iPhone Stuck on Loading Screen and Won’t Force Restart? This Solution You Need to Know!

iPhone Stuck on Loading Screen and Won’t Force Restart

Sometimes, it’s because of a problem with the OS or the hardware of the phone has been damaged, which makes an iPhone stuck on a black loading screen. However, most of the time, it’s due to the damage caused to the iPhone that this kind of problem is experienced. For many iPhone users, it is easier to pinpoint the root of the issue with expert assistance.

These are the most typical causes of this problem: 

  • It happens after an upgrade of the iPhone to the latest version of iOS. 
  • The user tried jailbreaking the device. 
  • The user transferred data from an old device. 
  • Damage to the iPhone’s hardware. 

The recovery software and programs exist for one purpose and only one purpose, to assist users suffering from problems in getting their data and files. Therefore, for any individual invested in the iOS environment, selecting a program specifically designed and developed to address issues associated with the platform is crucial. 

This is where the TunesKit iOS System Recovery tool impresses and offers a massive ROI. So what are you waiting for let’s get into the solution of the iPhone Stuck on the Loading Screen and Won’t Force Restart?

What exactly is TunesKit iOS System Recovery? 

TunesKit iOS Recovery System is an all-inclusive, fully functional, powerful software created to solve various issues affecting iOS devices. For example, the owners could face an unresponsive screen, a device locked in Recovery Mode, or any other possible problems and errors that can cause data loss. 

TunesKit iOS Recovery System is robust and intuitive enough to resolve these issues without the user having technical or software knowledge. 


  • One-click entry/exit to recovery mode. 
  • Repair iPhone stuck in Recovery Mode, Apple logo, black display, or many other 150+ problems with no data loss. 
  • Fix the most common iTunes issues with a few clicks. 
  • Reset iPhone without password/iTunes/Finder. 
  • Unlock iPhone in the absence of the password. 
  • Downgrade to the previous iOS version. 

Users are skeptical about the assistance they can expect from such programs or how they can resolve issues quickly without waiting for help. In this regard, the dedicated TunesKit YouTube channel covers all subjects and topics of discussion. 

No Data Loss 

The most terrifying fear for an iPhone owner is “Data Loss!” 

In most cases, iOS system repair causes data loss, which can be a nightmare for those who don’t have backups. However, getting over this worry is possible by using the TunesKit iOS System Recovery tool. The software’s design is such that it will not cause data loss in the process of recovery from an iPhone in most circumstances. 

However, expecting data loss in rare situations is possible, such as correcting an issue through a firmware upgrade. 

Repairs in Two Modes 

TunesKit iOS System Recovery can solve iPhone black screen spinning wheel, Apple logo, and boot loops on iPhone or iPad. It can fix both basic as well as complex iOS issues. In addition, it is possible to select between advanced and standard modes to solve a problem. Standard mode is perfect for everyday issues, while the advanced mode is appropriate for situations where the iPhone has a complex issue. 

In the standard mode of recovery, TunesKit won’t erase information. Switching to the advanced mode might be helpful if the standard mode doesn’t work. But it deletes all the content from the device. 

Bypass iTunes Errors 

TunesKit iOS System Recovery software does more than fix system problems. It can assist in fixing iTunes problems also. 

The chance of having the iPhone stuck on Apple logo or not responding after using iTunes restoration or backup feature is possible. It is here the bypass function of TunesKit iOS System Recovery becomes useful. 

Usability and Interface 

It doesn’t matter if one is installing TunesKit iOS System Recovery for Windows or Mac. The process of completing any task is as simple as it can get. The whole purpose of using a program like this is to not take the device to the service center. 

When the tool is run, users can see diverse scenarios that can cause an issue with the iPhone and iPad. For example, one might be amazed to find myriad situations that can result in an iPhone stuck on the black loading screen. 

Users can select the situation that caused the issue, choose between the advanced or standard mode, and start the recovery process. 

Based on the issue, the process could take longer to finish. This is to be expected when using a system recovery tool. It is also crucial to note that TunesKit recommends not closing the recovery window or powering down the device until the process completes. 

How to Use TunesKit iOS System Recovery? 

Step 1: Complete the installation after downloading TunesKit iOS System Recovery on the PC. 

Step 2: Start TunesKit and connect iPhone to the computer. 

Step 3: Once TunesKit has detected the device, press the Start button. 

connect ios device

Step 4: Select the repair mode you want to use: Standard Mode, which does the job with no loss of data and is the preferred repair mode. Select Advanced Mode only if Standard Mode does not fix the issue. 

choose a mode

Step 5: Once you have completed the above, TunesKit will download the needed iOS firmware file based on the connected device. 

download firmware package

Step 6: Allow the download to complete. After that, click the “Repair button to start the process. 

recovery ios system

Step 7: TunesKit is now working to fix the most common issues like iPhone stuck on black loading screen, boot loop issues, and other similar issues. 

Suppose you go into the in-depth of the platform. In that case, you will discover an extremely user-friendly iOS recovery software that serves as the last protection against the iOS device and all the challenges they encounter. 

If you adhere to the instructions and guidelines for a successful fix – like not disconnecting the device during the repair procedure – you will be awestruck by this program and the way it handles many common issues that can appear as terrifying for non-technical individuals. 


Given the nature of the process for the recovering system being the way it is, there’s a good chance that someone would want to talk with TunesKit customer support at some point. Unfortunately, users can communicate with the support team via email only. Luckily, the response time is fast and responds within three hours. Unfortunately, there isn’t a live chat option, meaning there’s no instant response. 

The truth is, TunesKit does have an impressive information database available on its website. It is possible to browse the tutorials and guides and their FAQ pages. If anyone is dealing with an issue unrelated to the iPhone, like Instagram Stories not working, or needs advice on video editing, the solution is available. 


  • The interface is intuitive 
  • User friendly 
  • Compatible with various models of iOS devices
  • It is available for Windows and Mac 
  • No data loss during the recovery process 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 


  • There are a few limitations in the trial version 
  • Customer support via live chat is not available 


Is TunesKit iOS Systems Recovery secure and legit, or a fraud? 

TunesKit iOS System Recovery is safe and legit to use. Still, it is suspected of a scam because it offers refunds to eligible individuals upon challenging/raising a refund request. 

Is TunesKit iOS System Recovery a free tool? 

Like other iOS tools for system recovery, the TunesKit iOS System Recovery tool is partially free. It gives a free trial version that allows testing the features and switching the iPhone into or out of recovery mode. However, purchasing a license is essential to access the complete collection of recovery functions. 

What is the price of the TunesKit iOS System Recovery tool? 

Here is the structure of the TunesKit iOS System Recovery tool: 

A month’s license: $29.95 

One-year license: $39.95 

Lifetime license: $49.95 

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