How To Make Your iPhone Louder? 5 Guaranteed Hacks To Try!!

How To Make Your iPhone Louder

Let’s just admit that many times we wish to carry our phones to the washroom to play music while we bathe! But the speakers are not that loud enough to satisfy our ears! Well, we understood the issue! This is the case with the older iPhones especially, that came with one speaker only! But, who said you can’t make your iPhone sound louder? Learn how to make your iPhone louder and a lot more!!

Don’t we all have tried those promising tricks like putting our phones into glasses or cups to increase the volume of our phones!! In fact, many of you must have tried those cases for iPhones that are designed to supposedly increase the volume of your music too! Right? But, what if I tell you that there are so many other hidden volume tricks that existed on your iPhone for the ENTIRE time!!

Still, trying to figure ways how to make your iPhone louder? Only if you could use a magic wand or something! Huh, just forget the wand and use your fingers instead! (These hacks are not just available within the Apple Music app, but also in Pandora as well as Spotify)

Take a look at these below mentioned hacks and thank me later!!

5 Hacks On How To Make Your iPhone Louder?

Don’t waste time just check out these 5 tried and tested hacks and see which works for you the best!

Hack 1. Don’t Cover The Speakers.

Don't Cover The Speakers

The first hack on how to make your iPhone louder is to check your phone’s speakers. Be sure not to protect the speaker using your fingers while holding it, as this will block out the sound. If you’re holding it, wrap your hands over either end (without getting your hands close to the end) to focus the sound towards your ears.

There’s absolutely no harm in flipping upside down the iPhone upside down, so you can see the sound speaker on the highest point on the phone. If you do decide to put it on a stand just make sure to ensure that it does not fall.

Hack 2. Turn Up The Volume In Spotify

Turn Up The Volume In Spotify

We’ve already discussed ways to boost the volume of the Apple Music application. It is possible to achieve the same thing in its major rival Spotify however, you have to have a premium subscription.

If so, this is the way to increase the volume of Spotify.

1. When you launch Spotify, you will need to open the Spotify app, you will need to click the Home tab.

2. Then, tap the Settings icon located in the upper-right corner.

3. Browse through the list, then tap Playback.

4. In the Volume Level section it is possible to tap Loud to lower the dynamic levels, thus raising the volume.

Hack 3. Don’t Cut Down On Loud Sounds.

Don't Cut Down On Loud Sounds

Another hack on how to make your iPhone louder is this! To safeguard your hearing, Apple has included a function that can reduce the volume of sound. You can set the decibel limit for the headphone’s audio that is 85 decibels default.

If you disable this option the sound that is pumped through your iPhone won’t be affected by any means. One word of caution, but be aware when you plan to listen to your music using headphones that are loud for a long time. You aren’t likely to cause damage to your ears.

Here’s how to disable Reduce Loud Sounds.

1. To begin, start by opening your Settings App to your iPhone. Scroll down to the bottom and click Sounds & Haptics.

2. Under Headphone Audio, tap Headphone Safety.

3. Turn off The volume of the sound is reduced.

Hack 4. Change Settings For The EQ Options On Your iPhone

Change Settings For The EQ Options On Your iPhone

The iPhone comes with a limited equalizer (EQ) that alters the music playing in music in the Music app. It’s turned off by default. However, one of the options –“Late Night” can make the music significantly louder.

This is accomplished by normalizing the audio coming from the Music application so that the less sluggish parts of a song are amplified. While the louder songs are also reduced just a little bit however the overall effect is striking particularly when you have the volume turned up to its maximum.

Here’s how you can alter your EQ settings to increase the volume of your iPhone speaker sounds louder. The method works even when you’re using headphones, but you should be aware that changing this setting will not alter the sound that’s not being played through Music.

1. Then, you need to start your Settings application within your iPhone. Scroll down until you reach Music.

2. Then, tap EQ. It is found under the audio section.

3. Browse through the list then tap Late Night.

4. Now you can play music. Try switching EQ up and down to observe the effect it has.

Hack 5. Activate An Equalizer

Activate An Equalizer

Last but not least you can try this hack if none of the above how to make your iPhone louder worked for you! When you’re listening to the radio or taking a calling, it’s possible that the sound might not be as loud as it should in the event that you’ve disabled the volume button or need to clean the iPhone speakers grill.

The best selection of iPhone BT speakers will help you boost the volume of your device without sacrificing portability. Technology has advanced quite a ways and you can now find a variety of BT speakers that will enable you to reach a greater sound without having to limit access to music to a great extent. The older iPhones that have only one speaker, aren’t the loudest.

How To Make iPad Louder?

How To Make iPad Louder

It is said by many that the iPad could be the new computing device!! But for many people, the iPad can be a bit quiet! Here are some ways to boost the volume on your iPad:

Trick 1. iPad Settings

You can increase the volume of Your iPad settings by clicking the Settings menu > Sound > Volume and increasing it to the maximum you want.

Trick 2. Use Headphone Or Earbuds

Utilize earbuds or headphones with your device to cut down on background noise and enjoy better audio quality. It doesn’t require expensive equipment. Even cheap earbuds can suffice!

Trick 3. Adjust Speaker Volume

You can adjust the volume of your speaker by pressing the round button that is located between the Home button as well as the power switch (it appears like a tiny black dial). The options available here range from Off Medium, Medium, and High. Very High is the highest. Try different settings to determine the best option for you.

Trick 4. Turn Down Your Surroundings

Reduce the volume on your device by changing the surroundings. For instance, turn off your fans, shut the blinds in the windows, and then ask your friends to lower the volume! If other devices’ noise can be a problem you might want to consider purchasing an audio splitter for the instances when you wish to catch a late-night show or play music with your friends.

 If the issue occurs often enough to warrant an option that’s more long-lasting than what these suggestions offer. If that’s the case, you have still the possibility of utilizing technology like soundproofing materials to block background noise.

Trick 5. Use Earphones

Make use of earphones in order to reduce the issue of high iPad volume. In particular, noise-canceling headphones can aid in reducing the background noise and make your device more comfortable to use.

Trick 6. Adjust Volume On Apps

Controlling the volume in apps is the easiest solution to this problem. This method gives you more control over certain apps as well as particular sounds that are included in apps like music players.

Trick 7. Download A Music App That Has An Equalizer Equalizer

Another app that includes specially designed equalizers to increase the volume could be beneficial if you need more precise control aside from the volume slider master.

Wrapping Up:

Every device nowadays has set volume limits in order to avoid injuries to ears that could be caused by accident. In the simplest of circumstances, we have discussed a few methods to resolve volume issues for the iPhone.

I hope that these methods assist you with how to make iPhone louder’. Don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends and on various social media networks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Is My Volume So Low On iPhone?

This may be because your phone’s volume is turned low. Check your iPhone’s volume settings. If that’s not the issue then your iPhone may need regular servicing.

Q2. Is Apple Music Louder Than Spotify Music?

Yes, it’s reported that Spotify is slightly louder than Apple Music. Although the difference between the two is merely negligible when you at first hear them.

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