25+ Funniest Tweets in 2021 That Turned Out To Be The Best Memes

Funniest Tweets in 2021

“Open Twitter, Close Twitter, Open Twitter, Close Twitter”
A tweet that sparks hilarious memes and jokes made by Twitter itself!! To sum up, what most people do on the platform regularly, Twitter recently shared this tweet that resonated with those using the app extensively for surfing, or for sharing views, and guess what? It got 1.05 lakh likes within no time.

Not just this but 2021 is full of such funny tweets. If you’re looking for fun and a good laugh, why don’t you read these funniest tweets in 2021 that are blowing the platform already with the tremendous response they are getting. I am sure you must have seen some of these trending tweets. We live in a world where it takes no time to make a twig look like a giant mountain, these are still the tweets.

With pandemic hitting hard, and people staying home, it has increased people’s screen time. From zoom calls to trending social media platforms, it seems like the new normal. Meanwhile, some of the funniest tweets in 2021 kept us all entertained. Best tweets of 2021 include tweets for dates, tweets for children, tweets for corona, tweets for love for students, and many more. 

Twitter is the leading social media platform to make money as well. You just need to know some tricks. Since the internet is flooded with hilarious tweets and memes made out of them, we collected the best ones in the market for you. 

Funniest Tweets in 2021

Be it William Gatorade’s tweet, “Alone and Ready to Bone” Or some cute relationship mess described through a tweet, Twitter got so many trending tweets this year that will take care of your laughter. 

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Funniest Tweets from Parents

Funniest Tweets in 2021; Funniest Tweets from Parents
Source: Cool Moms Eats
  • @deloisivete
    Good Night Hand
    Good Night Toe
    Good Night every noun I Know
    -my toddler, at bedtime
  • @Mamaoutoforder
    Having kids has turned my house into a junk drawer.
  • @XennDad
    I love all my children equally, I steal the same number of fries from each one.
  • @HomeWithPeanut
    I changed my 3-year-old’s name to kidney stone because the irritation he causes has yet to pass.
  • @copymama
    I noticed my 11yo had me on her phone as “Momzilla” and I was like, “If the shoe fits…”

Funniest Tweets On Corona

Funniest Tweets in 2021; Funniest Tweets On Corona
Source: Someecards

The people in my Zoom room deserve better than the same three hoodies I keep wearing over and over, but It’s all I have to give.

I’m doing laundry and just whispered “It’s almost our anniversary” to the pair of yoga pants I’ve been wearing since March.

Now that the weather is getting warmer it’s time to change my work clothes.
[puts on lighter bathrobe]

The only reason I’m wearing a bra is that I need the hug.

Almost got up and put on my work t-shirt and basketball shorts then I remembered it was a holiday.

Funniest Tweets On Dates

Funniest Tweets in 2021; Funniest Tweets On Dates
Source: Bored Panda

My best friend who has only dated girls since we were teens said after the pandemic she wants to date a guy and I told her yes, one of the side effects of covid is loss of taste.

COVID has made dating so hard
I mean I wasn’t successful at dating before COVID but at least now I can blame the pandemic and not just myself.

“If corona doesn’t take you out, can I?” – a guy messaged me on a dating app.

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The first date I have after this pandemic might end up being a proposal.

Me to my fiance the night before our wedding: “we still on for tomorrow”

Funniest Tweets On Love

Funniest Tweets in 2021; Funniest Tweets On Love
Source: Cheezburger
  • “She fell in love with a banker, but he showed no interest.”
  • “She fell in love with a gym trainer, but it didn’t work out.”
  • “She fell in love with an astronaut, but he wanted space”.
  • “When I see the names of lovers engraved on a tree, I don’t find it cute or romantic: I find it weird how many people take knives with them on dates.”
  • “What a girlfriend thought, first 4 dates:
    1.Nice shirt
    2.Wow.A second nice shirt.
    3.Okay, the first shirt again.
    4.He has two shirts.

Funniest Tweets On Students

Funniest Tweets in 2021; Funniest Tweets On Students
  • “Exams are like girlfriends-
    Too many questions
    Difficult to understand
    More explanation is needed
    The result is always fail”
  • “Pupil: Greta news! The teacher said we have our exam rain or shine-
    Classmates: So, what’s so great about that?
    Pupil: It’s snowing outside.”
  • “I skip test questions like I’m gonna be a different person when I come back to them”
  • “Y’all really be pulling all-nighters to study?? If I don’t know it by 12 then I just don’t know it lmao.”
  • “Pupil: I don’t think I deserved zero fortis the exam.
    Teacher: But that’s the lowest mark I can give you.”

No doubt why we love spending most of our time on social media. It’s a fun place after all. Not just on Twitter but on other social media platforms too, funny memes can be spotted from time to time getting viral like heck!! 

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Laughter is the best medicine and I hope you had a fun time reading these funniest tweets in 2021. Celebrities, common people, even Twitter itself jumped into this conventional business of making people laugh during the hard times. 

Featured Image Credits: Reader’s Digest

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