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Free Bitcoin Mining Sites

Are you someone who is interested in bitcoin mining? This article is a must-read for you! We have presented the guide with the list of free Bitcoin mining sites.

The method by which Bitcoin transactions are digitally verified on the Bitcoin network and added to the blockchain record is known as mining. Verifying blocks of transactions that are updated on the decentralized blockchain ledger is done by resolving challenging cryptographic hash puzzles.

Some of the free Bitcoin mining sites. That gives you the best Bitcoin mining experience are EasyMiner, Awesome Mining, CGMiner, Diablo Miner, MultiMiner, CT NFT Miner, LTC Miner, and CryptoTab.

Continue reading to understand in detail these free Bitcoin mining sites and the services they offer. Without further delay, let us jump straight to the article!

Free Bitcoin Mining Sites 2024

Some of the free Bitcoin mining sites that give you the best Bitcoin mining experience are EasyMiner, Awesome Mining, CGMiner, Diablo Miner, MultiMiner, CT NFT Miner, LTC Miner, and CryptoTab.

Bitcoin mining software is a specialized program that mines cryptocurrency using your computer’s processing power. You can get paid in the form of digital currency in return for your mining operation. These programs give you a thorough report based on your earnings. Most of these software packages are automated; thus, using them doesn’t require technical expertise.

The miners confirm and certify the legitimacy of Bitcoin transactions because Bitcoin is a digital asset with significant copying and hacking hazards. The miners and Bitcoin themselves both benefit from this mining process. Some of the free Bitcoin mining sites are listed below:

1. EasyMiner

It is a free Bitcoin miner with a GUI that works with Windows, Linux, and Android. Your Bitcoin miners are automatically configured by EasyMiner, which is also highly transparent in its operation. The software offers performance graphs with an intuitive interface for simple visualization of your Bitcoin mining operation. Users who want to manage many cryptocurrencies from one location would benefit from it the most. EasyMiner is made to simplify the crypto mining process so that users may rapidly learn how to mine Bitcoin on a computer and other cryptocurrencies and it is one of the free Bitcoin mining sites.

Free Bitcoin Mining Sites - EasyMiner


  • It gives the privilege to simultaneously mine Bitcoin and Litecoin
  • It has the option to choose your own hashing method for your pool
  • An ASIC mining
  • It has a chat platform that connects new miners with experienced ones
  • You can immediately begin mining in moneymaker mode

Click here to go to EasyMiner website

2. Awesome Mining

Powerful mining software called Awesome Miner is one of the free Bitcoin mining sites that can support multiple types of mining gear at once. You can manage multiple miners’ pools simultaneously, and it supports over 25 mining engines and interacts with all well-known mining algorithms. You can easily manage your cryptocurrency mining activity with Awesome Miner. You can follow Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies in real time. Additionally, the mining program provides a dashboard that displays the hardware’s temperature and state, enabling you to monitor its functionality and health. It is the best option for miners searching for Bitcoin mining software with a cross-platform or device-independent web front-end.

Free Bitcoin Mining Sites - Awesome mining


  • It works with all ASIC hardware
  • It shows GPU performance data such as temperature, fan and clock speeds, etc
  • It supports more than 50 mining applications
  • Mining can be done with a single click

Click here to go to Awesome Miner website

3. CGMiner

One among the free Bitcoin mining sites, this multi-threaded GPU and ASIC miner works with Windows, Linux, and other operating systems. It is a very lightweight and basic miner in the crypto-mining industry. The program offers consistent performance with respectable hash rates. It is best for Miners who seek open-source mining software that is compatible with a wide range of mining equipment and can run on any system. One of the ASIC/FPGA/GPU mining applications that are currently most widely used and have been around for a very long time is CGminer. CGminer is a cross-platform, C-based command-line software that can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.


  • Fan speed control, a remote interface, and overclocking capabilities
  • Any hash rate can be handled by CGminer’s scalable networking scheduling without slowing down the network
  • It enables ASIC, FPGA, and GPU mining
  • It works with a multitude of PCs and mining pools
  • It is well-suited for advanced miners

Click here to go to CGMiner website

4. Diablo Miner

This is best for miners, and it is one of the free Bitcoin mining sites that want to use the OpenCL framework for quick hashing. The OpenCL platform is used by DiabloMiner to carry out hashing calculations quickly and offer users an endless number of mining pools. The mining software runs on Mac and is compatible with GPU mining gear.

If you have the most recent Nvidia or ATI software, you can use it with any operating system. You have the option of mining alone or with a group using DiabloMiner.

