Destiny 2 Subreddit | How To Join?

Destiny 2 Subreddit

If you are on Reddit and looking forward to joining Destiny 2 Subreddit, then this article is meant for you. Destiny 2 is one of the most loved combat video games available today! Combat 2 players are scattered all over the world and getting in touch through various social media platforms. Destiny 2 Subreddit is one of the best platforms to find the latest content on Destiny 2!

There are multiple communities dedicated to Destiny 2 that is created by the fan and followers. If you are looking forward to getting the latest updates on this fighting video game, it’s time to join Destiny 2 Subreddit. You can also join Destiny 2 Discord to find gamers with similar interests! 

How to join Destiny 2 Subreddit? Go to > Click on the envelope icon at the top right page > Click “send a private message” > in the receiver’s box Type: r/destiny2 > Type Subject > compose a brief message asking to join the community > State the requirements > Send message > If accepted, you will receive a link to join Destiny 2 Subreddit.

Let’s go through the blog and explore how to join Destiny 2 Subreddit in detail. 

What Is Destiny 2 Subreddit?

Destiny 2 Subreddit is a community inside Reddit! Yes, if you are on Reddit and looking forward to finding out if there is any subreddit on Destiny 2, then yes! There is a private subreddit on Destiny 2. Destiny 2 Subreddit is a private online community, and posts are related to Destiny 2 only, on the popular social media website Reddit. The destiny 2 Subreddit is denoted by /r/destiny 2. 

With 784,072 subscribers this subreddit is ranking in the 938 positions! You can find the average number of comments in this group is 1865 making it 214 in ranking. Destiny 2 Subreddit held a 584 rank with 210 posts (avg) per day! The best part of this super active group is 6,431,153 post votes and 319,883 comments so far!  

All of the stats that I have just mentioned into a date; so if you are joining Destiny 2 Subreddit tomorrow, then some data may differ. 

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How To Join Destiny 2 Subreddit?

Destiny 2 Subreddit

Go to > Click on the envelope icon at the top right page > Click “send a private message” > in the receiver’s box Type: r/destiny2 > Type Subject > compose a brief message asking to join the community > State the requirements > Send message > If accepted, you will receive a link to join. 

Reviewing the guidelines and Reddit’s FAQ page is necessary before joining Destiny 2 Subreddit. This will help you avoid being dismissed a few days after receiving approval. After all, remaining ought to be just as significant as joining.

Step 1: Visit, sign in, or Register on Reddit: Use your username and password to log in.

Step 2: To open the page, use your mouse key to click the envelope icon in the top right corner of the horizontal menu bar.

Step 3: On the blue menu bar, you should notice and be able to access the “send a private message” option.

Step 4: Enter the name of the subreddit you’re interested in (which is here /r/destiny2) in the receiver’s box (: TO). This will make it easier to communicate with all of the Destiny 2 Subreddit moderators.

Step 5: Fill out the subject field with a specific subject.

Step 6: Write a succinct, compelling private message for the message box outlining why you want to join the community.

Step 7: Give a list of well-known specifications that the majority of private communities have after that, and conclude with a summary.

For your message to be forwarded, click the send button.

Destiny 2 Subreddit application does not guarantee that it will be accepted. However, producing a strong subject line and message will increase your likelihood of being accepted.

Step 8: While searching the group if you find that the Destiny 2 Subreddit is no more a private group, then just hit the “Join” button on the page and enjoy being in the community! 

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Destiny 2 Subreddit – Rules To Be Followed

Following are the top five rules among all 14 rules that you should abide by while being in the Destiny 2 Subreddit community: 

  1. Spam/Low Effort ContentSpam/Low Effort Content

Spam is commonly posted or reposted content, content that doesn’t spark conversation, self-serving or rage-inspiring rants . Memes, photos, conversations, AI art, montages, and similar things that haven’t undergone much editing or thought qualify as low-effort material.

  1. Absolutely no Witch-Hunting

This includes publishing screenshots with user names and other identifying information and portraying them negatively. A temporary, immediate suspension will be imposed after the first offense. Posting the DMs of other Destiny players is prohibited unless it is in good humor. Even if you find evidence of another player hacking or cheating, our subreddit is NOT the appropriate place to post it. Instead, kindly utilize Bungie’s “Report a Suspected Cheater” website.

  1. Relevant to Destiny 2

All material must be specifically linked to Destiny 2. This includes anything that is exclusively focused on Destiny 1 (comparing the two games or talking about elements that might return is acceptable) or that is just a vague real-world “reference” to the game (i.e. something that looks like an engram). Meme templates that don’t contain any content related to Destiny (such as response pictures or jokes from completely unrelated sources) are also not regarded as “relevant” to the game.

  1. LFG/Recruitment/In Game Help Posts

Recruitment posts for clans or LFG (looking for a group) are not permitted at all. “Does anyone want to play with me, here is my tag” is one example of this. The New Player’s Guide and the menu tabs at the top of our subreddit both include a TON of ways to meet new players. It’s acceptable to share one’s tag in the comments area IF it makes sense in the context of the discussion, but it’s not acceptable to pose a general question in any post’s comments.

  1. NSFW Content and Vulgarity

There is no NSFW material at all. Use common judgment when deciding what can be considered NSFW and keep anything PG-13. Please refer to this article for a definition of NSFW. This includes any kind of sexual allusion, including subtle ones, mentions of drugs or alcohol, the use of derogatory terms or slurs, the usage of gore, excessive or needless violence, etc.

Wrapping Up

Hope, this short article helped you with how to find Destiny 2 Subreddit on Reddit and join the popular community! Let’s join the community now and enjoy gaming with more friends. Got a question? Let us know in the comment box. Follow Deasilex for more updates on Destiny 2 and other popular video games

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is A Reddit Vs Subreddit?

What distinguishes Reddit and Subreddit from one another? Reddit is a social network where users who have signed up can vote on and discuss content. The aggregate niche forums or communities that makeup Subreddits are in the millions. Or to put it another way, Reddit is a social media site made up of subreddits.

Q2. What Is The Most Popular Subreddit?

And the website now has 24 billion upvotes. Most of the community’s attention was focused on the subreddit r/amitheasshole (AITA), where users post scenarios and ask for feedback on whether they or another party was at fault. The second most visited community was r/askreddit, which fits with the feedback theme.

Q3. Do Subreddits Cost Money?

Reddit’s free to use, yet the majority of users never spend money there. However, users have the choice to purchase Reddit Coins, an in-app currency, or Reddit Premium, a paid subscription.

Q4. How Do Subreddits Work?

A social network called Reddit has a forum-style conversation format. In topic-based communities known as subreddits, users write posts and participate in discussion threads. An OP (original poster) is the person who initiated each thread. Additionally, users can “up” or “down” vote algorithmic material created by others.

Q5. Is Subreddits Safe?

These subreddits’ users frequently show a lot of solidarity with the people that live there. Moderators will ban or suspend anyone who attempts to disparage others since each subreddit has rules that users must follow as well. Numerous of these support communities act as safe havens for the most susceptible people as a result.

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