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Every Update On GTA 6 – Release Date, Gameplay, Map, And Setup

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How many readers are from the 90s here? Give me a shout because today we are going to talk about the most famous PlayStation or PC games of our time or I would say of all time G-T-A. Here is an article that will tell you the all the updates about GTA 6.

You know things changed, people changed and the whole world changed in the last two decades. But the thing that remained constant was the craze for digital games. Well, this craze can be seen for PUBG now but I’ll be biased here “PUBG Cannot Match GTA”. There are almost fifteen games in the GTA series with GTA 5 being recent. Gamers are eager to know if there is any possibility of GTA 6 coming back. This article is dedicated to them.

In the article, we will discuss when you expect GTA 6 to release, what would the gameplay be? What would the Protagonist like? The rumors in the market, Map, Story, and Trailer.

GTA 5 was a huge game as well as a huge success. Surely, it left the gamers who have completed the game wondering when they will get another masterpiece to play again. Worry Not Gamers, here is everything you wish to know about Grand Theft Auto VI.


Next, you will find out the details about GTA 6 like the release date, leaked map, gameplay time, and many more in the article. Well, without taking much of your time let’s break the suspense and get to the point.

GTA 6 Release Date

Source: YouTube

GTA takes almost 4-5 years to launch a game in the series. If we go by the method then the GTA 5 was released in September 2013. That counts it should have been released in 2018 but we didn’t get any news. Although Rockstar games have not given any official statements about the releasing date of the game. But, there are words in the street that say you can expect the game to be launched in October 2023. 

GTA 6 GamePlay

GTA VI has been under development for the last 8 years. You can expect various changes in the gameplay and the map. Let’s talk about the gameplay first. 

There are rumors in the market about the fights on the tables in the GTA 6 development committee. Some say single-player mode is dead nowadays and support the online multiplayer features. While some wanted the real single player to be improved.

If you have followed the interviews of the GTA developers closely then you can make out that there are more chances of improved single-player mode or maybe both or there are chances that rockstar games come up with the Virtual reality setup.

GTA 6 Map And Set Up

GTA 6 - Map
Source: SportsKeeda

If you are a GTA player the thing you would be eagerly waiting for would be the city map and the setup.

GTA 5 was set up back in Los Angeles so, we can expect GTA 6 to head back to vice city map with new missions and latest graphics. Well, a few years ago an image was shared on the internet that showed the map similar to Vice city but smaller in size, and the map was said to be a leaked image of the map from GTA VI.

There are also rumors that the map can be set in Brazil or Miami. 

Now moving to the setup of the game. The developers have made it clear that the game would be set up in the present world. So, you can expect a lot of advancement in the things around.

There are talks about a female protagonist in the game. Yeah, I know we have that in the previous versions as well. But this time without the cheat codes.

Where Will GTA 6 Release

Well, it is for sure that you will get to have GTA 6 on XBOX Series X and PS 5. But there are high chances that you can get the PC as well as an online version of the game this time.

Chances of being on PC, the growing demand for the GTA 5 on PC can let the Rockstar games think of releasing GTA VI on the PC platforms.

Talking of the online version, GTA 4, GTA 5, and the Red Dead Redemption all have online servers. So, it makes a high probability of GTA 6 being released in an online mode as well.

GTA 6 Trailer

Well, there is not any official announcement of the release date of the game. So, there is no trailer available right now. We promise to update the trailer section as soon as the Rockstar games release it. Till then enjoy the trailer of GTA 5


Well, that was all we knew about the release date, map, gameplay, and rumors about GTA 6. This is the latest piece of information available in the market to date. We promise to give you regular updates on this. Stay connected to Deasilex. 

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