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Worried about your small server? Using discord bots is fun! Do not deprive yourself of the fun just because you have a small server. Do you know you too can find discord bots ideal for small servers? 

If you didn’t know, Discord is presently one of the most well-liked chat services among gamers. Whether it is Rust Console or Pokémon discords, you can’t avoid it. Due to its strength and adaptability, it has gained popularity among gamers all around the world. You already know that Discord is very configurable if you’ve ever used it and set up your own discord server

We have 10+ of the greatest Discord bots to share with you in this post so that your team can run a safe and fun server for your community.

Top Discord Bots for Small Servers

Here is the list of top 11 discord bots you are looking for:

  1. MEE6
  2. Dyno
  3. Arcane
  4. Helper. gg
  5. Cookie
  6. Double Counter
  8. Tatsu
  9. FreeStuff
  10. Rythm
  11. UnbelievaBoat

There are many wonderful and practical Discord bots available, and in this post, we share the 11 greatest Discord bots for small servers. You may also check for music discord bots and welcome discord bots.

1. MEE6

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One of the top Discord bots and among the most widely used moderator bots is MEE6. It takes care of many tasks that a mod team would ordinarily perform. In addition to introducing yourself to new users and informing your server whenever you or your favorite content producers go live on Twitch or YouTube, this also entails letting users assign roles to themselves depending on other users’ reactions.

A command tool that allows you to generate customized commands and an XP leveling system that users can grind to unlock further channels and rights based on activity are two of MEE6’s more complicated features.

2. Dyno

Best Discord Bots For Small Servers 2022_2

Dyno should probably be the very first bot you put on the same to increase its capabilities if you’ve recently started up your Discord server. With a separate dashboard, this feature-rich bot provides you complete control over all of its capabilities, including auto moderating with Mod log, timed mutes, and bans. Additionally, it has been modified to recognize raid spam or mass-mention spam in your community discussions.

Additionally, Dyno is helpful for broadcasting personalized announcements, particularly when a player enters, quits, or is removed from the server. Additionally, it can give people responsibilities and post AFK statuses on your account. The fact that it integrates with Cleverbot and can be used to broadcast Overwatch statistics, and Google results, but most importantly stream video and music from YouTube, is what we appreciate even more.

3. Arcane

Best Discord Bots For Small Servers 2022_3

You may use the leveling bot Arcane to assign roles to members of your Discord server as they advance in rank. Additional intriguing features include moderation options, YouTube notifications for new videos, and reaction roles. Through Arcane’s logging function, you can also keep records of users who are joining and departing the server.

Arcane is the bot you should take into consideration if you’re seeking a capable one that has all the functionality you require to administer your server efficiently. For additional features like configurable XP, prolonged logging, infinite reaction, and booster roles, you can also purchase Arcane Premium.

4. Helper.gg

Best Discord Bots For Small Servers 2022_4

You may use Helper.gg to convert a Discord server into a support team ticketing system. This panel-based ticket bot has a lovely user interface and makes it simple to manage and reply to tickets that your customers submit.

For the customer support team at your business, create staff accounts and manage the permission for each account. Ticket logging with the flexibility to rename and move tickets, add and remove users, and the comfort of having tickets close periodically depending on the amount of time that has passed since the previous reply are all accessible, along with status tags. Only premium plans offer certain features.

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5. Cookie

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A cookie is a behavior pattern AI that can identify spam, slurs, profanity, and unwanted flirtation. It notifies you when a user employs any of the aforementioned words and even offers a link to the objectionable message as part of its behavior reporting system. Additionally, it creates leaderboards for the worst offenders on your server.

6. Double Counter

Best Discord Bots For Small Servers 2022_6

Your Discord server would benefit greatly from having the Double Counter bot there. To stop banned accounts from opening new accounts and getting the service, it recognizes IP addresses from those accounts. Also blocked are raids and VPNs.

Based on IP addresses, cookies, and the ages of alt accounts, Double Counter employs holistic scoring to identify rogue actors. It generates thorough logs and offers complete customization. A premium edition with a straightforward one-tier subscription model offers more functionality.