Free Bitcoin Mining Sites - Diablo Miner
  • It provides the option of solo or group mining
  • It has countless pools for mining
  • GPU-compatible Bitcoin mining equipment

Click here to go to Diablo Miner website

5. MultiMiner

Due to its graphical user interface, MultiMiner is the preferred mining tool among many newbie miners and is one of the free Bitcoin mining sites. This Bitcoin mining program recognizes the mining equipment after the installation is finished and creates a list with all the relevant data. Using the program, you may choose which coins you wish to mine based on the associated mining system (FGPA, ASIC, GPU). Additionally, MultiMiner provides other features, including the option to choose your mining method, placeholders to make the jargon easier to grasp, and remote rig access.


  • It gives the ability to select which coins to mine based on the connected mining gear
  • It gives remote access to the rig
  • Placeholders to help with jargon comprehension
  • Direct access to API settings and engine arguments
  • Power users can alter MultiMiner to run plans and maximize their earnings whenever they choose

Click here to go to MultiMiner website

6. CryptoTab 

The newest of the major browsers in the world, CryptoTab has already earned BTC from more than 35 million users in over 220 nations. Join the CryptoTab community, the world’s first and only browser with integrated mining. Nothing to buy is required. With a built-in efficient mining process, additional features, and a foundation built on the well-known Chromium platform, CryptoTab gives you access to both a top-notch web browser and a reliable BTC income stream and is undoubtedly one of the free Bitcoin mining sites.

Free Bitcoin Mining Sites - CryptoTab


  • It is a specialized internal mining algorithm
  • It provides a BTC Bonus through the Affiliate Program
  • Daily payouts; there are no commissions
  • It has 200K browser extensions that are editable

Click here to go to CryptoTab website

7. CT NFT Mining

Your BTC revenue increases more than double as a result of the CT NFT Mining technique, which is based on the PoS algorithm. Tokens can be activated for long-term BTC income. Forget about buying expensive hardware and paying high electricity prices; NFT Mining enables you to obtain BTC for free, and it implies that your revenue will rise considerably. NFT Mining is simple to start. Link your MetaMask wallet, then confirm your email. Then under the CT NFT dashboard, add and turn on CryptoTab’s mining NFTs. 


  • You get a steady hash rate and a Bitcoin revenue from NFT Mining.
  • No matter how powerful your hardware is, mining is now quicker and more profitable!
  • It is one of the most powerful and free Bitcoin mining sites

Click here to go to CT NFT Mining website

8. LTC Miner

Considered one of the free Bitcoin mining sites, LTC Miner is ideally suited for experienced miners who don’t want the trouble or hazards of hosted or home-based mining and new miners who want to try out mining and earning cryptocurrencies. LTC works to keep costs low and mining power high with a global network of data centers so that you may earn more quickly than if you were to mine from your house.


  • You are able to earn 0.001 LTC per day without making any investments
  • You can upgrade your Litecoin miner to produce up to 8 LTC daily
  • Every time your referral makes a purchase, you might earn 20% to 100%

Click here to go to LTC Miner website

Wrapping Up

Even in 2022, mining Bitcoin is still incredibly profitable. At the moment, $20 million worth of Bitcoin is being mined each day by Bitcoin miners. We hope this article has listed the free Bitcoin mining sites for your reference. For more such informative and interesting articles, follow us at Deasilex.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can You Mine Bitcoin For Free?

Ans. Although the bitcoin mining software is free, the hardware and electricity costs are rather high. The price of the specialized mining equipment might range from a few hundred dollars to $10,000. The machinery used in mining consumes a lot of power.

Q2. Can I Mine 1 Bitcoin On My Phone?

Ans. On an iPhone or an Android smartphone, it is possible to mine Bitcoin. Since phones are computers, the hash computation may be performed on any computer. Data is transformed in one direction using a hash.

Q3. Is Free Bitcoin Real?

Ans. Yes, earning free bitcoin is a legitimate and entirely legal way to do so. It is a way to pay you for using or consuming particular services. Here, it’s important to keep in mind that you will only get a tiny fraction of Bitcoin called a Satoshi.

Q4. What Games Give Free Bitcoins?

Niagara falls
Spinning lights
Street Magic
Fly, piggy, fly
Lara Croft

Q5. Where Is The Cheapest Bitcoin?

Ans. Various tools are available for trading bitcoin online on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. It is among the least expensive ways to purchase bitcoin. It offers both simple and complex trading exchange interfaces. does not need any KYC to withdraw up to 2 BTC every day.

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