Facebook’s Virtual World | Horizon Worlds Metaverse Is Here!!

Facebook’s Virtual World

On 09 December 2021 Meta launched its first Virtual World, Horizon World. We know you must be wondering how this new “Facebook’s Virtual World” looks like and what are the things that we can do on the platform. Well, if this is the scenario then here we are with the post that will clear all your doubt about how the Facebook Metaverse would look like?

On 28 October 2021, Facebook officially changed its name to “Meta”. The decision was taken in order to announce the shifting of the platform from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 that is the Metaverse era. Recently, Meta launched its first virtual world Multiplayer Game, Horizon World. The application is available for Windows as well as the Oculus VR platform. 

Many people say that the game is important from the Facebook Metaverse point of view because it will give us an idea about how Zukerberg’s multiverse would look like. You need to have the Oculus VR set to play the game in Virtual reality. Further in the post, you will find everything related to the update.

Facebook’s Virtual World – Horizon Worlds Is Out

Although Facebook said that its Metaverse will be ready within 5 years. But, on 09th December 2021. It launched its first Virtual World, this gives us a glimpse of what the Facebook Metaverse Plan would look like. 

Let us start the post with what actually is Horizon Worlds.

What Is Horizon Worlds?

Horizon world is Facebook’s Virtual world. The application is available in the RPG game mode that can be easily downloaded from the Oculus official website. If you want to know more about the game then you can compare it with the Decentaralad’s or Sandbox metaverse. 

To access this Facebook’s Virtual World the user needs to make his avatar which will be legless. People from all around the globe will join in the metaverse and you can interact with them (their avatars). 

Although it is categorized as a multiplayer game by the developers. But, it has a lot more to offer. Worry not, we will be discussing all the things to do in the Facebook Metaverse in the next section of the post 

Who Can Play The Horizon Worlds?

Facebook is cautious while launching its first Metaverse. The company has given special attention to the privacy policy and user concerns.

Coming to who can play the game, then the developers have strictly mentioned that only the ones who are 18 years or older can have access to Facebook’s Metaverse, Horizon Worlds.

To play the game the users need to have Oculus Virtual Reality Headsets. These headsets will be used to provide the users with the perfect experience of the 3D world around them.

The Avatars In The Horizon Worlds

As we know that creating Avatars is a must to enter any Metaverse. So, the formula remains the same for Facebook’s virtual world as well. The user will create their avatars and the most interesting part is that this Avatar would be legless. Well, Meta hasn’t given any official statement regarding this.

Where Can You Play The Horizon Worlds 

Currently, only the people from the US and Canada can play the Horizon Worlds. The Facebook Metaverse is only launched in these two countries and will soon be launched in other parts of the world as well.

Horizon Worlds Details

Developed ByMeta Platforms
Published ByMeta Platforms
Engine UsedUnity
Platforms AvailableMicrosoft Windows and Oculus Quest
Release Date09 December 2021 (The US and Canada)
Genre Of The GameGame Creation System, Massively Multiplayer Online
Modes AvailableMultiplayer

When Will Horizon Worlds Get Release Worldwide? 

Horizon Worlds was released for the first time on 09 December 2021 in the US and Canada. We think the game has been launched on a trial basis and will be released worldwide once the developers get the reviews from the US and the Canadian people. This will help them to improve the bugs and experience in the game and the final product will be presented to the world soon.

Things To Do In Facebook’s Metaverse – Horizon Worlds

Facebook’s Virtual World

Meta called the “Horizon Worlds”, a place of limitless possibilities. So, saying that it would just be a play-to-earn game like Axies Infinite would be wrong. Given below are a few things to do in the Facebook Metaverse.

1. Invent, Transform And Create Things 

As we know that Horizon Worlds has been launched recently. So, it provides you the limitless options to invent new things in the virtual world. If you are a creator and an expert in VR technology or just want to start your carrier in the field. It is the perfect opportunity to grab.

2. Build A Community

Since Horizon Worlds is Facebook’s Virtual world, it won’t lose its social touch. So, you can meet people from all around the globe and interact with them. The platform also provides you the liberty to create your community or be a member of the community you wish to. So, it is going to be a nice platform to socialize in the virtual universe.

3. Follow The  Creators

As we said that you can become a creator on the Horizon Worlds that is not all. You can also follow your favorite creators on the platform just as you follow them on the Facebook application. Don’t you think it is something new that the platform has included in its Metaverse?

4. Hangout With Friends

The Facebook application is undoubtedly the best place to talk and socialize with friends. The only thing that was missing on the platform was the ability to meet and hang out with friends online. The new Facebook virtual world launched will fill this missing place. You can now make your avatars use the VR sets and hang out with your friends in the virtual city. You can visit nightclubs and other places to have fun.

5. Relax And Take A Break From The Daily Chores

Internet experts have declared that Web 3.0 will be the overlapping of the physical and the digital world. One of my favorite things to do in the Facebook Metaverse is to visit the “Comfort Zone”. There are points in the Horizon Worlds where you can just go wearing the VR sets and relax by listing to the soothing music and being surrounded by the pleasant environment.

6. Jetpacks

One of the major sources of attraction in Facebook’s virtual world is the jetpacks. As we told you that the avatars that you will create will not have legs. But, you can wear jetpacks and fly around the whole Facebook Metaverse city. 

Wrapping Up

That was all about the Facebook’s Virtual World, Horizon World. If we define it in a nutshell, then Horizon Worlds is an application that can be accessed on Microsoft Windows or Oculus Quest using the Oculus VR sets. Currently, the application is available in the US and the Canada region only and is soon expected to launch for the rest of the world.

If you still have any query then feel free to ask us in the comments section. We will be happy to hear from you. If you found this article informative then do share the post with your friends.

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