Elon Musk And Google Staffer Will Create TruthGPT!

Elon Musk and Google Staffer will Create TruthGPT

We have been observing and predicting his next move, and many of his recent tweets have an element of angst and are uncomfortable in nature. Who else apart from a Google staffer will Musk take on board for his new AI research laboratory still remains to be seen. But yes, we have reasons to believe that it will be done soon. Elon has already said many times, that he knows the potential of the products Open.AI is building and after the launch of ChatGPT, he has seen himself in an unnerving situation.

Musk’s Team To Form TruthGPT

This is high time for him now and so, things have started taking shape. With the hot news of Elon Musk and Google staffer forming an AI research laboratory, it’s evident now that he is up to something with the size of life. Since he left his own founded Open.AI for interest conflict reasons, he has always been observed thinking about that impulsive move and has been weighing many options to encounter his own brainchild now.

Elon Musk and Google Staffer will Create TruthGPT

This might be the reason behind this apparent AI research laboratory yet to be formed by Elon Musk and Google staffer Igor Babuschkin. Igor has previously worked with Open.AI after spending the initial two years of his professional carrier in Deepmind. Igor switched back to Deepmind after a brief stint at Open.AI and now if the news is to be believed, he has also left Google-owned Deepmind and will be joining hands with Elon Musk for the new AI venture. This might could take shape now as ChatGPT vs Google. What a move Musk!!

New Chatbot Will Be TruthGPT

As the opinion of many tech geeks, Elon might have opted to invest money in some other AI start-up and could have done something to put a leash on ChatGPT. But who knows what is going through his head and what he is up to? He could have secretly funded some AI start-up and prepared it to kill ChatGPT but instead, as per his persona, Musk opted for the uncommon option and made the choice to face off his own brainchild. Elon Musk won’t be doing this secretly and will openly create the rival TruthGPT for ChatGPT. Let’s see what comes next, it’s quite exciting to see what happens and what the human race is yet to see another chatbot with the name TruthGPT.

Elon Musk And Google Staffer Igor Babuschkin = Truth GPT

Elon Musk and Google Staffer will Create TruthGPT

The decision of hiring the Google staffer Igor Babuschkin seems a well-weighed choice. Igor might not be much experienced in AI and chatbots but he definitely has a clear idea of what both Open.AI and Deepmind are doing and this is what Elon needs here. Elon Musk and Google Staffer Igor won’t be creating a chatbot only, but a tool to retaliate. The new chatbot TruthGPT should have the qualities to face off chatGPT which can only be inculcated if they know the soul of ChatGPT. TruthGPT shall be armored well enough to eliminate ChatGPT from point blank and in this specific practice, Igor is not a bad choice. This idea seems to work as the bedrock for the new AI research laboratory to be formed by Elon Musk and Google staffer Igor Babuschkin.

Details matter, it’s worth waiting to get it right. Many among us follow Steve Jobs but only a few can fathom what actually is the stature of Steve Jobs and his sayings. Had it been that easy, there would have been many Steve Jobs around. The illustrious Elon Musk has the viability to understand such people and adopt their philosophy in real life and can define changes.

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