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50 Easter Quotes- To Inspire, Ignite and Forward On Whatsapp

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Easter- the Sunday of Christ is a holy day in the Christian calendar and it is a blessed time that represents hope and new life. When Jesus rose from the dead, he brought humanity into a new relationship with God. Here we bring you the Easter quotes that you can forward on Whatsapp or can use on greeting cards.

Easter is a special time for you to collect, meditate, and store sacred things. It’s a blessed time of renewal, hope, and rebirth. The Easter quotes listed below will reignite your passion. In many countries, Easter is celebrated as a holy week. It is a season that comes along with spring, warmer temperatures, green grass, flowers of all colors, and birds chirping.

Looking for the quotes that can uplift anybody’s mood!!  Read The article below you will find Easter quotes. We categorized them as the Joyous Easter quotes, Easter Quotes to inspire, Easter Quotes to Ignite the passion, Easter quotes for hope, and also the Eater Quotes for Whatsapp forwards

Joyous Easter Quotes 

  • Easter! She is our holiday and celebration of celebrations; so much surpasses all celebrations, not only human and earthly but even those of Christ and for Christ, as the sun surpasses the stars   –Saint Gregory 
  • Christ is Life! He spoke many times about Himself precisely as the bearer of life and resurrection, as the source of eternal life, endless for those who will believe in Him. Christ is risen! – and may our soul rejoice in the Lord. Christ is risen! – and the fear of death disappears. Christ is risen! – and our hearts are filled with joyful faith that we will rise after Him                                       – Archimandrite John 
  • That is why the feast of the Resurrection of Christ fills our hearts with such joy, so great for us, that Christ by His Resurrection certifies that there will also be a general resurrection, for He was the first of those resurrected. The firstborn is Christ, then Christ’s at His coming. This is our faith. This explains our bright joy on the great day of the Resurrection of Christ.                                                               – Saint Luke
  • You cannot shine with sermons, but you can preach about Christ with your life, and even with your weak words, you can all. Imitate all the holy myrrh-bearing women.                                                       – Saint Luke
  • If you do not believe the resurrection of the dead, then God could not have resurrected Christ, therefore those who died in Christ would have perished                                                    – Saint Luke Voino-Yasenets

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Easter quotes to raise and inspire hope

  •  “Easter expresses the beauty, the rare beauty of a new life.” – S. D. Gordon
  •  “Resurrection gives my life meaning, direction and the opportunity to start all over again, regardless of my circumstances.” – Robert Flatt
  •  “He died not for people, but for every person. If each person were the only person created, He would have done no less. ” – S. S. Lewis
  •  “May the joy of the resurrection lift us from loneliness, weakness and despair to strength, beauty and happiness.” – Floyd W. Tomkins
  •  “The first Easter taught us this: life never ends and love never dies.” – Kate McGahan
  •  “If Easter tells us anything today, it says this: you can put the truth in the grave, but it will not stay there. You can nail it to a cross, wrap it in twisting sheets and stuff it in a tomb, but it will rise! “- Clarence W. Hall
  •  “The story of Easter is the story of God’s wonderful window of divine wonder.” – Karl Knudsen
  •  “Whereas ‘Christmas brings the promise of peace on earth’ to one and all, ‘Easter reveals the Lord’s attainment of full Christhood and reveals the way by which we can achieve immortality.’ – Joel S. Goldsmith
  •  “Easter is a time to rejoice, to be grateful, to be sure that everything is forgiven, therefore life extends beyond the borders of the earth.” – Byron Pulsifer
  •  “People gather with their families to celebrate Easter. What better way to celebrate than to spend a few hours on the journey of the life of Christ. ” – Roma Downey

