TruthGPT: Elon Musk’s Rival To ChatGPT!

The computer programmer is the creator of the universe for which he alone is the lawgiver.

Imagine the amount of intensity of this line said by German Computer scientist Joseph Weizenbaum who back in 1966 developed the first AI chatbot named Eliza. He acclaimed that computers have some potential to mimic humans. Race continued and something with the name of Open.AI came into existence in late 2015 with its yet to come one of the most remarkable attainments in late 2022 with the name always creating propaganda, the great ChatGPT. Needless to mention that one of the earlier founders and investors in Open.AI was the puzzling Elon Musk.

Chatbot – The Inception

As already suggested by Shan Mac, the co-founder of chatbot Assist, the subsequent expected moves occurred in 2016 when Microsoft entered in AI world and secretly developed its chatbot SYDNEY and even tested it in many countries in early 2021 with many users from India but it went largely unnoticed. Soon after when Google realized that MS has embarked on the journey to develop an AI chatbot, it went on to try buying Chatfuel, which is backed by Russian search engine Yandex and Silicon Valley technology start-up accelerator Y Combinator.

The deal failed badly but Google has realized the potential of Artificial Intelligence because it has already acquired Deepmind and has invested vastly in it and aggressively trying to maintain its spot in the race. Chatfuel later established its worth and then Chatfuel and Facebook happened to be business partners and Chatfuel’s chatbots has been integrated with Facebook messenger and Instagram.

Quite early before the alpha testing of SYDNEY, Microsoft realized that it’s not going to happen like this and then suddenly in 2018, Elon resigned from the board of Open.AI, stating that it could be a potential conflict of interest if in case he launches AI with Tesla, and remained a donor. It changed the whole game for Microsoft and without wasting any time thinking they put in $1 billion, followed by another $2 billion, and in late 2022 MS secretly infused a huge amount of $10 billion and acquired a 75% stake in OpenAI. Subsequently, Microsoft launched Posthemus, the technology behind the new Bing ChatGPT, although it’s still in the development stage, and the waitlist is quite large in number. Google on the other hand is doing non-impressing experiments with Bard.

TruthGPT – Elon Musk’s Concern

Where was Elon Musk, what was he doing, when all this was happening? Well, he was busy buying Twitter, and irrespective of the money, it was not an easy task for him. By the time Twitter started banning users randomly while it was election time in the States, it started seeming inappropriate. Blocking touched its all-time high when Twitter blocked the then-POTUS Donald Trump. This was followed by the removal of many tweets campaigning for Trump’s party and this irked Elon Musk and now you all know who owns the social media giant Twitter. 

He is back now and on his recently bought social media platform, he is telling the world about the intimidating and dangerous nature of AI and ChatGPT. This can be seen in many of the tweets he is doing over the last many months, significantly after Bill Gates closed his last deal with Open.AI.

TruthGPT: Elon Musk’s Rival To ChatGPT!

With all these tweets, it seems like a puzzle and that’s why I preferred using puzzle with Musk’s name when I first used his name in this article. What’s running through his mind, is whether he deeply regrets his move of quitting the Open.AI’s board or might be the whole idea of creating Open.AI is now giving him sleepless nights. Musk’s ethical concerns that the whole concept of Open.Ai be open source and a non-profitable organization is diminishing when it recently adopted the profit-cap and switched to a profitable organization. From some of Musk’s tweets, he seems concerned and really thoughtful about the existential threat from AI to humankind and at the same time he tweets something and it seems like he is trying to shift the focus of his followers to somewhere else. Puzzling, isn’t it? 

TruthGPT – Elon Musk’s Baby

Some of the users have reported that while chatting with Bing, it started being absurd and rigidly adamant with everything the user prompted. As reported, the chatbot even said that it wants to be a human, Musk has also mentioned this concern in his tweets. In many other tweets he has also proclaimed that ChatGPT is biased not to facts only but also toward some famous and influential personalities, he has also said that ChatGPT is not true to the developer’s policies. Maybe the name TruthGPT is coming from here, which signals that if developed, will be purely true to the master.

We all know how this could take shape in the next few years, to be precise Musk has already predicted AI will surpass human intelligence by 2025. Maybe it will be an existential threat for us humans then, only if not used wisely. But again puzzle is more puzzling by this news, which tells that Google DeepMind’s head recently resigned and reportedly has joined hands with Elon Musk for his new AI research laboratory. Elon has already given hints about this when he tweeted TruthGPT to be the new GPT, so, is this the new chatbot we are going to see?

Elon Musk Says – AI vs Human 

Or Does He Means ChatGPT vs TruthGPT

See the below tweet, it really didn’t make any sense to me when I first read this, and thought not bothering about it. Later, to understand if it concerns something with TruthGPT, I thought to give it a try and researched the medical terms used in it and was fascinated that how deeply Elon Musk understands AI or chatbots. 

The two parts of the brain which Musk mentioned in his tweet are the Limbic system and the Cortex. Both are responsible for the well-being of our mental health but are often known as compulsive partners in conflict. This is due to the working nature and diverse functions of both. The Limbic system is responsible for emotions, behaviors, Long-term memory, olfaction, motivation, and learning. It is often regarded as impulsive, extremely fast, and unconscious. Cortex on the other hand is careful, logical and practical, slow, and conscious.

As quoted by a renowned Psychologist, the Limbic system works with approximation and thinks in white and black only whereas Cortex is precise and thinks between the different shades of grey. If optimized in a balanced way they could be really complementary. Is Elon going to develop TruthGPt with this principle concern, is this what Musk means by AI vs Human, rest is up to our readers to make the connection between this tweet and AI technology.

We Say

The race is on between giants like Google, Microsoft and Elon Musk, and many others who are not in the bigger picture we are seeing. It seems it’s less like a cause or concern for any existential threat to humankind, whereas the self-interest of these deep-pocketed globalists is deeply vested. It’s quite evident with the TruthGPT tweet from Musk. We just have to live by to see who wins, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon but it’s never going to end. They all are running to leave each other behind and maybe as a byproduct of the process of this racing event, it could only contribute to humankind.

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