Most Important Crypto Metaverse Coins On WAX Blockchain

Crypto Metaverse Coins On WAX Blockchain

In the cryptocurrency market, WAX is one of the leading performers. WAX blockchain is built with the purpose of making easy, fast, and safer transactions for its users. Although WAXP is the native token for WAX. But, there are various other Crypto Metaverse Coins On WAX Blockchain as well.

Metaverse coins are the tokens or the currency which is used by the people within the Metaverse. These coins can be used to buy items involved in the games that you play in the virtual- world. The value of these tokens or coins keeps on fluctuating with time.

Metaverse tokens are becoming popular with every passing day. These tokens are a requirement if you want to do digital transactions in this digital or virtual world. So, it is important that you should have knowledge about them as they are highly volatile and their value keeps going up and down.

We would be sharing with you the five crypto Metaverse coins on WAX blockchain with possibly great capacity this year. These are probably the most popular ones! But before that let us understand what WAX blockchain is.

What Is WAX Blockchain?

WAX Blockchain

Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is designed for making transactions related to e-commerce in a convenient and safer manner. For achieving speed, WAX blockchain makes use of DPOS, that is, Delegated Proof of State as a consensus algorithm where the WAX token holders make use of their token for voting 21 WAX Guilds and earn rewards on the production of blocks on WAX blockchain. One can make use of this token for trading as well.

List Of Crypto Metaverse Coins On WAX Blockchain

We have made a list of five crypto Metaverse coins on WAX blockchain. So, without any delay let’s go through these coins! 

1. TLM – Alien Worlds

Price: $0.159817

Market Cap: $146,624,513 

It is one of the most played games which allows its users to earn while playing games. The players have to mine for Trillium with NFTs. On signing up the users or the players are provided with a free tool for digging or lifting that is a ‘shovel’ and then they are allowed to start mining. You can also buy land and charge for giving your land for mining.  

2. FWF, FWW, FWG- Farmers World

Price: Not Available

Market Cap: Not available

It is the first farming game developed by a Japanese game developer on the NFT. In order to be a part of this game, you need to have a WAX wallet and tools. There are mainly three tools in the Farmers World which are, wood(FWW), gold(FWG), and food(FWF). Users can mine gold, NFTs and also breed animals for expanding their farms in the game. 

3. PGL- Prospectors

Price: $0.060706

Market Cap: Not Available

It is the first Massive Multiplayer Metaverse Online Game which was originally built on EOS and now moved to WAX. This game is all about starting a business and mining gold through different activities. The game provides the users with opportunities to earn crypto gold by using blockchain technology. The users of this game can interact with players for earning rewards and build many assets. PGL(Prospectors Gold) tokens could be earned by the users here. 


Price: Not Available

Market Cap: Not Available

It is an adventurous game that allows the users to play and earn. It is free to play games and you don’t need to buy this. They can earn gold and different types of NFTs while playing. In the game, monsters are hunted. Players can gain resources and compete against each other. They can trade, buy or sell their items with other players and assist them. 

5. XPS- Xpansion

Price: $0.024725

Market Cap: $1,236,264

It is a strategy game that is set to feature virtual worlds that are powered by NFTs. It is a game world that is run by the players. Players can buy land and equipment which will be used to harvest resources and ultimately upgrade their land. The users have to build their economic bases or empires. The players can then raid the land of other players for getting resources and save their own as well. XPS is generated for the players with active mining as rewards. It can be used by the users for upgrading land settlements and even staking it against other players’ land. 

Wrapping Up:

You should be aware that market capitalization changes with time. We are not an investment site so, it is highly recommended that you should do your own research before getting involved in any of such activities related to investment. We have written about the top crypto Metaverse coins on the WAX blockchain. You can tell us more about it if you have something in your mind. If you liked the article do share it with your friends and family!

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