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eBay Crypto Payment

Cryptos have been undoubtedly ruling the internet and now the trend has taken a turn towards payment methods. You must have heard the news about the guy who spent his Bitcoins in 2012 for buying the Pizza. The dude must be in serious trauma now. eBay is planning for the eBay Crypto payment on its platform. Well, what is the news about? Let’s have a detailed overview.

Who today isn’t aware of the online shopping giant, eBay. It is among the oldest online shopping sites in the world. The company primarily focuses on Gen Z and the Millenials. As we know, today’s generation is more interested in Crypto trading and NFTs. So, there are high chances that this has given the company the idea of introducing the eBay Crypto payment feature on the website.

However, the feature hasn’t been introduced yet and is expected to announce on the comings investor’s day. What must have provoked eBay to introduce the crypto payment feature on the application? What are the companies plans? We are sure you must be having several queries like these in your head right now.

Here is a detailed post that will clear all your doubts about the introduction of the new feature. So, without wasting time anymore, let us start with an overview of the news.

eBay Crypto Payment Feature

The news is that the eBay company has decided to introduce the new eBay Crypto Payment Feature on its application. The feature will allow the users to make payments in the Cryptocurrency on the platform.

The feature hasn’t been introduced yet and is expected that it will be announced on Investor’s Day that is on 10th March this year. 

People are also of the opinion that the company has chosen the investor’s day as Cryptos are the form of investment in the modern world. So, what day would be the best for the announcement?

You must be thinking that the official statement has not been made so, there is a chance of the news being fake. Well, if that is the case then let us tell you that the news was not told by any source.

It was the CEO of eBay itself that told the public in an interview with the Street that the company was looking forward to introducing the cryptos on the platform. So, the world could expect the new feature on the investor’s day.

During the interview, Jamie Lannone also revealed the numbers. He said the company is handling $85 Billion directly. So, this is the perfect time to introduce the eBay Crypto Payment feature.

What Are The Famous Payment Methods Used On eBay?

The e-commerce giant is providing various different methods of payments on its platform. The most common among them is Apple pay and Google Pay. We know that recently Apple also introduced a Crypto touchless payment option. 

NFTs On eBay

If you think that the platform introducing the eBay Crypto payment feature was the first thing the company did to get close to Web 3.0, you are wrong. Last year eBay started selling NFTs on its platform. So, you can say that all it was pre-planned.

Wrapping Up

So, are you excited about the eBay Crypto Payment feature? If yes, then fasten your seat belts for 10th March 2022, which is Investor’s Day as the CEO is planning to announce the feature. That’s all in the news for now. Keep visiting Deasilex for further updates on the matter.

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