Did Instagram Change Its Logo | Instagram Logo Change

Did Instagram Change Its Logo

Instagram is undoubtedly the most popular social media site of all time. Almost every third phone on this planet has the application installed on its device. So, it is impossible to go unnoticed by users by changing the logo of the application. But, did Instagram change its logo? If yes, then what does the new logo look like?

We know there must be several questions running around in your head right now. As Meta, the application’s parent company does not do anything without announcing. We know that Instagram has evolved its logo since the launch of the application a lot.  But, this time people are going crazy all over the internet mocking the new Instagram logo.

So, let’s not wait much and start digging into the post and find out Did Instagram Change its logo and the reason behind it.

Did Instagram Change Its Logo?

Yes, Instagram has changed its logo. It has brightened the colors of the previous logo and the vibrancy of the gradients can be seen behind the logo. 

While many people are admiring the new logo and say that it outstands their favorite application among the others. Whereas there are many that are mocking the company by saying that they need to dim their phone’s brightness because of the sharp bright color of the logo.

Why Did Instagram Change Its Logo: Instagram Logo Change Reason?

Meta, Instagram’s parent company has not specified the reason behind the change of color. However, there is various speculation running around in the market. 

Many are with the thought that as the Pride month is approaching, the platform has found a way to pay tribute to the Pink community. 

New Instagram Logo Looks Like

If we start with the design of the new Instagram logo then it looks exactly the same as the previous one. The only difference between the new and the old Instagram logo is the brightness of the colors. The new logo is quite bright which leaves the vibrancy of the gradients around the new Instagram Logo.

When Did Instagram Change Its Logo?

Instagram changed its logo for the first time on 11 May 2016. Now, recently it changed the color of its logo. Many experts are of the opinion that the logo color is brightened keeping on mind the wide range of influencers on its platform.

Wrapping Up

The change in the Instagram logo can be easily seen in the Android application. As we said, every person on the internet has got their own views about the Instagram Logo change. What are your views on the topic? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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