Easter quotes to ignite The passion inside

  •  “Once again to a new creation Awake and death will come, for death is swallowed up by life, and Christ has risen today!” – George Newell Lovejoy
  •  “But from this earth, this grave, this dust, my God will resurrect me, I believe.” – Walter Raleigh
  •  “His sacrifice is the heart of history. But not the end of the story. The Resurrection of the Lord is the most glorious, victorious moment in history. ” – Liz Curtis Higgs
  •  “This is the time to break your chains, Time for the blossoming of souls.” – Katherine Lee Bates
  •  “Easter is the holiest day for Christians. This is a time for family gatherings to celebrate their faith and the beginning of spring. ” – Laura Sommers
  •  “He takes people out of time and makes them feel eternity.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  •  “All heaven is interested in the cross of Christ, the devil is afraid of him, and people are the only ones who ignore its meaning.” – Oswald Chambers
  •  “On the day of Easter, the veil between time and eternity turns into a web.” – Douglas Horton
  •  “Don’t go to Easter service to hear the best news in the world without bringing someone with you to hear it for the first time.” – Rick Warren
  •  “Hope can see that there is light in spite of all the darkness.” – Desmond Tutu

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Easter quotes about hope and new life

  •  “Christ the Lord is risen today, say the Sons of men and angels. Raise your joys and triumphs high; Sing heavens and the earth will answer. – Charles Wesley
  •  “For a Christian, Easter Sunday means everything when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.” – Bernhard Langer
  • “Easter is a demonstration of God that life is essentially spiritual and timeless.” – Charles M. Crowe
  •  “He is risen! Back to glory! »Angels rejoice with great zeal! Heavenly portals are calling: “SALVATION! Salvation is real! “- Greta Zwaan
  •  “Christ not only spoke to us with his life, but also spoke for us by his death.” – Soren Kierkegaard
  • 36. “It’s Easter. This is the time when we reflect on the suffering, sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ. ” – Emily Belle Freeman
  • “And all that is in it; Invisible and visible, Their records allow you to combine everything, for Christ, the Lord is risen. Our joy, which has no end ”. – Saint John of Damascus
  • 38. “It is impossible to reflect on Easter and all its difficulties, not allowing it to be reflected in us and through us.” – Stacy Voss
  • “Our Lord wrote the promise of resurrection not in just books, but in every leaflet in the spring.” – Martin Luther
  • “Don’t give up despair. We are Easter people, and Hallelujah is our song. ” – Pope John Paul II

Poem On Easter

Christ is Risen … But do
we pray for our loved ones once a year, as in delirium?
We remember God in difficult
times … But God is inside each of us.

Christ is Risen … You believe that with good
we will help and save each other.
Let the Lord heal those souls,
In whose – there is no place for kindness …

Christ is Risen …
Light a candle of hope inside everyone and burn!
Let the forest of dark thoughts disappear …
Happy Easter everyone! And, Truly Risen …

Let children and old people not get sick.
After all, the world will be saved by smiles – not fangs.
And if everyone could believe in God,
Perhaps God would also believe in us …

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Whatsapp Forward Quotes on Easter

  • I want to wish God’s Grace to ALL, may peace, happiness, and love reign in every home, children’s laughter sounds, and the smell of freshly baked pies is in the air! Rejoice, rejoice: Christ is Risen – Truly Risen !!!
  • light from the heavens of Salvation will descend into every house! Christ is risen!
  • Great Saturday before Easter … Everything froze. And there is silence in the world. And midnight will break the Sunday Feast And proclaim that life has come!
  • May the day of Holy Sunday
    bring the Good News!
    It will cleanse the soul and warm it up,
    Save the world from all bad weather!
    “Christ is Risen! “Truly he is risen!”
  • The sun is shining high. Summer is not far away. Happy holiday Christ is Risen. All warmth, love And joyful miracles!
  • Under the vault of heaven, the
    Words are all empty.
    Christ is now resurrected.
    And what have you done?
  • Let the soul freeze with hope in anticipation of the mercy of heaven, may the Almighty not leave you in his kindness! CHRIST IS RISEN!
  • Christ is risen! In the rays of love, the gloomy cold grief will disappear, Let joy reign in the hearts And those who are old, and those who are young! Christ is risen!

  • Christ is risen! – just two words, But how much grace is in them! We are again Illuminated with unearthly bliss in your hearts.

  • Christ is risen! And this is the main point.
    April shoves May in the back,
    Happy Easter, Orthodox!
    Good fast, pour!

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I hope the categorization of Easter Quotes by us will help you find your favorite Easter Quote. Use these quotes in your greeting cards and WhatsApp forward to impress your beloved.

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