Cryptos You Can Mine On PC/Home Computer? Do It Yourself!

Cryptos You Can Mine On PC

Do you know that there are many cryptos that you can mine with your computer? Yeah, you read that right! Here is a complete guide on cryptos you can mine on PC/ Home computer.  

Crypto mining has always been an exciting thing, but it cannot be neglected that it involves expensive costs. Though it is quite difficult to mine Bitcoin using a computer these days, there are other cryptos you can mine on PC or home computer.

It was earlier an easy process to mine Bitcoin using an individual computer. The difficulty in mining has made this option also difficult. The cryptos that don’t need building enormous mining rigs can be helpful for you to mine on your PC.

But you can benefit from using a small crypto-mining operation at home. We will provide cryptos on PC/Home computer.  Let’s start with the post without further ado.

List Of Cryptos You Can Mine On PC/ Home Computer

Here are the cryptos you can mine on PC or computer at home. Let’s see what cryptos are included in this list.

1. Monero

You can easily use this cryptocurrency to mine on a computer. This is based on a CryptoNote Protocol. The mining competition becomes fairer because miners can only use consumer-grade Hardware for mining which means this cryptocurrency is ASIC-resistant.

Market Cap: $3,238,981,381

Token: XMR

2. RavenCoin

RavenCoin is an ASIC-resistant cryptocurrency. KAWPOW mining algorithm is used for this cryptocurrency. A consumer-grade GPU can be used for mining. 

Market Cap: $667,941,904

Token: RVN

3. Zcash

It was launched in the year 2016 as a privacy-centric cryptocurrency. You can use Zcash cryptocurrency to easily and efficiently send and receive money. You can use software like EWBF Zcash Miner for mining ZEC Solo. Zcash is a good option for mining for home miners.

Market Cap: $1,674,051,673

Token: ZEC

4. Dogecoin

Dogecoin has received great attention as a meme coin initially and now has an infinite supply. It is one of the most profitable cryptos for mining. You can use software like CudaMiner for mining Dogecoin cryptocurrency.

Market Cap: $18,143,997,571

Token: DOGE

5. Beam

One of the best options of cryptos you can mine on PC/ Home computer is Beam. It supports GPU mining by employing the Hashii algorithm. You can trade Beam crypto in exchanges like Binance.

Market Cap: $35,867,119

Token: BEAM

6. Nerva

Nerva is a GPU/ASIC-resistant crypto. It is a secure and untraceable cryptocurrency. Nerva appeared in the year 2018 intending to remain decentralized. It is also a good option for mining using a personal computer.

Market Cap: $212,395

Token: XNV

7. Haven Protocol

This cryptocurrency has gained popularity in the last few years. It uses an algorithm that was abandoned by Monero. It is Proof-of-Work crypto. It is known for enabling users to hold cryptos without the risk of volatility.

Market Cap: $59,420,523

Token: XHV

8. Bytecoin

You can easily mine Bytecoin cryptocurrency on your PC. The cryptocurrency was released in 2012. If you want to keep your finances private, Bytecoin is a good option. You can also use GPUs to mine Bytecoins.

Market Cap: $32,951,402

Token: BCN

9. Vertcoin

Vertcoin was launched in 2014. It is considered a great choice for small miners. It has a very simple mining process. This cryptocurrency has a focus on decentralization. It makes use of an ASIC-resistant PoW mechanism for incentivizing miners and issuing new coins.

Market Cap: $18,545,326

Token: VTC

10. MintMe

This is not a very famous cryptocurrency. But it can be a good option for mining. The cryptocurrency doesn’t have a high hash rate, so one can easily use this cryptocurrency for mining at home and earn profits.

Market Cap: $1,486,423


11. Grin

The cryptocurrency was launched in 2019. It supports GPU and CPU mining. Grin focuses on scalability along with privacy. If you are thinking of GPU mining in Grin, don’t forget to buy Nvidia cards as they will be highly effective. 

Market Cap: $15,088,959

Token: GRIN

12. Litecoin 

Litecoin is the oldest cryptocurrency and is referred to as an option in place of Bitcoin. You don’t need to invest in ASIC chips if you are using Litecoin. It is considered a less volatile cryptocurrency than the other available ones. Litecoin also has a very low transaction fee compared to other altcoins.

Market Cap: $8,017,765,316

Token: LTC


That’s all in the post on ‘Cryptos you can mine on PC/ Home computer’. Here we have given you a list of 10+ cryptos that can be mined using a PC. You can also try mining these cryptos on your PC and earn profits. Though it is quite challenging, you can choose the best coins and use the most efficient hardware to earn huge profits. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can You Mine Cryptocurrency With A PC? 

A. Yes, you can mine cryptocurrency using a PC or a laptop.

Q2. How Long Does It Take To Mine 1 Ethereum?

A. It would take around 97 days to mine 1 Ethereum at the present difficulty level.

Q3. Which Is The Easiest Crypto To Mine With A PC?

A. Monere (XMR) is considered to be one of the easiest cryptos to mine using a PC. 

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