did you find the Tips feature on Twitter interesting? Want to know how to enable Tips on Twitter?

Well, here in this post we are going to discuss how you can enable Tips on Twitter. The steps are really easy and you just need to carefully follow the steps so that you too can enable this feature. Now let’s get started.

Why Did Twitter Introduce Tips?

The user on the Twitter platform has already started to share their Venmo handle and $Cashtag in the tweets. The users using Twitter are often amazed and entertained by the conversation that takes place on the home time of Twitter and also in the Twitter spaces. Twitter has introduced Tips that will help the users to directly link their payment profiles making it easier for people to support the people who are driving the conversation on Twitter. With Tip you can support any content that you like, help in fundraising, Tip someone when they need help, etc.

How To Enable Tips On Twitter?

How To Enable Tips On Twitter

Wondering how to enable Tips on Twitter here are some steps that you have to follow:

  1. Go to your Twitter account
  2. Now on your profile, you need to click on the edit profile option
  3. Now scroll down and come to the Tips option and then click on it.
  4. Next, you have the general Tipping policy and turn it on.
  5. Now go to allow Tips and then select the third-party services that you want to use.
  6. You have to add your third-party username. You need to enter at least one username so that it appears on your Twitter profile.

How Can You Tip Someone?

If you want to Tip someone on Twitter you have to make sure that their profile has that Tips icon activated. Click on the Tips icon and then you will be redirected to the app or the website of the third-party payment service that they have chosen. Now you can choose the amount that you want to Tip them with and then you can send it. At present the supported payment platforms are as follow:

  1. Chipper
  2. Paga
  3. Brandcamp
  4. Barter
  5. Paytm
  6. Cash App
  7. Patreon
  8. Razorpay
  9. Venmo
  10. Barter
  11. Ethereum  
  12. Address
  13. Wealthsimple Cash.

How To Send Someone A Tip On Twitter?

How To Send Someone A Tip

If you want to Tip someone you need to remember that you can only Tip a person if they too have the Tip icon. here are a few steps that you have to follow:

  1. Firstly, on both your Android as well as the iOS device you need to find the Tip feature on that person’s profile.
  2. When you tap in that icon to send Tip to someone you will be linked from the Twitter platform to the third-party app or website that they have chosen.
  3. If you trying to send bitcoin when you send the bitcoin via strike then you will get switched between seeing BTC or the Satoshi (Sats).
  4. Do you know through Tips you can copy the bitcoin or Ethereum address? Well, you can do so by pasting the link on whichever wallet you like to pay from.
  5. From your account you can easily send Tips on third-party services and the receiver will get to see your username on that service. They will also be able to see your information which will include your full name, address, and the Tip that you have shared with them. But this will be subjected to the terms of the payment services of a third party. So it is better that you read the terms of the services to get more details.

Wrapping Up:

So here we have discussed how to enable Tips on Twitter. If you are a new user then after reading this post you will know what is the fuss about the Tips on Twitter. If you want to know how to Tip someone, you can easily follow the steps mentioned above and start Tipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Choose A Payment Provider For Tipping?

Whenever you set up or add any extra services of the third party it is important that you go through the Tips settings. Similarly, you can also select the third-party services that are listed in your Tips settings. In Twitter, you can easily add, remove or modify the particular third-party service that you will find to link to your Tips.

Is There A Limit On How Much You Can Spend?

There is no specific amount that Twitter imposes on for Tipping. But the third-party payment platform and their subject to the terms and services can limit the amount you need to pay.

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