12+ Shooting Games For PS4 In 2023 | Games That Are Worth The Play!

Shooting Games for PS4

So, it is the perfect time for you to get to know about different Shooting Games for PS4 that you can play, right? You are going to know a lot of different shooting games, that you can go ahead and play on the gaming platform. Shooting games are one of the most amazing games across the globe. So, it is quite obvious that you are also a shooting game lover, that is why you are showing interest in this article.

There are a lot of developers who are developing a lot of different shooting games regularly. So, you will need to go ahead and choose the perfect game, that you want to play on your PS4. All the different aspects of different games will lead you to choose the most interesting, perfect, and suitable game for you that you need to play on this platform. Also, as there are different games of this genre, you need to try some other best games as well, except for the most suitable one for you.

Shooting Games for PS4 will definitely give you some out-of-the-world experience, and you just need to know the perfect game. All the graphics, and gameplay will be so perfect and smooth, that you will be able to experience the most perfect and the utmost thing about that particular game. That is why, you need to know all the different details about those games, that you can enjoy a lot while playing on your PS4 console. Let’s get to know about different aspects, concepts, features, and all, about different shooting games, that you can play on PS4.

12+ Shooting Games For PS4 Worth Playing in 2023!

Here comes that stage, where you will get to know about different Shooting Games for PS4 that you can go ahead and play. Also, for that, you need to know all the different concepts and aspects of different games. While discussing different games, you can go ahead and choose the best and most suitable game for you, that you are going to enjoy on your PS4.

1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Shooting Games for PS4

This game series should be one of the most favorite, popular, and famous games of this particular genre. So, it is really important for you to know about this game. While the legacy of Call of Duty gets continued, this game will help you to get some of the perfect graphics, and challenging gameplay. This game has a lot of updated and different types of weapons. Not only that but this game also has been counted under one of the most favorite battlegrounds combats as well. So, you need to try this series of games, at least once to experience it, and if you are a Call of Duty fan, then this one is a must-play the game for you.

2. Far Cry 6

Now experience the open world and updated gameplay. It has weapons with a large variety and an outstanding combination of gaming ideas. Also, you will be getting different places inside the map, where you can go ahead and play this game. Shoot with style, and also, you need to go ahead and survive throughout the game. A lot of different realistic backgrounds will even make you play this as one of the different Shooting Games for PS4. Also, you need to know that, this is one of the most popular games among gamers across the world.

Where to Download Far Cry 6 ($59.99)

3. Apex Legend

Shooting Games for PS4

This is not only a Shooting games for PS4, but this is one of the most popular cross-platform games as well. You just need to go ahead and make your team with 3 people, and then you need to choose 3 characters for the game. Then you will have to go ahead and play the game, and those players will have different special features. That will help you to fight the battle perfectly on your PS4.

Where to Download Apex Legends (Free)

4. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Shooting Games for PS4

If you love some horror and shooting games together, then you can go ahead with this game. The soundtrack of this game will definitely make you feel the horror environment of this game. This game’s storyline will help you get all the latest and different types of weapons. Also, the graphics and the VFX are at the next level. That will also make all the things too realistic so that you will enjoy the game in a wholesome process as well. Also, this game has a series legacy as well. You just need to be in the game to enjoy all the details.

Where to Download Wolfenstein II ($53.49)

5. Battlefield V

You can’t really just ignore this game at all. IF you are a complete battleground lover of different games, then this game is one of the finest Shooting Games for PS4. You will also get all the updated storylines, based on a battleground and a battle. Not only different weapons, but you will also be experiencing a lot of different attacking and war vehicles as well.

6. Star Wars: Battlefront II

Shooting Games for PS4

If you are a Star Wars lover, then this game is absolutely for you. Continued with the Star Wars legacy for a long time, and now as well you will be able to get a lot of games on this. You will be able to experience outer space and have to fight against some Alien to survive. Also. It has nothing to say that, all the weapons and background of this game are just at the next level. So, you will be getting the most perfect game time with perfect graphics as well.

Where to Download Star Wars: Battlefront II ($19.99)

7. Overwatch

Overwatch is probably one of the best arena shooters for the PS4. This game is the perfect mix of MOBA elements and First-Person shooter which makes it one of the most exciting and action-packed shooters out there.

Where to Download Overwatch ($39.99)

8. Destiny 2

shooting games for ps4

Destiny quickly became one of the hottest selling games when it was first launched. So, it was only natural to expect the same from its successor – Destiny 2. Fortunately, Destiny 2 became even bigger than its predecessor and quickly became one of the best shooters available across multiple platforms including PS4.

Where to Download Destiny 2 (Free)

9. Titanfall 2

The original Titanfall was a great game, but it received a lot of negative reviews because it lacked a single-player mode with no campaign. This led to the game’s demise. However, Titanfall 2 brings in a great single-player mode that gives you a great campaign to follow.

Download Titanfall 2 ($19.99)

10. Prey

shooting games for ps4

Prey offers a completely unique and astonishing gameplay experience that you won’t be able to find in any other shooter out there. It is considered a great masterpiece in the Sci-Fi genre and offers exciting gameplay that will keep you hooked for a long time.

Where to Download Prey ($29.99)

11. Superhot

Superhot is one of the most unique and exciting shooters of this generation. It actually blurs the line between tactical shooter gameplay and adrenaline-pumping mindless mayhem. This is a weird and gimmicky FPS that actually does everything right.

Where to Download Superhot ($24.99)

12. Bulletstorm: Full Video Clip Edition

shooting games for ps4

Though Bulletstorm may not have topped the leaderboard, it is one of the most exciting shooting games for PS4. And if you like to take on challenging shooting game, it has to be on your radar.

Download Bulletstorm ($39.99)

Wrapping Up

Here were some of the best Shooting Games for PS4, along with all the different aspects, concepts, and features of different games. So, you need to look carefully at those games, and that will make the game selection so perfect for you. Choose the game wisely, but you can also try all other games as well to get some different experiences.

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