Best Discord Bots For Small Servers 2022_7

One of the top Discord bots right now is Epic RPG, which enables you to play “text-based” RPG games and level up in epic battles. The best part of this game is that you can buy and trade armor and weapons with other players on the server in addition to the RPG elements. You must defeat the dungeon bosses in each of its more than 15 dungeons in order to gain new features and commands.

If you’ve never played this game before, just type “rpg start” and the server will walk you through all of the commands and guidelines. Like in an interactive game, you can see your profile, your inventory, and complete quests. Additionally, it encourages hunting and adventure, both of which I’m sure many people seek. Play this fantastic game on Discord, please.

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8. Tatsu

Best Discord Bots For Small Servers 2022_8

Many video game streamers online swear by Tatsumaki, a very competent Discord bot. You are given a huge number of commands for moderating, establishing welcome messages, notifications, and many other things. The bot’s capabilities extend beyond Discord, and a dedicated dashboard lets you modify the bot’s settings. You may perform web searches, subscribe to RSS feeds, and more directly from within Discord.

The most significant aspect of Tatsu is its much-discussed incentive system, which encourages players to be more active on servers by allowing them to gain XP and Levels. A Discord server’s standing is displayed as a visually appealing card, which encourages you to engage with other users more frequently. You can alter the look of your cards using real money.

9. FreeStuff

Best Discord Bots For Small Servers 2022_9

One of the most helpful Discord bots available is called FreeStuff. The bot basically does what its name implies; it notifies you of changes and notifications for games that are free to play. It’s essentially the greatest Discord bot you can employ for finding deals. When a paid game becomes available for free, the bot will notify you as soon as it is added to your server. The nicest aspect is that FreeStuff doesn’t pester you with notifications for games that are by default free to play.

10. Rythm

Best Discord Bots For Small Servers 2022_10

Rythm is another excellent Discord bot for playing music in the voice channel of your server. This one includes a stunning user interface with a music player that you may use. This makes managing the channel’s queue simple. The options can be changed. You can designate DJ positions, prohibit the playing of music on specific channels, and stop the same tracks from being queued repeatedly.

Compared to Groovy, Rythm supports fewer platforms. The outlets that are available are Bandcamp, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify. For the time being, Apple Music is not supported. Various premium options are available depending on how many Discord servers you run.

11. UnbelievaBoat

Best Discord Bots For Small Servers 2022_11

UnbelievaBoat is a multifunctional Discord bot created to entertain server users. Fortunately, you can use the moderation system included in these features to warn people and impose bans. A case number is given to each action so that your moderators can keep track of it. With leaderboards, you can design your own economic system. Even better, you can set up a store where members can buy things with their money. There are also member jobs available.

You may play games like blackjack, animal racing, roulette, cockfighting, and more on your Discord server. Even radio stations and music can be streamed to voice channels from websites like Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

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Wrapping Up

We now have it! 11 top Discord bots that boost the effectiveness and entertainment of your Discord server. However, merely installing every good bot that has been suggested to you is insufficient. Take part in your own server to discover more about the clientele you have drawn there. This will assist you in selecting the ideal Discord bots for fun and moderation.

For Discord servers with lots of active users, the Cookie AI is particularly helpful. It can make it much easier for your moderators to track down problematic users if you notice a lot of complaints regarding unregulated behavior. However, if your server is somewhat smaller, you’ll probably manage just fine without it.

Let us know which discord bots you have installed and which one you wish to know more about!


Q1. Is MEE6 secure?

Automated Discord bots like Mee6 are a serious security risk since the user base generally trusts their messages and believes that they come from the people in charge of the server.

Q2. How do I get Nitro Discord for free?

Visit the Epic Games Store page for the Discord Nitro store. Make sure you are signed in before clicking the “Get” button. To finish the free order, follow the instructions. Within 24 hours, you’ll get an email.

Q3. Is Discord used for dating?

Although Discord isn’t a dating app specifically, it has evolved into a venue for users to find love relationships.

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