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Good First Impression With Instagram Profile

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Shubham Attri
Shubham Attri
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Truly said, “The first impression Is the last Impression”. If you are confused and are looking for how to make a good first impression with Instagram Profile then you must read this article.

Every one of us wants to be an influencer on Instagram. To be an Influential personality on any social media you must have an impressive Profile. Your profile tells a lot about you and your personality. We have disclosed many ways by which you can generate more audience to your Instagram handle.

In the article below you will read about various tricks and ways by which you can create a good impression on your audience through your Instagram Profile.

Good First Impression With Instagram Profile

 Some of the easiest points are discussed below which you should keep in mind while making or improving your Instagram Profile. These points will help you to create a good first impression with Instagram profile on your audience.

Choose Your Profile Pic Wisely

Profile Pic is the pic that other Instagrammers see when they search for your username. It is advisable to use the Profile Pic that is really you. But there are cases when using your own picture on the profile is a bad idea. This is when your account represents your business or a bigger organization. uploading profile pic wisely will help you create a good first impression with Instagram Profile.

How to set Profile picture On Instagram

  1. Click On the extreme right corner of the screen
  2. Click On Edit Profile.
  3. Click on change profile pic.
  4. Now you can upload your profile from the gallery.

Use An Identifiable Username

You must think about your username before making Instagram Profile. Your Username is the lower case handle that makes the URL of your profile. Choosing a username so that the URL of your profile looks good. It is another way to impress your followers with the URL link and it creates a good first impression with Instagram profile.

How to change your Instagram Username

  1. Click on the extreme right bottom of the screen.
  2. Click on Edit Profile.
  3. You will find the option to change your username there.

Choosing the Name

Your Name on Instagram is different from your username on Instagram. Username helps in making the URL of your Instagram profile whereas Your name on the profile works as the keyword to find you on social media. You must write your name in a way that shows on the top list when the related keyword is searched.

It is suggested to use your name with your Professional titles. It helps when someone searches for a particular profession and creates a good first impression with Instagram Profile.

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How To Change Your Instagram Profile Name:

  1. Click on the extreme right bottom of the screen.
  2. Click on Edit Profile.
  3. You will find the option to change your Profile name there.
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Write The Instagram Bio That Sizzles

The bio section in the Instagram profile is the most important section to attract more public toward your account. If the bio is good it will create a good first impression with Instagram Profile.

Highlight Your Skills

Your Instagram bio must tell people about your skills, Which helps in targetting your audience. You must know your skills and the type of audience you want on your Instagram account. This can include your business journals or your youtube channel links.

Use Relevant keywords

The use of the target keyword in your Instagram bio helps in increasing the searchability on Instagram. While deciding the keywords to include in your Instagram bio, think about the core values and interests of your target audience.  

Get Creative with your Instagram Bio

Here we have disclosed three ways to make your Instagram Bio look Better and these will help you in creating a good first impression with Instagram profile.

Use Emojis- You must use emojis to space out your text and extra spaces. Using Emojis in the bio makes the Instagram bio looks good and attractive.

Use Popular HashTags- Popular hashtags help you remain in the eyes of Instagram. Plus it gives a positive impact on the audience if the hashtag used is of their Interest.

Add Line Breaks- You must use line breaks while writing your Instagram Bio. Line breaks make the written text look better and your profile much engaging.

How To Add Instagram Bio

  1. Click on the extreme right bottom of the screen.
  2. Click on Edit Profile.
  3. You will find the column to write your bio there.

Add Your Contact Information

If you are having a business profile on Instagram, Then you must mention your contact information to the profile. It leaves a positive impact on the customer, this makes him believe in the authenticity of the business account.

Note- you must have a business account for the purpose

How to add contact information on Instagram

  1. Go to your Instagram professional account.
  2. Tap on Edit Profile.
  3. Under Public Business Information, you can edit the Business Category, and Business contact info.
  4. You also have the option to display or hide your business category and contact information on your profile. 
  5. Once you’ve finished updating your business info, Tap Done.

Make Use Of Instagram Links

Instagram recently introduced clickable links. These links can be used directly to redirect the user to the business accounts. These links have proved to be a revolution in the business strategies by Instagram.


I hope now you have a clear idea in your mind about how to make a good impression on Instagram. If you find this article interesting or want us to add more points to it then do write us at deasilex.

Featured Image Source: The Indian Wire

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