How To Build Discord Community For Your Brand? 5 Tips That Gets You Going!

How To Build Discord Community For Your Brand?

Discord is particularly very popular with gamers. However, over time, its usage has increased among other users as well. From music and art to politics and economy, Discord has led to the rise of many communities. Do you know that you can also make use of Discord to run your business? Want to know how? Learn how to build Discord Community for your brand, and get started!

One of the best things about using Discord is that it gives you the freedom to combine with other social platforms. Since Discord is free and can be used without any subscription, it’s becoming the number-one choice for many businesses. Here, you can run as many servers on Discord as you wish to. Just stick to the right ways to grow your Discord community and take the maximum benefits.

Discord is even in direct competition with workplace community platforms like Slack and Skype. If that’s the case, the major concern for business owners is how to build Discord Community for your brand that stands out in the crowd. Well, for that you’ll have to take care of some important factors like your community outreach, the content you share, and much more!

But before that, let’s have a look over the benefits of creating a Discord community for business and the ways you can make use of it to promote your company.

What Is Discord?

How To Build Discord Community For Your Brand

Discord is a chat-in real-time platform where influencers, gamers, and everyone else who has created communities, can join. Members can join various servers by invitation only and can interact with other members of the community on specific channels.

Discord is among the most efficient tools you can use to promote your company. For instance, the managers can communicate with their own channel, and your production team can have their own channel. The sales team can possess their own.

It is also possible to create an announcement channel for your company. 

What Is Discord Nitro?

You all must have heard about Discord earlier also, but what is Discord Nitro? Have you heard about this term before?

For those who are new to this concept, Discord Nitro is the premium subscription for using Discord with additional features like animated avatars, customized emojis, HD screen sharing, etc.

Benefits For Businesses Of Using Discord

Discord is the new emerging social media platform that various people use to grow their brands and businesses. It’s a great way to engage with people across the world. 

Discord is growing with time and allows users to use the platform for good, just like any other social platform, Discord comes with so many benefits like:

1. Discord Gives Better Control Over The Members

Discord Gives Better Control

The members need to be invited using a unique hyperlink to connect to the Discord server. Thus, your Discord community is less likely to be targeted by spammers and trolls.

Server administrators also have the ability to take down messages and even ban members who break the rules. Additionally, they can create moderators in order to manage both the members and the community.

Discord is a platform with an uncompromising policy for usage. It has also banned more than 4 million accounts from spamming in the first quarter of 2020. OOPS! That’s really strict!

2. Discord Is More Efficient Than Email

Email is indispensable. It’s true. However, it can be difficult at times.

Imagine a situation in which you have forgotten some instructions and the instructions are hidden in the emails. Then? Ahh! You lose the email attachment or video required for the posting on social networks.

In these situations, Discord could have been an ally.

3. Discord Is A Kind Of Algorithm- Free Feed

Discord is, in essence, an online chat service. The feed it provides is independent or influenced by any other algorithm.

Therefore, whether you want to announce a release, a new product, or issue an invitation to an event, send it to the appropriate channel. Discord displays each message chronologically. It is also safe to miss a company announcement.

How To Build Discord Community For Your Brand?

Who doesn’t want to grow his/her business? Obviously, you too must be having so many plans to pull off your brand in the upcoming days. 

If you are serious enough to do the best for your site, then here is how to build a Discord Community for your brand!

1. Create A Moderated Community

In addition to internal communication, it is possible to set up your own Discord server to be a moderated social media platform. Create channels that are based on what your intended users might want to discuss. Let them connect.

Create a channel for text to discuss movies, books, or even adventures, anything that is relevant to your company’s audience that you want to reach. You could even create an audio or video channel if you need to.

As your community grows as well, the acclaim of your business will increase as well. Word-of-mouth marketing remains a major force.

2. Find New Channels That Are Populated By Similar-Minded People

In addition to creating your own community, you’ll also connect with other like-minded people on various Discord servers.

It’s simple to locate relevant servers once you’ve figured out what you’re looking to find. Contact your team members to check within your own community, and sign up for the relevant groups.

In the meetings, you’ll be able to connect with other business owners and take advantage of opportunities to collaborate. It will also aid you in bringing your products and services in front of the widest possible group of customers.

3. Find Relevant Articles And Share Content

Find Relevant Articles And Share Content

Yes, you can utilize Discord to communicate your blog posts and other information from your business.

Since everyone is connected to the same server, you can benefit from their social media profiles as well. They’ll also share articles from other Discord servers as well as their personal social media accounts to expand the reach of their profiles.

It will allow you to establish credibility among the people to whom you want to reach.

4. Image-Based Content

Making memes with your brand’s name, GIFs and funny screenshots is another effective method to promote your business. Additionally, Discord can be extremely beneficial.

It’s more of an app for chatting. It’s also not dependent on any algorithm. When you post any kind of content on your corporate server or on the community server, all members will receive it.

So, come up with relevant (and worthy of sharing) memes, and share the memes on Discord.

5. Offer Quick Customer Service

Offer Quick Customer Service

Then, finally, you can use the dedicated Discord server to deal with customer complaints.

Customers want fast service, and Discord messages are instantaneous, so it is possible to address problems immediately. You can send out messages directly and engage in private conversations with members.

Wrapping Up:

Discord is mostly an app to allow real-time communications between individuals but it also provides several benefits for companies. Additionally, you can utilize Discord to promote your business as well.

Create a community, connect with like-minded people, and provide rapid customer service. All at no cost.

Still, got doubts? Dropdown your query in the comment section below. We will love to answer them. 

Enjoy growing your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Should Brands Use Discord?

Discord’s speedy pace creates the perfect place to experiment with new trends and culture and gives brands the chance to keep in touch with customers about interesting subjects.

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